Who will die next?

Who will die next in the Vampire Diaries? (Spoiler)

In Vampire Diaries, it's not uncommon for popular characters to die too. Sometimes they are really dead and sometimes they come back. But there is always this inner tension as to who might die next. Is it a familiar performer or is it a newcomer who only had to bridge the story for a short time? Who will it hit next at TVD?

The fear of death in Vampire Diaries always resonates in the truest sense of the word. Because nobody is safe from death. Regardless of whether it is a leading actor or just a newcomer who should lead the story to a twist. Now that Katherine (Nina Dobrev) has suffered the serial death, the question arises: Who will it hit next? Here is a small list of potential fatalities.

Tyler Lockwood

Michael Trevino's character Tyler Lockwood is one who belongs to the inner circle of the Vampire Diaries. But in the fifth season of TVD he doesn't really have a job. It seems like he's there, but he doesn't really intervene in the plot. The hybrid has become a little insignificant. If the writers want to get an outcry and bring a breath of fresh air to the series, then they should kill a main character. Ty would be best suited for this.

Liv and Luke

Julie Plec recently revealed that most of the newcomers to the Vampire Diaries are just created to kill them off again. That includes Luke (Chris Brochu) and Liv (Penelope Mitchell). They're the newest additions to the Vampire series and got right into the plot. They do not shy away from danger, which quickly makes them fatal again. Because it is easy to let the siblings die. Not only do they mess with the Mystic Falls clique, they also target the travelers. So the danger lurks everywhere.

Everyone on the other side

Of course, everyone on the other side is actually already dead. But the Vampire Diaries fans love to see the dead come back and also intervene in the plot. However, that could now be done. Because if the other side is destroyed by the Traveler, there will be no reunion with the popular TVD characters such as Alaric (Matthew Davis). Julie Plec said: “We have to be prepared for some farewells if we realize that the other side is being destroyed. Not everyone will survive this. We're going to have to say goodbye to some characters we've grown to love over the years. We'll see when we contest the final. ”Uh that doesn't sound good. So you can look forward to the season finale.

Bonnie Bennett

Should the other side be destroyed by the Travelers or by Luke and Liv and everyone who is trapped in it, Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) will also be hit. Because the former witch is now the anchor and if it is no longer needed because the other side will be destroyed, she will probably have to believe in it too. So do the fans have to say goodbye to Bonnie in the season finale of the Vampire Diaries? Will she be the one who has to die from the inner circle of the Mystic Falls clique? It will not have been the first time, but it will be the last time that she dies.