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Hot afternoon

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They went from the pool to the couch. ...

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Dustin's cell phone rang early on a hot August morning and woke him with a jerk. "Hello?" came Dustin's voice, rough and dazed. "Hey Dustin! It's Tyler. I was just thinking.

Nothing happened and I was wondering what's wrong with you? "Tyler was one of his best friends and lived a few streets away." I just beat this bloody heat. I wanted to spend the afternoon outside by the pool. Listen, if you're not up to anything you might want to come over. "" Yeah, that would be great. Are you sure your mother doesn't mind? "" I doubt it.

Let me ask her and call you back right away. Okay? ”“ Pronto, Tonto, ”Tyler replied, hanging up. Dustin checked his watch.

It was 9: 3. He was a little surprised that his mother wasn't up there to wake him up. She had one thing about "burning daylight".

Maybe she was tracing something after him since summer was almost over. He had just turned sixteen and was beginning his sophomore year of Madison High School. His mother taught senior English and he knew she was preparing for the new school year. In fact, she had mentioned a few days earlier that the faculty meetings would begin next week.

He put on shorts and a T-shirt after brushing his teeth. It was probably too late for breakfast if he couldn't get some pop-tarts. He went down the stairs to check the refrigerator.

He thought his mother was in the kitchen, but it was deserted. So was the cave. Then he saw his mother outside.

She knelt and worked on one of her small flower beds with a hand spade. It hadn't killed all of the plants, but there were a few months to go before the growing season, Dustin thought. Of course, his father had once said outside of her hearing that Deana Rodgers could kill a vase of silk flowers. Dustin went out the patio door. "Hiya, mom." "Good morning, honey," said his mother, smiling at him.

She leaned back and rubbed the grass with her dirty hands. She wore a dark blue t-shirt and black shorts. Her light brown hair was tied back with a red bow. Even though she was getting old, Dustin thought she looked a lot better than some women he could imagine. She enjoyed swimming and tennis and took great pride in dressing well.

Apart from gardening, of course. "Sleep well?" "Uh, huh. Thanks for letting me sleep." "I thought you wouldn't mind. It's not much summer anymore." "Do you want some help with this?" "No thanks.

I just fiddle around, getting my hands and knees dirty. Did you have breakfast? "" Not yet. "" There are some toaster pastries in the closet. And frozen waffles. "" Great. Uh, Tyler called. ”He absently scratched his skinny leg.

"I was wondering if he could come over and go swimming." "Sure. But I don't feed him." "Gotcha. Thank you, mom." He ran in to call his friend. Deana watched him go.

She decided that her son was preparing to grow into a man a few years late from what she saw around the school. Even so, the boys matured at different rates, and she had taught juniors who looked like they were still in middle school. For her son, all she could say was better late than never. His voice finally took on a lower timbre and he shaved a few times a week. Last year he had made the freshman team swim and could make the JV team if he worked hard.

That would put some meat on his bones and build his muscles. Take away his awkwardness and shy demeanor too, build his trust around girls. Dustin took the toaster out of the closet and the box of parties from the pantry. While waiting for the pop-tarts to get hot, he gave Tyler a ring.

"It's cool with mom." "Great! See you around noon? Oh, and I got a text message from. He should have gone to the lake, but the boat trailer had an apartment." Jason Beauregard Riley, Tyler's cousin, was half-rich, but OK for all of that. At school he was a year ahead of them. "That'll be fine, but no one else, okay?" At least Dustin thought everything would be fine. Actually, it might be a good idea to get to know a little better.

He was the captain of the JV swim team and one hell of a swimmer. Dustin wanted to score a goal for the JV team this year and it couldn't hurt getting along well with the captain, right? "Mama doesn't want a crowd here." "I've read you, dude. I'll see you in a couple." Dustin had breakfast and then cleaned up the kitchen. Then he went outside.

"Did you talk to Tyler?" She asked him. She rummaged around in a plant, the leaves of which were slowly turning yellow. "Yes Ma'am." It never hurts to be a little more polite when your mom follows your plans. "He said it was about twelve.

Oh, and he said he could deliver another man. His cousin. You will like him.

He's on the JV swim team. ”“ Okay. ”“ What's wrong with that thing? It looks shitty. "Deana tossed her son a lump of dirt." Thanks for the brilliant testimonial on my gardening skills ... I think it has thrips. "" What are thrips? "" The guys who are killing all my plants this summer ... "" Maybe you need a thripticide. "" For someone who had never heard of a thrip up to ten seconds ago, you probably know all the answers! "His mother growled in irritation. She had killed so many plants in the past few years. that she was not deterred by any other death.

The staff at the garden center liked to see her come. The sellers were with Deana Rodgers by their first names. "Maybe it's getting too much water?" Deana jumped up, grabbed the hose coiled nearby, and sprayed her son. "Damn it, mom!" He ran, but she chased him, keeping the hose aimed at him as he ran away.

"I'll water you too much and see if you turn yellow!" she screamed and laughed. He only escaped inside. She was almost finished with her work among the flowers, privately she called it the emergency room, when she heard a couple of car doors slam.

