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The tide needs

an anchor.
The ZDF heute journal with Claus Kleber
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The German news magazine

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House announcement
Re: Title, Juncker, Trump, DEIN SPIEGEL

Relations between politicians and journalists are seldom harmonious

also applies to the relationship between Guido Westerwelle and SPIEGEL.
Soon after Westerwelle's greatest triumph, his appointment as German
Foreign Minister 2009, published several articles dealing with his suitability for
occupied this office, with business trips, during which he was accompanied by entrepreneurs close to the FDP. SPIEGEL wrote at the time that Westerwelle said that
Office of the foreign minister damages the fact that he mixes politics and private life.
Years followed in which there were only sparse contacts. So it is not surprising that Westerwelle thought carefully about an inquiry at the beginning of October
by Klaus Brinkbumer and Dirk Kurbjuweit, whether he would be up for a conversation
Be ready to live after politics and with cancer. Westerwelle found out in the middle of last year that he had leukemia. Conducted the conversation
Brinkbumer and Kurbjuweit in Cologne, Westerwelle's adopted home. Westerwelle
had promised to be open and he did not want superficial ones
Scharmtzel more. The SPIEGEL people agreed.
page 12

arkus Becker and Peter Mller

knew EU Commission President
Jean-Claude Juncker especially as a great European when she gave her in the summer
Service in the Brussels office of SPIEGEL
competed. But soon got that
Bild Risse, Grund was a special committee in the European Parliament that deals with
Tax-saving models, which Juncker, as Luxembourg's premier, is involved with
was responsible. As the SPIEGEL Pauly, Mller, Becker
Editors were able to view internal minutes with the long-time correspondent Christoph Pauly
Suspicion for certainty: The Benelux countries had parts of their tax law
designed to harm the neighbors. The European Parliament must clarify who is responsible for this, says Mller, Juncker praises Parliament in Sunday speeches, he should now ensure transparency.
Page 28

As a political reporter, Markus Feldenkirchen has followed many election campaigns,

in Germany as in the USA, but none resembled Donald's
Trump. In Iowa, the billionaire showed up in his own helicopter, in Alabama
Feldenkirchen saw Trump with his private Boeing over the stadium
circled, in which 30,000 fans cheered him a little later. And poured into a TV debate in California when all of its competitors were already giving interviews
the cameramen suddenly walked toward the entrance through which he was approaching.
Trump undermines all expectations of political campaigns, both what
their form as well as their content, says Feldenkirchen. Exactly
that's what makes it so popular.
Page 92

The new edition of the

Children's news magazine DEIN SPIEGEL. It is explained in a child-friendly manner which problems Germany faces
stands today. Refugee children also come themselves
to say: You report on your first impressions of
Germany. Another topic, probably also of interest to adults: How can you play scissors, stone,
Paper increase its chances? YOUR MIRROR appears
on Tuesday.


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Auto industry Politics made it easy for car manufacturers to cheat on emissions.
Now she is wondering why VW is also illegal
Methods applied. The corporation cheated on his
Customers of all things with supposedly environmentally friendly models. Page 76


of the corporations
Europe in hardly any other
Country finance authorities and corporate headquarters flirted like that
uninhibited as in Luxembourg.
Internal EU documents now show how the tax-saving models were secured.
MEPs demand
Enlightenment. Page 28

In the illusory world

All alone


Summer fairy tale affair three
Weeks after the first SPIEGEL disclosures about one
black box at the DFB are now investigating prosecutors and
Tax investigators. Comes to light
a matted football industry,
which was certain, also this one
Scandal according to their rules
solve. A mistake. Page 116

Identity you were starving, you were looking for a place to sleep,

they roamed through foreign land and grew
without parents and siblings: the so-called
Wolf children, little Germans who after the
Second World War lost on the run.
Erika and Klaus were such children. Page 126

