Can Joker be arrested in real life

What happened to the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises?

No, there isn't, and that was an explicit choice by Christopher Nolan in the face of Heath Ledger's death.

Says Nolan, "We're not addressing The Joker at all. This is something I hold dear about my relationship with Heath and the experience I had with him on The Dark Knight."

He added, "I didn't mean in any way to try to explain any tragedy in real life. That seemed inappropriate to me. We just have a new set of characters and a sequel to Bruce Wayne's story. Without The Joker." .


The original intent was to keep their options open to the Joker's fate in case they wanted to use him in The Dark Knight Rises, but Heath's death resulted in their decision not to reuse the character.


Given the CG work with Jeff Bridges in TRON Legacy and recent CG appearances by late music stars, I'm surprised they didn't think of re-animating Heath Ledger to repeat his role, assuming the voice might have been difficult.

John O.

It is possible that we will see virtual performances by actors who have passed away, but that would definitely be "too early". It's a shame we didn't get a few more Star Trek TOS episodes.


@Xantec Given the CG work with Jeff Bridges in TRON Legacy I am happy , that they haven't tried to include the Joker in TDKR! (His computer self was fine, but his younger "real" self just looked too fake.)