Economy is boring

Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?

Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
I graduated from high school last year with at least 1.3 and then started studying business administration at the University of Potsdam. Before that I had thought back and forth for ages about what to study now. Many friends advised me to take law because of the average, but I haven't been able to read so many good things about it on the Internet, e.g. about the study effort in relation to the later starting salary or the fairness of the grades. In terms of interest, I would actually have preferred to study history, possibly with a combination of political science, but after what I've read you will almost certainly end up as a taxi driver or at least not earn too much from monument protection, museums or the like, so it's a shame about my good Abitur grade. Therefore, for "reasons of reason", I decided to go for business administration.

It's not even as if I would get bad grades now, except with math and statistics I have no problems whatsoever, out of 5 exams I passed four with 1, X in the first semester simply by learning by heart for weeks before the exams. But now I have to realize that apart from perhaps in places personnel or marketing (which are now completely overrun as focal points) I am really not interested in this subject at all. I understand the annual financial statements and controlling without any problems, but I definitely don't want to do such numbers later in my job. I think so far there have only been 2-3 lectures in which I did not look at the clock every 10 minutes and they were in Introduction to Economics, where the professor explained the history of the various economic theories to us, i.e. mercantilism, Smith, List , Marx, Keynes, etc. Actually, I don't want to drop out, I don't think much of such things by halves. But on the other hand, I really have no idea what I should do later professionally with a business degree. Sure you can "do anything", but that doesn't help me either. And when it comes to personnel, for example, you also have competition from psychologists and communication scientists. Therefore, now before it is completely too late, I am thinking about changing after the second semester.

I have various options in mind. In any case, history should be part of it, because in contrast to economics (actually, I've never really enjoyed reading the part in the newspaper), I've always been really interested in it, even outside of school. But now I'm really unsure which of these opportunities at least still offers the best career opportunities, or whether that's not all nonsense and I shouldn't continue doing business studies, although I've been asking myself every day since the beginning of my studies whether this wasn't a wrong decision was. Unfortunately, I am not particularly interested in or talented in science, so the problem arises of finding a subject that I enjoy and where one can get on with life in a reasonable way. I now have the following ideas: 1. Completely write off the business administration course and do a bachelor's degree in history / PoWi (but no idea what I should do with it professionally). 2. Teaching degree in history and WAT (this would allow me to have the points recognized from at least three of the ten previous modules and, for example, nutrition or automotive technology, which is included, I would also find interesting). Or 3rd teaching degree in history and German or geography (Geo as a second subject would best suit my interests, but German would also be okay and at least one major subject. Of course, neither of them are wanted at all). So if anyone actually had that much time and has read this far: I would be really, very grateful for tips.

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Armchair psychologist  📅 25.07.2015 17:17:14
Re: Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
However, you can only stand on more secure feet in the social sciences if you focus on statistics and methods at a regular university. The good thing: History always accompanies you in these subjects anyway - no social or political facts can be explained without a look at the historical course of things.

That alone is then again a niche professionally (speaker jobs, etc.). It only becomes safer with a firm foothold in the field of statistics and methods.
aldante  📅 25.07.2015 17:58:06
Re: Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
Would you care about HR or marketing as much as a history job? In other words: is it just the (allegedly) poor job prospects in these areas that put you off, or is it more than that?

By the way, you can also find a good job by studying history. However, you need good grades, good connections, lots of good internships during your studies, and a bit of luck.

Another thing you shouldn't forget: The first few semesters of any degree are comparatively boring. Most of them find what comes later in their business studies course more interesting. And when you study history, you would most likely find much of the content of the first semester boring. It usually only gets interesting once you have mastered the basics.

Finally: I might have recommended economics to you if that was the only thing that really interested you so far, but without math and statistics, this is not a realistic option. In the meantime there are a few economists who practice serious empirical economic history (John Komlos at the University of Munich, meanwhile retired, was well known for this, for example).
Re: Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
So, first of all, thank you for your two answers! If I read through what there is for possible positions in marketing or human resources, then I could still imagine working there much sooner than, for example, in controlling or taxation, but such a real interest in the sense of oneself also outside of the Uni to deal with it and read a book about it, etc. is actually not available to me. The problem is that on the one hand I am less and less interested in the business administration course and the module handbook does not offer a very positive outlook for the next semester, but on the other hand I still have good grades (except for math and statistics).

