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Daily make-up instructions for applying make-up

Daytime make-up should primarily be conspicuously inconspicuous, smooth the complexion and smooth out small imperfections. Lightly accentuated eyes and eyebrows round off the make-up and conjure up an alert look.

We show you step by step how you can put on beautiful trendy make-up for the day in just a few simple steps - a completely natural beauty look, but with an intense effect.

The right basis for day make-up

A clear complexion is essential as the basis for perfect day make-up. With the right combination of foundation, concealer and blush, make-up lasts all day and makes the complexion look fresh and relaxed.

* Well theeyebrows Make-up for a suitable frame: The hairs are first brushed downwards. Top edge and missing parts are now with aEyebrow pencil without red content painted. Then brush the hair of the eyebrows back into shape.

* For a radiant look with daytime make-up, you should use one clear complexion create. This is achieved by applying light, liquid make-up over the entire face with tapping movements.

* For a beauty freshness kick and to hide redness around the eyes is now a Concealer applied, the two shades lighter is than the actual skin color. Apply in a star shape around the eye and work in from the outside in with the fingertip or brush.

A ensures the right contour on the faceTouch of blush running from the temporomandibular joint towards the corner of the mouth. Using a brush, the blush is placed on the cheekbones. For narrow face shapes, apply to the top of the cheekbones.

Make up your eyes with your daytime make-up

The daytime make-up look is rounded off with a slight emphasis on the eyes. A little kohl, eyeshadow and mascara in a subtle color create an immediate wow effect and make your eyes appear more alert.

* With a Eye pencil In black or deep brown, an upper eyeliner is now set as a line from the outer corner of the eye inwards. This is then lightly smeared with a beveled brush.

* For the modern eye make-up, we now apply make-up over the entire area movable lid flat an eye shadow that matches the color of your eyes. Then the color with the brush or the fingertip up to the crease of the eyelid Let it flow out and blend.

* Now it will Eyeliner on the lower edge of the eyelid set. To do this, pull the black or brown kohl from the inside out. So that the eyeliner doesn't look too hard, lightly smear the kajal with a beveled brush. Apply a touch of eyeshadow for more intensity.

* Now only that Apply mascara to the upper lash line. The easiest way to do this is to use small zigzag movements outwards. If you like, you can also apply the lower lash line.

For the perfect beauty finish, apply a touch of rose-colored gloss or lipstick to accentuate the lips. VoilĂ !