There was laughter and the soft ringing of the doorbell. Deanna got up and rinsed the dirt off her hands and knees with water from the garden hose. The laughter grew louder when she saw her son and his guests come through the house. She recognized Tyler, but the third teen was unknown to her.

They dressed alike, wore t-shirts and shorts, and wore towels, but that is where the resemblance ended. Tyler was a scarecrow like Dustin. The third teenager was anything but. He had the broad shoulders, narrow hips, and muscular legs of a swimmer.

His head was shaved and brown like the rest of him. "Hey, mom," said Dustin when he and his guests came out onto the terrace. "You know Tyler, don't you? And this is Jason." "Yes, Tyler, hello. And Jason." "Oh, you just give me a call," said the young man as he approached her and held out his hand in greeting.

His voice was rich and deep. His smile seemed against his dark tan. "Hello Mrs. Rodgers.

Nice to meet you. "" "Deana smiled in greeting as she shook his hand." It's a pleasure. So you came to swim? "" We welcome the invitation. "" My son tells me you're captain of the swim team. "" The JV team, Ms. Rodgers, just the Jayvees. I hope I'll get Dustin on the team this year. ”Dustin said,“ That would be cool. ”“ It's going to take a lot of work, son, ”smiled again.

"I think he's ready for that." Then he cocked his head and looked at the woman. "Don't you teach in Madison?" "Unfortunately! Just kidding. Yes, I teach Junior and Senior A.P. Lit." "Maybe then I'll have you.

I'm scheduled for honor class. "" Well, we'll see you in the classroom ... you young men are having fun, "Deana said to them." I'm going to go clean up a little; I worked on the farm and must look a mess. "She went in." Dudes, "said," You didn't tell me your mother was a teacher.

You also didn't tell me she was a fucking fox ... "" Shhhh! She'll hear, "Dustin hissed. Man. I didn't mean to say anything about your mother.

It's just that I wasn't expecting it. "But Deana had always heard above average and understood the older teen's comment. It was about 1:00 AM when Deana decided to go back outside.

She put on a one-piece suit and a skirt that was tied at the waist. The swimsuit was silver, cut low at the top, not only dipped in front and back, but also deeply at the sides. The legs, on the other hand, were high above her thighs. The skirt was crocheted from bright orange thread and had a ragged edge.

She tied it low over one hip. Deana topped her clothes with a wide floppy straw hat that kept her face in shadow. She put on high heeled sandals, buckled them up, and went outside.

"You guys don't mind if I come with you," she asked as she came across the stone terrace and sat down in a lounge chair. She had a book with her. "No," Dustin called to her.

The three teenagers were playing with a tennis ball. was currently in the middle. He had only half-heartedly tried to get the bright green ball, but in front of an audience he decided to play a little harder. After half a dozen passes, he managed to jump high enough in the air to snatch the ball from his cousin and come down with a mighty splash that stirred up water.

Then he paddled to the side of the pool, got up, and walked over to the woman. He crouched next to her chair with the water dripping. Although Dustin and Tyler wore baggy bathing trunks, they wore a frenzied Speed-O. "Aren't you coming to us, Mrs. Rodgers?" She looked out from under the broad brim. "Oh, I don't think so.

I'm only here to soak up some sun. And maybe you could call me Deana. At least until I become your teacher. "" Thanks, Deana. "He wished he could see her eyes. He liked what he could see. Deana had flawless skin and good muscle tone.

I was willing to bet she swam a lot herself. He remembered seeing her in high school and wondered how strictly she dressed. At school she seemed to be in the middle.

Her son was nearly forty years old, but up close she looked a few years younger in the elegant bathing suit she wore. "The water is really nice." "Do you really think my son has a chance to form your team?" Deana ignored his observation as she stared at his wrists. They were fat.

They were a sure sign of a strong swimmer, she thought. "He's going to have to work his butt off, but I think the talent is there." wondered where this question was coming from. "It's really important to him.

I think it's something he desperately needs. Ever since his father and I divorced, I've been concerned that Dustin will just drift away. "The teenager nodded as if he understood.

And maybe he did. "How long has it been?" "Almost a year." Another nod. "I can work a little more with Dustin. That will probably overdo him. I'm pretty good if I don't mind .

"Deana got up. She dropped the hat on the book that she had never opened. She bent down to open her sandals and throw them away. She peeled off the wrapping.

With she ran to the pool, jumped into the water and landed between her son and his friend with a tremendous impact. The stay away game became one of two teams, Deana and her son versus Tyler and his cousin. The Pool Deana was a physical player who didn't hesitate to throw a body block to get to the ball or to prevent her opponents from reaching it. Surely she gave as much as he spent. In fact, he was shocked a few times when he felt the firm contact of her body.

He increased his skill level. Finally Deana had to take a break after an hour. "Okay, Uncle!" She laughed as she gasped. She hadn't done that much exercise and couldn't remember when. "You boys are too tired for this old girl too.

I have to take a break. "Not that old," she said. His chest was pumping too. " I can use a break myself. He got up from the pool and bent down to offer the woman his hand, and she pulled her slightly out of the water. Deana turned her body gracefully and sat on the coming of the pool.

