What is a rehab loan


Rehabilitation measures

Rehabilitation includes:

  • medical measures e.g. inpatient and outpatient stays in rehabilitation centers, reimbursement of body replacement items (such as prostheses, etc.)
  • occupational measures eg professional development and retraining, help to continue working
  • social measures For example, loans to adapt the apartment to meet the needs of the disabled and to maintain mobility in order to get to work.

Insists on rehabilitation measures no Legal claim.


In order to be able to grant rehabilitation measures, an application is required. The attending physician must justify the medical necessity.

The pension insurance institution decides the type of measures, determines the institution and the duration of the stay.

An application for a disability / occupational disability pension is also considered an application for rehabilitation. In the course of this procedure, it is checked whether reintegration into working life can be achieved by granting rehabilitation measures. The principle of rehabilitation before retirement is regulated by law.


For medical rehabilitation measures, an additional payment by the insured for a maximum of 28 days per calendar year is provided, depending on the income.

Co-payment amount

gross monthly incomedaily co-payments
more than EUR 1,000.48 toEUR 1,581.86
EUR 8.90
more thanEUR 1,581.86 toEUR 2,163.25
EUR 15.26
more than EUR 2,163.25
EUR 21.63

If there is a need for social protection - depending on the monthly income - an exemption from the co-payment is provided.

Transition allowance

For the duration of

  • medical measures of rehabilitation or one
  • professional training in this context

the pension insurance institution pays the insured person transitional allowance, provided there is no entitlement to rehabilitation or retraining allowance. In the case of medical measures, transition allowance is only due from the 27th week of the start of the sick leave.

The amount of the transitional allowance corresponds to the notional pension amount at the time the rehabilitation measures were incurred. Any earned income or unemployment benefit or a subsidy from the Public Employment Service will be offset against the transitional allowance.

‌ Last updated on November 14, 2020