Cover picture: Photo by Dmitrij Leltschuk for SPIEGEL


foreign countries

Biographies SPIEGEL interview with the married

The causes of the new protest movements

in Southeastern Europe / Amazing
Submissions from Pope Francis to the
Waste of money in the Vatican
USA The scary wind machine
Donald Trump's success tells a lot about
the state of an unsettled country
Egypt is the Islamic State
for the plane crash over the Sinai
Russia SPIEGEL talk with ex-chess world champion Garry Kasparov about the
Putin's power politics and the moral one
Surrender of the West
Syria The Swiss journalist Kurt Pelda
About his last stay in Aleppo 106
Comment President Erdoan has
after his election victory over the EU
free hand
Turkey refugees throw the coast guard
before deliberately overturning boats
Global Village A London sociologist and
their fight against the city's hipsters

Editorial Why the VW Group

must be smashed
BND spotted friendly states around the world
from / civics for refugees
researched in Bavaria / military intelligence
Nazi past / column:
When in doubt, left
Europe How Jean-Claude Juncker promoted tax evasion by large corporations
Foreign policy Berlin wants the causes of
Fight migration but how?
Asylum Like the distribution of refugees
works in Germany and why
she fails
AfD New power struggle among the
Right-wing populists
Careers The crash of the bestselling author
Akif Pirinci
SPD Labor Minister Nahles makes a name for herself
as an alternative to SPD leader Gabriel
Retirement homes The lofty plans
of the former FDP politician Chatzimarkakis 46
Education A new criminology degree
causes irritation
Fact check Who are the Syrians fleeing from?
Catholics A bishop who was abused 52
Criminal Justice Why a mother her children
kills and the husband shows understanding
Families like loved ones try to
their elderly parents
dissuade them from driving

Six pack: about an art that
none may be / the profile of the typical
German Facebook users
A message and its story one
Englishwoman used a live grenade
As a flower vase for 30 years
Justice What to do with the refugee smugglers
clog Bavaria's prisons?
Homestory The short way from
Headache to brain tumor

New trouble for RWE? / Bundestag
checks share deals / S. Oliver wants Zalando
Auto industry The Volkswagen case
shows how politics
Group has sponsored for many years
Economy Russia's Minister of Industry
Denis Manturov on the
Consequences of the economic sanctions
Devotional objects in Mhlenbeck near Berlin
the estate of Pierre Brice is housed
the hammer
Real estate The increasing number of
Immigrants fueled the boom
House market
The expenses for the
Refugees endanger compliance
the debt brake
E-commerce like the Indians to one people
become a passionate online buyer





In the theater, the actor is a celebrated one, as well

gentle as explosive hero,
as a writer he succeeds
tragicomic bestsellers. In
told in his latest book
he was touching by his
Artistic apprenticeship years. Page 140

Women's tennis is preparing for the end
the serena williams ra before / disappeared
Documents at HSV: It was too
Stolen from sports director Bernhard Peters?
Summer fairy tale affair spared,
cut, the DFB and failed
the black money

Lions only in the zoo in the future? /
Grotesque prices for trade journal subscriptions
Identity historians research trauma
the wolf children who after the
Growing up in Lithuania during World War II
Agriculture Novel grape harvesting machines aim to achieve perfection
hand picking
Meteorology Drren, forest fires,
Is there a super-El-Nio coming up for cyclones?
Livestock Biologists develop methods
to measure how happy cows are
and pigs are real in the barn


Donald Trump



The real estate entrepreneur has been with us for months

the insane hairstyle in most
Polls ranked number one among
Republican candidates for presidency. But what says
that about the USA? Page 92

The dining table as a regular table / Woody Allens
Irrational Man / Column: Currently
Joachim Meyerhoff's Theater
new novel Oh, this gap,
this appalling gap
Cinema A film depicts the founders of Apple
Steve Jobs as a man who knows
what the masses want and with
People can't do anything
Contemporary history Beate and Serge Klarsfeld
in the SPIEGEL conversation about
a slap that made history
Social Media Criticism An Instagram Star Reveals
what's wrong on the net


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Guide for informants:


Joachim Meyerhoff





former Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle ber

the fight against his disease and
its consequences, about his youth, his homosexuality and his political record


In this issue

Garry Kasparov
He thinks President Putin is
a great danger and that
West for too tame and naive
in dealing with Russia. in the
SPIEGEL conversation looks
the ex chess world champion and
Opposition politicians with
Care for his country. Page 102

The German news magazine


Smash this corporation!

