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Information for private customers

How should I let you know that I am interested in a specific car?

Find the 'AUTO RESERVATION' button in the 'Details' section of the car you have chosen - just click that button and fill out the form labeled "I want to reserve this car".

Do you have to make a reservation?

We recommend that you reserve your car immediately - if you do not reserve it, it could easily happen (due to our high turnover) that someone else is interested in 'your' car. If you reserve the car using the reservation button, we will know that you are interested in the car and will reserve it for you.

How and when will you contact me?

Our sales representative will call you the next working day on the number you provided on the reservation form. He will confirm the availability of the selected car and help you with your planned visit.

What documents do I have to bring with me?

All you need is your passport or identity card (EU citizens)

How do I transport the vehicle?

During the purchase of your car, we can assist you in organizing any trucking needs that you may have.

Should I come to your branch? In which of your branches and where is it located exactly?

Yes - you should come to our branch in Prague (address: Dopravaku 874/15, Prague 8)

Can the car be test driven?

YES - our sales representative will be happy to show you the car and organize a test drive for you.

How can I pay for the car?

After you have been given the incoming invoice, you pay immediately at the branch's cash desk. We accept cash or credit cards. Please note that if you choose to pay with your credit card, do not forget to adjust your credit limit.

What documents will I receive from you that confirm that the vehicle really belongs to me? Are there samples for the documents?

You will receive the sales contract. See pattern here

What do I have to do in my home country to register the car?

You will receive the export license plates and the car papers made out in your name. You have to register your vehicle as soon as you have received the documents.

What if something happens to the car during transport?

We have an official claims procedure in the rare event of an incident - see here for details

Are there any guarantees?

YES - we offer a lifetime legal guarantee on the origin of the car. We also guarantee the mileage on most of our vehicles, and we also do an extensive 107-parameter vehicle check before we buy the car.

We have satisfied customers

  • "For me, professionalism is important. At AAA AUTO I experience professionalism to the fullest. I recommend AAA AUTO because of its high level of professionalism."
    Dieter Bauer

  • "I like the opportunity to choose from a wide range of quality vehicles. At AAA AUTO, the way we deal with customers is great too."
    Agnieszka Broniowski

  • "When I bought a car from AAA AUTO, I was sure that the car was a high quality vehicle. The 107-parameter vehicle check confirms my belief that AAA AUTO was a good choice for me."
    Andrew Scott

  • "I have already bought several times at AAA AUTO. In all cases it was a quality vehicle that has proven itself well. Of course, I will also buy my next car here."
    Erich Franz