Does perfection really exist

The perfection of not being perfect

Last update: 17th March, 2017

We are told that imperfection is the worst thing there is. We are told that we should always try to be the best at everything and that perfection consists in doing what is expected of us. But not being perfect means being a person who is able to accept their mistakes and to forgive oneself for them.

Not being perfect means being ourselves with our successes and our joys, but also with our failures and mistakes. The imperfection is the trace that identifies us, that distinguishes us from the person at our side and that allows us to become authentic. To be imperfect is to be ourselves.

"Perfection is a polished collection of flaws."

Mario Benedetti

Perfection does not exist

We all make mistakes. Trial and error is one of the most tried and tested principles of how the world works and how we ourselves function, especially to develop our values, behavior and habits. To make mistakes is to learn about ourselves.

Everything becomes complicated when, as is so often the case, others only tell us the things that we do badly. They criticize us when we do something wrong that we otherwise do right. It just happens that things don't turn out the way we'd like them to.

So, influenced by ourselves and others, we get used to telling ourselves what we do badly and what we are wrong about, and we do not reward ourselves for doing well what we usually do. Not being perfect is not a problem, but punishing yourself for it is.

That is why the language is so important. Analyze the way in which you are talking to yourself and ask yourself what it says about yourself. This is fundamentally important in order to have a broader and more objective view of who we are. You always have to maintain self-esteem.

The imperfection of being yourself

Think of everyone around you and realize that everyone has made mistakes at some point. This is not to say that just because you made these mistakes, you have developed a particular way of being. Everyone makes mistakes and they don't say anything about us. A mistake is the chance to learn to do it differently.

We don't allow others to always be our judges, but neither should we be ourselves. So next time you hear yourself saying about someone else that they're a disaster, a beast, an egoist, or reckless after you've seen one example of their behavior and you don't really see them, think about it first know Don't judge others without good evidence.

We are ourselves if we accept that our selves are made up of successes and mistakes. When we know that we can always improve something and when we acknowledge this with the people we might otherwise have hurt. Let us not judge others for their mistakes.

Once the damage is done, the best thing to do is to understand the reasons for it and what caused it. Taking an honest attitude towards others ensures that they can develop more understanding for us and is much better than hiding the truth. Forgive others and yourself.

To learn from mistakes

Once a mistake is made and accepted, the best solution is to learn from it and face life. The best way to do this is to ask ourselves what made us make the mistake, including the factors that counteracted it. Learning from mistakes means learning to be stronger.