Volkswagen is too big. The company cannot be managed or controlled.

ictatura and Grenwahn usually appear as a couple. apparently a culture of fraud, as is the case with Siemens
And they will almost certainly lead to disaster - there was a culture of corruption.
In addition to the well-known scandals about the purchasing board
phe. This is also the case at Volkswagen.
The car manufacturer from Wolfsburg wanted the number one Jos Ignacio Lpez, the secret documents of his former
his branch. The greatest. The best. The successful employer brought with him to Wolfsburg, and the richest company. VW as a trademark for made in Germany. As councils that the corporation paid for visits to brothels, there are
Symbol for the superiority of German technology. The Ameri- a number of other cases that had no consequence.
Kaner have Google and Apple. Germany has Volkswagen. To name just one: Francisco, the Chief Purchasing Officer
Under the umbrella of the group are the motorcycle manufacturer Javier Garcia Sanz was with an entrepreneur who from VW
Ducati, which received orders from the car companies Audi, koda, Seat, Volkswagen and Lam, holds shares in several real estate companies.
Borghini, Bentley, Bugatti and Porsche as well as the Last A no-go in every group that values ​​correct undercarriage manufacturers Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, MAN and corporate management. Sanz is still a board member today.
A violation of the rules is a violation. If he does not
Scania united. Phew Already the list shows that the limit is being punished, the signal is: keep it up, just don't cross the line between Gre and Grenwahn.
let shine. This message is growing in the VW Group
VW also thought of politics. The
Grass only there where the VW boss tolerates the exhaust gas inspection, has it for a long time
tests for years of trickery. And
Boss Martin Winterkorn said.
Customers also maintain a culture, but a boss cannot go anywhere
ture of self-deception. they demand
look, not 119 factories
Environmental protection and buy fuel-free in 31 countries and not on 12 Marsende off-road vehicles as if they were
ken that happened to be under the
Germans a people of frsters.
Roof of the group together, the big exhaust emissions were made possible.
was at VW only because of this
Most of the winter corporations were not to be managed and not
Korn's predecessor Ferdinand Pich
is to be controlled. That's why there
collected. If a renomes only one way: VW should stand to buy battered car company,
will beat. One can do this
he grabbed it. That's why there aren't any
call creative destruction,
inner logic, which this company free after the economist Joseph
men hold together. A motorcycle
Schumpeter. That sounds less
has nothing in common with a car
and a car hardly does anything with one
A new beginning takes one
Truck. Most brands
A zero-tolerance policy towards editing, rather countering rather than contributing, and that includes new things
at the. Pich und Winterkorn verPersonal. The old CFO
The new supervisory board members could not seek to maintain cohesion: with the power of the dictator,
be boss. In the supervisory body that does not tolerate any contradiction,
sen politicians and members of the Faund with the vision of the largest too
VW advertisement from 1969
run through Porsche and Pich
In the USA, diesel models should bring growth. People with experience in corporations are replaced. If
The engines did not meet the strict exhaust gas values, the long-time Winterkorn confidante Matthias Mller zum
But the technicians did not dare to give their bosses what they wanted. Company boss has to show up. Definitely
confess. They built in fraudulent software that was supposed to split VW into at least two companies
Help exhaust gases only be adequately cleaned if that is to be done by the car and truck company. This is not a danger.
Car is on the test stand. In Europe, models should be There is an opportunity, even for the almost 600,000 employees.
There is a model for VW. Competitor Daimler wanted
with low CO2 emissions (BlueMotion) sales in
soar. They managed to achieve the desired consumption to become the largest one time. The Stuttgart built
Not. And here, too, it was more natural for the developers to set up a global corporation with Chrysler, but then to deceive the same customers with false information than if they could not be managed. Chrysler was sold. That was
CEO to say that the given goal is not going to be a bust. And it was a godsend for Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler. Both manufacturers could look forward to it
was achieved.
Such behavior is to focus on one's business with the fear of the dictator. You are successful like
not to be explained alone. This has not been added to the Volkswagen Kon- for a long time.
Dietmar Hawranek


