What do people want to see

"The viewers want to see real, normal people"

You will soon be producing "It's Showtime" for Sat.1. One could now sardonically ask why another talent show is actually needed.

To keep people entertained on Sunday evenings! What we have tried out on a small scale with "Superkids", we are now expanding to include adults in various genres. Similar to the "Superkids", we looked for talents internationally on "It's Showtime" who are not yet present in this country. We have created a high-quality environment for them with a great jury, which consists of Michelle Hunziker, Michael "Bully" Herbig and Sasha, and manages without any malice or ridicule.

What role does the connection to the colleagues at Red Arrow play for Redseven?

The Red Arrow network has now grown to include 19 international production companies. We have a great exchange and regularly discuss our ideas with colleagues from the USA, UK or Denmark. In this way we have been able to bring many international formats to Germany over the past few years. "The Taste" was one of the first programs, followed by social experiments such as "Wedding at First Sight" and "Kiss Bang Love". Next up is "Look Me In The Eye". It is very valuable for us to be part of this creative group and to work closely with other producers who think similarly to us.

"Look Me In The Eye" has not yet been seen anywhere, but recently aroused great interest in Cannes. What makes the format so interesting?

The focus is on this pure moment in which two people who share a common story sit across from each other and just look into each other's eyes. As a viewer, I can empathize with what's going through their heads. We tell emotional stories around this purely observational situation. "Look Me In The Eye" is an extremely high-quality format and we are convinced that it will be a success.

"We can only be successful if we position ourselves as an independent producer on the market."
Jobst Benthues

The format was originally planned for ProSieben, now it will be shown on Sat.1. Where did the change of heart come from?

It was already apparent in the casting phase that the moving stories of the participants and the age structure fit better into the Sat.1 program. This impression intensified during production and the decision was made in favor of Sat.1. This is a good example of how the short distances to the broadcasters and decision-makers often pay off for us.

How important is it for Redseven to also find buyers outside of ProSiebenSat.1?

Extremely important: We can only be successful if we position ourselves on the market as an independent producer. And we are also obliged to our international partners to find the best possible home for their licenses and formats on the German market. We only just succeeded in doing that with "A League of Its Own" with Frank Buschmann on Sky 1. In addition, we regularly produce for RTL II and ZDF, among others. We want to continue on this path.

The television fair MIPTV was only a few days ago. Is there a trend that you have spotted?

The audience wants authenticity. They want real, normal people whose stories are told emotionally. I think this trend can be observed most strongly at the moment.

And what about fiction?

We are already broadly positioned at Redseven. Most recently, we set up the Corporate TV division. The next step for us is serial content. We have just finished our first book developments and are wondering what the Redseven path might look like in this genre.

Thank you very much for talking to us, Mr Benthues.