Why is the N word a thing

After N-word comment: Boris Palmer accuses parts of the Greens of exclusion

Tübingen - Tübingen's green mayor Boris Palmer has admitted a mistake in the discussion about his controversial Facebook comment and accused parts of his party at the same time as "exclusion". "Of course it would have been wiser not to post it at all," Palmer told the Bild newspaper on Monday. But that's not the point. "Arguments in the matter are always welcome, I defend myself against exclusion and denunciation," said Palmer. "Sections of the party's political leadership have committed themselves to left-wing identity politics."

The topic could also play a role this Monday when the Green Party Council meets via video conference. Party leader Robert Habeck then wants to ask journalists' questions.

The Greens accuse 48-year-old Palmer of racism because of a testimony about former national soccer player Dennis Aogo and want to expel him from the party. Because of numerous provocative statements, the party has long been at odds with him. The state party conference in Baden-Württemberg voted on Saturday with a three-quarters majority for an elimination process. The Southwest Greens expect the process to take between three and six months, as the German press agency in Stuttgart learned.

Palmer used a racist term in reference to Dennis Aogo

Palmer told Bild-Zeitung: “I am sure that the arbitral tribunal will acquit me. I am being reproached for turning my intentions into the opposite. In order to clarify this for everyone, I have spoken out in favor of this constitutional procedure. "

The current escalation was triggered by a Facebook comment. In a discussion about the ex-national soccer players Jens Lehmann and Dennis Aogo on Friday, Palmer used a racist term with reference to Aogo - as an ironic quote from another Facebook comment, as Palmer later emphasized. In it, an unverified Facebook user attributed a statement to Aogo in which he allegedly used the N-word for himself in a sexualized context. The term N-Wort is used to describe a racist term used in Germany for black people.

After the party congress decision, the state executive is now to prepare a party regulation procedure and submit it to the competent arbitration tribunal. The district arbitration commission in Tübingen should be responsible. Should they exclude Palmer, he could appeal to the regional arbitration tribunal within 30 days of the announcement of the written decision. After that, an appeal to the Federal Arbitration Court would still be possible.