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And then died

SPIEGEL talk: Former Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle
on his fight against acute leukemia and its consequences, ber
his youth, his homosexuality and his political record

r walks slowly, his voice is low.It is a different Guido Westerwelle than the politician to whom one is addressed
remembers. The step briskly out and
spoke forcefully. That was two years ago.
At that time the FDP flew out of the Bundestag,
and Westerwelle lost the office of foreign minister. He set up a foundation
and looked forward to a new life. Then
he learned that he had acute myeloid
Has leukemia. After one and a half
Years of fighting the disease and
Westerwelle publishes their consequences
a book with me in the coming week
the title between two lives he
together with the journalist Dominik
Wichmann wrote. Westerwelle, 53, is now standing in the Cologne city forest and letting go
photograph yourself. It's a sunny one
Autumn day, Westerwelle goes often this
Walk in the park. He lives nearby. As
he asks himself the questions after the photo session in a hotel in the park, they stand
Window open. A fountain rushes
Ducks chatter. Westerwelle holds four
Hours of conversation without problems.
Sometimes he takes off his glasses and rubs them
his eyes. He says you should just do it
don't think he's crying. The consequences
his illness also make his eyes
to accomplish. Once he goes to the bathroom
to gargle. He also has problems with that
Oral cavity. Westerwelle always remains calm, only when it comes to the last question, when it comes to
his husband Michael Mronz goes,
his voice breaks and he needs one
While to finish the sentence.
SPIEGEL: Mr. Westerwelle, on New Year's Day
In 2014 you were jogging along the shore in Mallorca and suddenly you felt a sharp pain in your knee. It was,
we know that now, a pain that yours
Saved lives. How did you get this one
experienced a small sports accident?
Westerwelle: I've been a regular runner for many years and always run up
the same route, in a small romantic port near Palma.
On January 1, 2014, my meniscus tore. Normal age wear, quite
SPIEGEL: At first you didn't want to have an operation. Typical man.
Westerwelle: I don't have that at the beginning
so taken for full. It is pain

sticky, but you can take it. We've all had worse things.
SPIEGEL: You even tried to keep walking.
Westerwelle: Today I also ask myself
how crazy i was I had for some
Months exposed to running and
thought, now it's good, now want to
we'll know it again. That was early in the morning in Central Park, New York, the
most beautiful place in the world to run. And
one is happy like a snow king that
you can walk there in spring, surrounded
of flowers.
SPIEGEL: And then it stings a little
and you think
Westerwelle: and you think it will
you still hold out. Then it stings
stronger, and you want against the pain
run up, defeat him, wrestle down.
But then it doesn't work anymore. I have
made an appointment at the hospital
and everything prepared without worrying about it
do. Meniscus is a routine thing.
SPIEGEL: It wasn't that. At the
A blood count was done the day before the operation
done as always.
Westerwelle: But then that came with me
Doctor and said: We need a second one
Blood count. Something may be mixed up there. So far so good. And
then he came back with other doctors,
and I was lying there in bed and they were talking
and I heard fragments of words, for example Leuk, and at first didn't know
what it was about. I was still full
Confidence. When the doctors were out
I took my iPad and just typed Leuk
into it. Then this word was formed automatically, and that was awesome
SPIEGEL: The word that Google created was called
Leukemia. What was your first thought?
Westerwelle: leukemia? I? No way,
not me.
SPIEGEL: Hardly anyone expects that
your own body can do this to you
could. Apparently not you either?
Westerwelle: You don't have that on that
Umbrella. I always went to preventive medical checkups, but acute leukemia comes straight away. And
kills you from now on too.
SPIEGEL: When did you get your first diagnosis?