Even when you are at school you think after 5-6 weeks: Fortunately, things are going again, slowly things get boring with so much free time. But after the last semester break I had more of the thought: Great, now back to university to listen to this boring stuff and stubbornly memorize it for the exams. In terms of interest, I would really much rather study history either for a bachelor's degree or a teaching degree. Only then would the two semesters have been completely free and the whole week-long study would have been a waste of time, that is essentially what holds me back from actually changing my studies. In the case of history, I would be sure that the course itself would attract a lot more, but I have concerns about the career opportunities later. I don't want to be seen as an academic with less salary than a trained bricklayer or roofer. What would be more sensible in terms of career opportunities or salary: history as a mono bachelor or combined with political science or teaching history with WAT (economy, work, technology is that in Brandenburg), geography or German?
Re: Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
Stop studying, after 2 semesters it's not so tragic (I also did it because I was unhappy.
Don't study history. It's really a great hobby, I have too, but you can't really do much with it later. Some things should be left as a hobby.
One possibility would be to combine 2 subjects. Politics and Vwl, for example, would be very useful here.
I studied Vwl for 2 semesters myself, I broke it off, and I can tell you that it is very much related to politics, take a look at that! In addition, the requirements in economics are much higher, and you can take all of your modules with you (I think).
Find out if your university offers something like this!

At that time I stopped doing economics because it was all too theoretical for me. I don't want to memorize thousands of mathematical models (like bwl), which I can do little with in practice. That's why I'm now studying WIng. You can probably take a look at yourself, I'm more like you in terms of type, very interested in politics and history, but spontaneously this wing course was great for me. Just don't get too fixated on political science or history . And by the way: if you are good at what you study and do it with passion, you will also find a job.
Only certain courses are more likely to be successful when looking for a job. You're not doing well with Bwl either.
PhD student  📅 28.07.2015 04:07:53
Re: Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
Drop out - hey, it's about ONE year of your life. 12 months - calculated for your lifetime: what is that? Nothing at all. You will not be happy if you are not interested in your subject; unless you're actually just fixated on the coal. Then just torture yourself, study what doesn't interest you and spend your lifetime doing jobs that piss you off. This is the alternative if you continue to pursue the business administration track. By the way, the 1.3 Abi is no longer of interest from the main course at the latest; many even forget their cut (although very good or passable). That no longer has any meaning, not for others and hopefully not for you either. It only gives you access to the desired subject and you should "use" it to study what interests you seriously and maybe even inspires you a little.

I finished my studies pretty well and since then have been quite successful and satisfied with everything I do (money is right too!); I can't imagine that this would have been the case if I had studied something that just didn't interest me.
Re: Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
So first of all thanks again for your answers! It is quite clear to me that history alone as a pure mono bachelor's degree or in combination with political science does not offer the best career prospects. But I think an economics degree with politics or business engineering is really out of the question for me, because I think my aversion to statistics, mathematical models, etc. is really too pronounced. I really don't want to have more mathematics in my studies than is already necessary in business administration.

Hence my idea of ​​switching to teaching history and WAT. (I have the impression that teaching is not so "respected" here or am I wrong?) Then I would have at least a specific job description in mind and even if you don't get rich, as a civil servant teacher you get a sufficient salary so you don't have to starve . I could also imagine teaching, especially since my father and grandmother are or were teachers, maybe something is passed on ^^ I could also imagine working in a "structurally weak" region like the Uckermark or Prignitz, because I'm not really the big city guy. Being able to go to any of the trendy clubs every day is not my priority, even now as a student, as it is also less compatible with weight training. Just about that, I have two questions at the end:

1) In terms of my interests and the recognition of at least some business administration modules, the combination of subjects may still fit so well, but is something really wanted? So history is probably not, but what about WAT / works / work / economics or whatever this school subject was called earlier?
2) Can you somehow determine whether you are suitable for the teaching profession? At that time we also had teachers who were very interested in their subject, but who bored the students to death and / or had no authority whatsoever, I don't want to be that. I had thought maybe to give tuition during the semester break, but it really cannot be compared with teaching in front of 20-30 students. In the past I always enjoyed giving lectures and also the Abirede, I miss that a lot at university, but speaking in front of groups of people is not a class either ...
123454321  📅 28.07.2015 10:36:50
Re: Business studies boring - continue anyway or change?
By jerrycooper Hence my idea of ​​switching to teaching history and WAT. (I have the impression that teaching is not so "respected" here or am I wrong?) Then I would have at least a specific job description in mind and even if you don't get rich, as a civil servant teacher you get a sufficient salary so you don't have to starve .
A lot of student teachers make the mistake of thinking.
If you are currently studying to become a teacher and do not have at least one shortage subject, you can forget about permanent employment or even civil service. WAT = Werken / Arbeit / Wirtschaft (abbreviation somehow slightly meaningless) tells me nothing, in which federal states and school types do you have something like that?

Good keyword, which type of school do you actually want to do? (Always based on a sensible combination of subjects and not German Bio = unemployed or similar)
Primary school: poor salary, poor employment opportunities
Main: Bad salary, relatively good employment opportunities
Realschule: Slightly better salary, relatively good employment opportunities
Gymnasium: good salary, medium employment opportunities