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Top 20 food blogs

They love eating, cooking, baking and dining just like us. Stage them and inspire them. Food bloggers have become an indispensable part of the internet world and that's exactly why we want to honor them today! Here are the best food blogs of 2015 that Bookatable caught in the eye.

Gourmet guerrilla

WHAT? Online since 2011. Interesting to read and delicious to cook at home! The self-proclaimed ‘Püppi’ not only deals with topics related to the stove on her blog, but also reports on lifestyle topics and interesting facts for bloggers.
HOW MANY? 8,365 facebook followers

Cook girl

WHAT? Online since 2011, Jule & Susi blog together, sharing their passion for good food and good products. Both see their families as their toughest critics who they first have to convince. Special: Great cookbooks are recommended in the “Bookshelf” section, such as fine “Spreads - vegetarian and vegan” by Antje Radke.
HOW MANY? 2,702 facebook fans

Kitchen mess

WHAT? Online since 2012 and already published the first own cookbook. In real life, Mia is a photographer - you can see that in the beautiful pictures! Special: The blogger always documents and illustrates her cooking steps very clearly, so that cooking becomes child's play.
HOW MANY? 9,638 facebook followers
WHERE? http://kuechenchaotin.de/

Paules ki (t) chen

WHAT? Online since 2009. Paule mainly cooks vegetarian and vegan. She learned her enthusiasm for cooking from her grandmother and keeps posting recipes that are inspired by her. Lives in Luxembourg.
HOW MANY? 2,644 facebook fans

Curio shop

WHAT? Online since 2008, lots of great recipes and pictures - you should definitely follow the Instagram account. However, there are no recipes with nuts, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus and cinnamon, because the blogger's husband does not eat these things at all. The shopkeeper herself is allergic to cinnamon. Special: Every recipe has a “print” button at the end of the article - we find it practical and great for cooking at home.
HOW MANY? 9,967 facebook followers

Bianca's blog

WHAT? Online since 2013. Here is a blogger who not only likes to cook, but also loves to go to restaurants and tell us about her culinary experiences in and around Munich! A great idea - next week we're going to try the Laurus in Graefelfing. Special: Bianca lives the motto "Eating out is also a hobby". By the way, we see it the same way!
HOW MANY? 4,311 facebook followers


WHAT? Online since… it doesn't really matter, doesn't it. We are impressed with the variety of setup, recipe and travel tips on this blog. Stefanie convinces her now 22,526 Facebook fans with a very professionally designed page, including her own online shop. Hats off!
HOW MANY? 22,526 facebook followers

Tina's thousand beautiful

WHAT? Great food pictures that are so beautiful that we want to hang them on the wall as postcards. Recipes are sorted according to likeable categories, such as "first date" or "like with nuts" - we like!
HOW MANY? 3,644 facebook fans

Sugar, cinnamon and love

WHAT? Online since 2012. The author's pictures and recipes are perfectly staged - and delicious. You can find everything to do with cakes and sweets on her blog. Special: If you like it salty, you should take a look at the "Stullen & Co" section.
HOW MANY? 31,171 facebook followers

Rock the kitchen

WHAT? Online since 2010, stylish blog with typewriter font and great pictures all about food, travel and music. Recipes are sorted alphabetically, and the Instagram account is also very nice.
HOW MANY? 2790 facebook followers

Vegan Passion

WHAT? Online since 2008. All recipes on this blog are vegan, meanwhile the author has published 4 cookbooks, appears in cooking shows and gives seminars and lectures.
HOW MANY? 10,217 facebook followers

Penne in the pot

WHAT? Online since 2012, in real life Ann-Kathrin has already found her dream job: teacher. In her private life she loves to cook, bake and blog about it. Special: In the "USA" section there are super delicious recipes that are guaranteed to stay on your hips for some time.
HOW MANY? 3,616 facebook followers


WHAT? Online since 2004, new recipes almost every day. Motto: Keep it simple! By the way, Zorra doesn't like cookbooks. Special: There is a section "Ice cream creations" - we just find the "Lavender-Honey-Ice Cream" recipe mhhhmhhhh.
HOW MANY? 3,758 Facebook fans

Chef Hansen

WHAT? Online since 2010 ... finally a man! Namely someone who likes to eat meat and who likes to be at the grill. The 16 personal facts about the chef himself are very likeable. Special: Under the heading “Shopping basket”, Alex introduces the shops and producers of his products, for example the butcher he trusts.
HOW MANY? 3247 facebook followers

What Ina loves

WHAT? Online since 2010, new recipes for everything to do with food, Do It Yourself and photography almost every day. Motto: The little things in life are the ones that count. The delicious recipes are clearly sorted by pictures and topics. The blogger's style: young, girlish and colorful.
HOW MANY? 3,903 facebook fans

Culinary pixels

WHAT? Online since 2012. Growing up in a hotel family, Annette discovered early on her love for hospitality and good food. Likes to take photos and cook for her life. Special: In addition to recipes, there are also restaurant and bistro tips as well as worth reading about wines and spirits.
HOW MANY? 2,504 facebook followers

New kitch on the blog

WHAT? Online since 2009. Christina owns knives worth a used small car, reads cookbooks and novels. Your blog is sorted by ingredients, the 'Salmon' category, for example, leads us to delicious recipes such as 'Salmon Bagel with Wasabi Cream Cheese Cream'.
HOW MANY? 2,070 facebook fans

Cabbage head

WHAT? Online for a couple of years. Beautifully designed blog by a couple of Berlin photographers who cook exclusively vegetarian and sometimes vegan. We think the blog is so gorgeous that we buy your new book “Krautkopf - Rezepte” right away.
HOW MANY? 11,625 facebook followers


WHAT? Online since 2011. Rike writes here. On the 'happy blog' 'lykkelig' (Danish lykkelig means 'happy' in German) you will find everything to do with baking. We have found the perfect recipe for all late risers: Sunday rolls that are in top form overnight.
HOW MANY? 8,625 facebook fans


WHAT? Online since 2009, the second man among the top food bloggers. Actually a qualified geologist with a weakness for homemade bread. Lutz has already published 2 bread-baking books and also offers bread-baking courses.
HOW MANY? 6,419 Facebook followers

Are your favorites on our list or are you missing good food blogs? Feel free to leave us a comment with your top food bloggers!

Text & Image: Bookatable