Westerwelle: It was June 17, 2014, before-

at noon. I sat in my room in the

Mediapark Clinic in Cologne. Behind the
Doctor I saw tracks and a garden.
I'll never forget that. I was composed. My
Man came by, and he was still there
collected and said Guido, come. But
we all have the shock in the
Had limbs.
SPIEGEL: Can you please explain what?
is acute leukemia exactly?
Westerwelle: Cells mutate in our bodies every day. Even with healthy people
that is normal. Our immune system destroys these cells. But that didn't work for me anymore. The so-called
Blasts got more and more, more and more
more and more and displaced the healthy cells.
SPIEGEL: How can you stop that?
Westerwelle: There are two options.
One tries to destroy the mutated cells with chemotherapy, and
hopes that your own immune system is working again. It wasn't with me
more possible. I needed a new immune system, and you get that about
a stem cell donation.
SPIEGEL: Did you wonder whether politics made you sick? Or the abrupt end of politics after you were voted out of office
in autumn 2013? The disease broke
a little later.
Westerwelle: I asked myself that
but the answer is no. My doctor said that there are no so-called types of cancer, that it is all humbug and unjust
to the people who get caught
Has. If stress or unhappiness caused cancer, then one would have to be in
Especially many times of war and emergency
Have cancer cases. But you don't have.
SPIEGEL: Everything had to be done after the diagnosis
go very fast?
Westerwelle: Acute leukemia can gallop. That can be a matter of days
be. An old childhood friend who is a doctor
said to me: imagine it like a pond
with water lilies. Each water lily would divide once a day. At first nothing happens.
But at some point half the pond will be full
Water lilies, and all it takes is one more
Day until the whole pond is covered because
every water lily divides itself once. Then
the whole pond is tight. And then died. And you know that. And the best thing



What I had was that the doctors didn't put the scenes in the spotlight. They were open to
SPIEGEL: You dealt with that right away
The subject of death?
Westerwelle: Yes. The thought is there immediately.
You sit there shedding tears, you are
very sad and the likelihood
is not so big that you can get this kind of thing
survived from leukemia. An important thought was that I was getting on in years
I've packed a lot into it in my life.
I've experienced a lot, seen a lot and
haven't missed anything.
SPIEGEL: Did you have a perfect life?
Westerwelle: It doesn't exist, I have
People offended and made mistakes,
but i knew i was a satisfied
Had had life. My answer to
the question What do you regret? would be
Classic: I've worked too much.
SPIEGEL: For us, death is like a wall. We don't know what it looks like on the other side. Have you been in
have given this situation ideas of what it might look like behind this wall?
Westerwelle: I'm in church and that
not by accident. Of course you have one
Concept of the hereafter. But I have
I thought less about death and more about life before it and how to avert death.
SPIEGEL: When you have an accident, for
Example being hit by a car,
then comes the destruction of the body
from the outside. With cancer, it is your own body that destroys you. Part of the self
attacks the self. How did you deal with it?
Westerwelle: Not at all. You go with it
Not about. You take it as fate
take it as it is. The crazy one
with this disease, you have to have it
cannot locate. If you have a
Tumor, you know where it is.
I had cancer everywhere. In small
Toe, in the kidney, in the lungs, everywhere,
where there is blood.
SPIEGEL: And blood is called the sap of life.
Westerwelle: That's right. But at a certain point you deal with that
not more.
SPIEGEL: Because you can't take it?
Westerwelle: No, you have other things on your mind. You are no longer with it
busy understanding every nook and cranny of the disease. You wonder what you are
need to do to improve your chances. I wanted and want to go on living.
SPIEGEL: We'll get to yours later
Disease back. At this point, let's look at your life. you


Spapolitiker Westerwelle 2002, as party leader with partner Mronz in front of Bellevue Palace

write in your book, in your youth

got your face looked like at first
a crumble cake, then like a lunar landscape. And, in your words, you were fat and gay. Sounds like one
difficult youth.
Westerwelle: On the one hand, it was easy for me.
Because I have good dispositions from my parents
got what apprehension
or alertness and the like. On the other hand, I had a hard time.
My parents, both lawyers, did not have
lots of time for their children, they worked
a lot and didn't wonder who
actually stays at home. Nobody stayed
at home. The godmother or she came along
SPIEGEL: Are you talking about loneliness?
Westerwelle: No, I don't want to say that.
But there was a certain hardship. With us
at home there were no great feelings
shown, neither by the father nor by the
Mother. It was about performance. If you want to achieve something, you have to do it
work hard. And that's how it was done.
SPIEGEL: Today, being gay is largely accepted in Germany. How was it

My mother said

the homosexuality
grows out, and
then I became one
Sent psychologists.

in your youth, in Bonn in the 1970s?

