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How to find out if your CPU is too hot

Friedrich Stiemer

You feel like your PC slows down significantly when it is very busy. In the worst case, it switches itself off suddenly during operation. You suspect the processor is overheating as the cause. That's why you want to monitor the temperature of your CPU. So go ahead.

EnlargeHow to find out if your CPU is too hot

Of course, you can find out the temperature of your CPU via your computer's BIOS. However, this is a bit of a cumbersome way. It is more convenient with a free tool. This also gives you a quicker overview of the CPU temperature. A comparatively simple application is Core Temp, as it is only limited to reading out the CPU values.

Another program that deals with all other components of your PC besides the processor is HWInfo. This software is very extensive, but also a bit confusing. Nevertheless, it is well suited if, in addition to the CPU, you also want to find out about the utilization of the graphics card and other hardware.

EnlargeFree tools such as Core Temp help keep an eye on the processor temperature of your computer.

The NZXT Cam software, which also deals with other components in addition to the CPU, is much clearer and therefore more user-friendly. It even offers an in-game FPS overlay that shows you the current frames per second in games in real time. There are also various tools for overclocking. You can use this software in guest mode or register with your email address. This gives you the advantage that you can save the history data of your PC in the NZXT cloud and call it up again. When you start the software for the first time, you will receive a brief introduction to which functions are available to you under the respective menu item. You can then read off the current CPU temperature at a glance and then only have to weigh up whether the displayed value is ideal or critical.

It is important to know that each CPU has an individual maximum temperature, which most tools show you under the item "Tj.Max". If this information is not included, you can alternatively find the model number of your CPU on the CPU-World website. Enter com to find the appropriate value.

Apart from the maximum temperature, you should also note the following levels: Your CPU has the ideal operating temperature below sixty degrees Celsius. An increase of up to seventy degrees Celsius is also still pretty harmless. A simple measure helps to get the processor back into the ideal range: Remove dust from the components. If the temperature rises to eighty degrees Celsius, however, you should take a closer look and check that all fans are functional. Because from these temperatures it could be critical. Exception: you have overclocked your processor. In this case, such a high temperature is normal.

EnlargeIf the processor temperature cannot be reduced despite specific measures, the fan is undersized. A stronger model can help.

From ninety degrees Celsius, however, there is an urgent need for action, because your PC is now in a really critical condition. If you have already cleaned the computer of dust and dirt, please check that all fans are working. If you cannot find any improvement as a result, it is advisable to take a look at the thermal paste. This is located between the CPU and the processor cooler. In the case of a computer that you have owned for several years, it is very possible that the paste dries out and thus loses its function. If this is the case for you, simply remove the paste residue with a cloth. Also, be careful not to let other components come into contact with the paste. After applying the new thermal paste, there should already be an improvement. If the temperature is still too high, you should next check the CPU cooler for its function and compatibility and, if necessary, replace it with a newer, more powerful model. You can choose between air and water coolers. The closed water cooling systems always achieve better cooling performance when you use your system in the high performance range.

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