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Virginians (singers) - Virginians (singers)

The Virginians (also known as the Richmond Virginians ) is a barber shop choir located in Richmond, Virginia. Mike Wallen is currently its musical director and has been in this role since 1998. It recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and is one of the oldest continuous vocal groups in the Greater Richmond area. Originally chartered as Tobaccoland Chorus in 1952, the chapter became in 1990 Virginians renamed.

The Virginians entered the 2000 Barbershop Harmony Society International Competition in Kansas City, Missouri, with 100 performing. In the same year she sponsored a major benefit performance (with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra) for the WRVA "Alden Aaroe Shoe Fund" at the Landmark Theater. The Virginians Choir was recently selected to perform on the seventh annual Russian barbershop music festival with Greg Lyne in St. Petersburg, Russia.


The active members of the choir come mainly from the districts of Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield and East Goochland. Some members are from Charlottesville and the Northern Neck, with a heavy contingent from the Williamsburg area.


Annual performances usually include:

The Virginians Choir participates in numerous joint performances with various shows, which may include performances of its registered chapter quartets. One of the biggest fundraisers is an annual Singing Valentines program.

Most of his repertoire consists of hairdressing arrangements, but the Virginians sing in others too A cappella Styles.


The Virginians Choir is the main group of the Richmond Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society (based in Nashville), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. It is supported in part by the Arts Council of Richmond.

In addition, is the Virginians Ensemble a Choir of the Day (a subset of Richmond Chapter members who may perform during the work day) that is very active in the community.

Early history

Originally "organized in autumn 1945" with 24 members of local quartets, the SPEBSQSA subsidiary in Richmond received its official charter on December 6, 1952 from the Society of "nearly 40 members". At the Charter party "around 150 people" took part. SPEBSQSA's Dean Snyder (and founding member of the Alexandria Harmonizers) chaired the ceremony to present the charter to then Chapter President Dr. Ralph M. Roberts to hand over.

The Richmond subsidiary began proceedings in September 1952 to obtain an official SPEBSQSA charter and open its membership to men who wished to sing in an ensemble choir. Before that, the group consisted exclusively of hairdressing quartets.


your Blue skies Album was recorded live at the Modlin Center for the Performing Arts (Camp Theater) at the University of Richmond.
Blue skies was released in April 2008.


Past music directors include Brian Whitehead, Jim Garber, Hardman Jones, Buddy Johns, John Glass, Hardman Jones, John Hohl, Charlie Bechtler, and Gary Parker. Currently the director is Mike Wallen.

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