Westerwelle: It was a difficult time for young men who suddenly
realized that they don't want to be with girls, but with boys.
These are troubles that make you feel for that
shape whole lives. One gets cheeky
in any case, more cheeky than one should be.
Pure self-protection, pure overcompensation. According to the motto: attack is the
best defense.
SPIEGEL: When did you realize that you were
prefer to be with a boy
wanted than with a girl?
Westerwelle: At the beginning of puberty, no,
before puberty. Very early. And it
was very clear to me, without a doubt. I would
then yes with 17 loaded for the draft. I
I said to this drafting committee:
I just wanted to tell you, gentlemen, that I don't want to join the armed forces
want because i'm gay. The
I will never forget faces. I
was retired. That was the advantage
the cheeky snout.
SPIEGEL: And one of the advantages of homosexuality. What were the difficulties?
Westerwelle: Those were not the enlightened times. At that time it was the end of yours
Career if you come out gay.
Back then, teachers made jokes at your expense. At that time there was in the old town
A small restaurant in Bonn, that was it
only, as it was called, relevant
Local. There was at the door from behind
a flap pushed away, and then
the owner looked through and said in Rhenish dialect: Young, but you are far



2009: I had cancer everywhere, in my little toe, in my kidneys, in my lungs, wherever there was blood

already that only men come here?

I thought, man, why is he asking me
this question how embarrassing. And then went
one in, that was as clandestine as in the
Time of prohibition.
SPIEGEL: Your mother tried to get you
Drive out your predisposition.
Westerwelle: Not to be driven out. My
Mother said it was growing out, and
then I was sent to a psychologist who was, in my eyes at the time,
at least 104, and then I sat there, and
who explained to me that it really was
can grow out. Oh, I thought. At
I was exactly three quarters of an hour there
long, and then I have my mother
said you, that's a shame about the money. After that we never talked about any problems again, it was then
also completely normal for the parents.
SPIEGEL: You went into politics early. Why to the Liberals?
Westerwelle: I always have the liberal
connected to the performance principle, so
something positive for me. In addition
the inner liberalism, live and let live, that's inside me. There is also one
certain open-mindedness towards
New, what is called cosmopolitanism.
That brought me to the only liberal
Party in Germany.
SPIEGEL: You said that a few years ago
Your generation stand up against the first
68er rebelled, the generation of yours
Teacher. Why didn't you like them?
Westerwelle: I never have special teachers
Well found that you offered you in the second lesson.
Come here, Guido, and all that. I thought,

that's my teacher, he can

don't just come here and say like that
that's not possible. I found that terrible. But I admit: I used to
too snappy for this generation and
reacts insensitively.
SPIEGEL: And today?
Westerwelle: It has changed a bit
mature. The older you get, the more
one can better recognize the historical ones
and personal accomplishments of this generation.
SPIEGEL: What did you want to achieve when
You were a young man? You had
Westerwelle: My professional goal was to be a self-employed lawyer. I always had that
Petrocelli in mind, the lawyer from the
Television series. That was me. With waving
Robe. The innocent defendants in
save last minute.
SPIEGEL: How could you end up in professional politics if you absolutely
wanted to become a Petrocelli?
Westerwelle: As chairman of the boys
I sat on the federal board of the Liberals
FDP. Met people who met me
totally thrilled, Genscher, Lambsdorff. And then, after election 94, came
Mr. Kinkel and asked me if I would be
I wanted to become Secretary General. That was
the first real step.
SPIEGEL: And you weren't looking for that?
Guido Westerwelle's career
or in the DER SPIEGEL app

Westerwelle: not at all. Well, of course you flirt with it. There is also
your own monkey sugar, if such
Offers come suddenly. Clear. And
then it was like always in life. If
you start something and discover that
is a real pleasure, and success
rewards you for your hard work, then you want to
further, and then you want more. And so
it came to me. And then came sir
Mllemann and held out his hand
the party chairmanship, and then I have
said, no, I'll do that myself. And so
I became chairman when I was 39.
SPIEGEL: And did one first
Amount wrong.
Westerwelle: I wouldn't say that.
The FDP never got better election results
than with me. You can say a lot about
tell me but my election record is
squeaky clean.
SPIEGEL: We didn't mean that. We meant the spa policy.
Westerwelle: Man, that was a different one
Time, that was 20 years ago. Back then argued
Thomas Gottschalk and Big Brother
about who the quota leader in the evening
was. That was a cult. And I was the first
Politician who was with Harald Schmidt. The
first, who was with Stefan Raab. Today everyone wants to come in and are happy to be invited. Back then I said
if I want to get the young voters
I have to go there. I dared to do things that others didn't,
I have had great success. Point. Out.
End of working day.
SPIEGEL: The Guidomobil looked a little
Westerwelle: At that time I was driving in the tunnel.
Of course, when I am almost 54, I think
completely different about my bus than back then. It's logical.
SPIEGEL: You would no longer do it today
to do?
Westerwelle: I can assure you
that I have matured. I am not coming any more
on this idea. I wouldn't either
18 paint under your shoes, for our project 18. Of course not. And that was, by the way, wrong back then. But that
it's always like that. Sometimes you're right, sometimes
are you wrong Then you leave your
Instinct. I have that and there is
it with others.
SPIEGEL: Jrgen Mllemann, former Federal Minister of Economics and state chairman of the FDP in North Rhine-Westphalia,
jumped into the parachute in 2003
Death. Your book says you have
thought a lot after
that happened. Do not write what thoughts. Will you tell us?
Westerwelle: I thought about that
Stop politics. It was the size of a Greek tragedy. I was
Party chairman and had to Mlle-




comment on Mann's death in front of the press.

Your colleagues wanted to ask, of course, but I went straight to the point. Had
I have to say one more sentence that I imploded inside.
SPIEGEL: Why did you think of stopping? Because you felt that politics was something
Has destructive?
Westerwelle: No, because something happened to me that feeds all the stereotypes of dirty business politics. And me
asked me isn't that too much
and do you want that? Do you want to slip into something like that? And exactly that summer I did
I met Michael. Life is
sometimes crazy.
SPIEGEL: Mllemann was accused of illegal party financing.
Westerwelle: Yes, it was about money, from
that I didn't know, the ones in plastic bags
have been transported, and I want more
don't say anything about that.
SPIEGEL: Mllemann had also worked with anti-Semitic clichés in order to get the
right margin to collect votes. And
You've been granting it for a while
to let. How do you feel about it today?
Westerwelle: At first I thought that
don't really think so. I was there too
naive, I would have been more forceful and courageous
must be. I reacted too late.
But then I reacted, put on it
i great value.
SPIEGEL: Does this initial hesitation still sometimes gnaw on you?
Westerwelle: These are things that forgive
you yourself. Just like you forgive yourself a few taste aberrations. The
happens to everyone non-stop. But with the
Directional decisions, the essentials, you have to be right.
SPIEGEL: You became Foreign Minister in 2009
a black-yellow coalition. Nice
soon after you took office you made
Hedge protectors from the FDP life
Westerwelle: Yes, those who got short of it
from their own party started immediately,
didn't wait a hundred days to see me
to attack. We were also unlucky that
The Greek crisis came and we could
no longer implement our major tax reform. I was faced with a choice: to go into opposition or face one
to cut back on the historical situation. I chose the story
decided and compromised. The
harmed me at my party.
SPIEGEL: Were there any mistakes of your own?
Westerwelle: Of course I made my own mistakes, as always. And in certain
Yes, behave in pressure situations
not always good either. And then come
some who see the chance that they will
can go a little further. This is
as well. That is politics, and you can
remember, I was ten altogether


Party chairman for years. It's an incredibly long time. Only Genscher almost has
Made eleven years.
SPIEGEL: Since we're talking about mistakes, how
could the later decadence happen to you?
Westerwelle: Very angry, yes. I had
really annoyed me that
the Hartz IV rates could rise, one
But it does not relieve the middle class
more was possible. That's why it happened.
SPIEGEL: Was that your sentence? Or has that
someone wrote down for you?
Westerwelle: I am solely responsible for this sentence. It happened. But to be honest:
It's a sentence, nothing more. No one has been wronged, no one
has suffered, nothing has become real
changed in the world. I wrote an article with one sentence I did
Certainly not write like this today. And not because I am
from the thought of all you have
want, you have to earn, say goodbye, on the contrary, but because of the sentence
was misunderstandably hurtful. And the
I should have recognized and that
I did not recognize it. I was too opinionated then.
SPIEGEL: You had to give up the party leadership when the pressure of your so-called
Party friends became too strong. Hurts
Do you still do that sometimes?
Westerwelle: It's over. It is not anymore
important, I say this without grief, without
Resentment. When I look back today, it seems so insignificant to me. The meanness, the injuries, they are shrinking. You can't imagine how
that is unimportant to me today. And then got
I also follow in the year and a half
seen my illness, how much trust I have given people,
was justified. From people, too
of political opponents and companions whom I never thought possible. Who really stood, inquired and gave encouragement. It is not
so that politics just a cold, ugly
World is.
SPIEGEL: So do the party friends
reported that made your life difficult?
Westerwelle: Yes, of course. Such
Illness also reconciles. One wonders:

That is also the case

a phenomenon
that one a time
long laughter
completely forgotten.

Man, what are we talking about?

quarreled like crazy? But a few things also become clearer. I count among them
above all my policy of military restraint. Today she will
no longer seriously disputed. There too
Incidentally, one can ask if I am in each
Found the right word in a moment
have. Probably not, but it was the right decision. That has been proven today.
SPIEGEL: Proof is a difficult word in this context because we
not know what it would have been like
Germany in the vote for
Libya insert not included.
Westerwelle: Right, hypothetical histories are difficult. I correct that, you are right. But today
it is obvious that the military
Intervention in Libya has resulted in a crumbling state, and it has
Part of the migration movements triggered.
SPIEGEL: Was against Syria's rulers
the West did not intervene, and
there the situation is worse than
in Libya.
Westerwelle: I see it in a larger context. It has to do with Iraq
started to lie with the American government. Interventions are seldom successful because there are seldom plans as well
Patience for the many years that followed.
SPIEGEL: After you were voted out of office in autumn 2013
the federal government quickly got away from it
Adopted your policy of military restraint. Her successor FrankWalter Steinmeier and Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen spoke
advocate that Germany should play a more active role in the world, if necessary also militarily. Is it hurtful
that your positioning was cleared so quickly?
Westerwelle: I take with a certain
Satisfaction to note that I have received this from
I don't hear my successor anymore.
That was a short period. Germany
does not become bigger, stronger, more beneficial if it makes more military interventions. That was the big mistake of the last 20 years.
SPIEGEL: Would Germany emerge from everything
keep out, it would be from the allies
no longer taken seriously. And the willingness to send soldiers is that
Hardest currency in NATO.
Westerwelle: That's right, that's the hardest currency, with a lot of collateral damage. But since then I've been very close to death
I have an extremely allergic attitude to the word collateral damage.
It sounds so abstract, but it means the end of life, of children, of
Women, from men. If you decide between life and death, you have to make up your mind
be very, very, very sure.


SPIEGEL: That brings us back to yours


Gondola driver Westerwelle 1999: Gentlemen, I'm gay

Beach volleyball player Westerwelle 2000 *: argued like crazy

Illness. In your book you write

after the diagnosis you would have felt
like Gregor Samsa in Kafka's story
The transformation. Can you do this
Describe feeling?
Westerwelle: I can do as well as Kafka
unfortunately not describe it. You watch
up and feel like a beetle on top of that
SPIEGEL: You weren't allowed to touch anyone for a long time, weren't allowed to be touched, and
that at a time when every touch is consolation
and can be hold. How did you do that
Westerwelle: You don't even believe what that
Man endures everything. You just have to