Playfully she kicked her son and Tyler water. He went to the chair where he had thrown his shorts. He picked it up, found his cell phone, and checked his watch. He turned back to the group and said, "Hey, we missed lunch.

Who eats pizza "Dustin, remembering his mother's warning that she wouldn't feed the group, said he wasn't particularly hungry." It's my pleasure, "he announced sounds good," said Deana. " I can make a salad and we can eat outside on the terrace. It's such a beautiful day. "" I'm done with that, "Tyler said, and Dustin agreed." Okay.

"Deana got up and went in. Over her shoulder she said," I'll start on the salad. "The high school graduate placed the order. Then he turned to his cousin, “Do you have your driver's license, pencil tail? “Sure.” “Do you know where Pizza Connection is in stores?” “Um, what?” He took his car keys and wallet out of his pants.

He got out a couple of twenties. " Talk to Melissa. She is the manager. She'll let you borrow a pizza sleeve to keep everything hot.

On the way, stop at the store and grab a few drinks. Whatever you want. And if you scratch my wheels, I'll get your cojones for breakfast. You both.

Roger that? "Tyler caught the thrown keys and went for them." You mean you let me drive the bar? "" And I know exactly how many miles are on the clock. If you go anywhere except Connection and right back here, I'll know. No pleasure! "We'll be right back," Dustin promised as he quickly wiped himself with a towel and pulled shorts over his trunks.

He took out the money. "Yes," Tyler agreed. In the kitchen, Deana heard the car come out of the driveway and back up again. The sound of the car driving off surprised her. She had expected the pizza to be delivered. Then heard they slam the back door from the terrace.

Deana made a different assumption. Thinking that she was probably going to get the pizza and that it was her son who had come in from the backyard, she shouted, "I'm in the kitchen, honey." "We hardly know each other," he said from the kitchen door. He was on his shirt but was still wearing his wet Speed-O. "And are we darlings already?" The woman spun around in surprise.

"You scared me. I thought you were Dustin. Didn't you get pizza?" "I gave the kids the car keys." Deana turned back to the counter.

She kept cutting tomatoes for the salad. "Can I help?" the teenager asked, stepping closer to her. "Not really, thanks. I'm almost done with the tomatoes. Then all I have to do is chop up the lettuce." "I was thinking of a different kind of help." He put his hands on her shoulders.

Deana felt the damp warmth of his body. She finished the last slice and put down the knife she had used. She rinsed her hands under the sink and dried them on a tea towel. She didn't look at him, just stared out the window.

A mockingbird flew on a crepe myrtle and began to sing. His voice could be heard clearly. "No I'm fine." "After almost a year?" asked. He let his hands slide off her shoulders to wrap around her waist. He pulled her back so that her body barely touched his.

He pressed his cheek against her damp hair. She let her head fall back as it nibbled at the back of her neck. "You are very sure. What makes you think that I am interested in a young man who is barely older than my son?" "I'm always sure," he said."And I am never wrong about a woman." "Never?" Deana brushed against him with her Derrire and felt the stiffening bulge in his Speed-O.

"Right." brought his hands to her breasts and let their fullness fill his hands. He rubbed himself gently. "Never." "How long do we have, darling?" she asked, pressing harder against his groin. "Half an hour, sure. Fifteen minutes there, fifteen back.

And I told them to stop for a drink. Deana put her hands on her shoulders, put her fingers under the straps of her bathing suit, and pulled them down. She stopped as soon as her breasts were bare. " Damn it.

Nice tits. "Took her nipples, which were already hardening, and pulled them gently. He added a slight twist to the pull which triggered a low moan from the woman in his arms." You know, I could put one in my ear and the other in my mouth and talk to me all night.

"She reached back and rubbed his swollen cock into the tight sac." We haven't been all night ... Did you really mean it when you told my son I was a goddamn fox? "" Shit, no. I think you're a parched witch who'd be safe in the midst of a herd of horny minks. “Deana laughed. She turned around in his arms and kissed him. At the same time, she started up her hands in his. He puckered as her fingertips tickled him.

The kiss was deep and long and only ended when he tore his lips from her. He bowed his head to take one of her swollen nipples into his mouth. He sucked with relish making it even more difficult.

He went to his twin. Sucked and bit gently. For her part, the excited woman struggled to free his cock.

Finally she pulled down the thin strip of fabric and had his tail out. Jaybo helped her with one hand to push the Speed-O further down. Then he pulled his swimwear around his ankles and got out. Her hand was filled with his cock and balls.

She was enthusiastic about the heat it radiated. His tail was not quite erect yet, a good 20 cm. As impressive as the rest of his body.

And like the rest of his body, shaved off any and all hair. Slim. Streamli ned. Powerful.

"I want this meat." "Not yet baby." She lifted the horny seventeen year old slightly from her feet. Deana was impressed. She wasn't a short 5'6 "woman, nearly 130 pounds, but he treated her like a doll." Where is your bed "The couch in the cave. It's closer." He carried his seemingly weightless load out of the kitchen.

In the cave he put her on her back. He grabbed her swimsuit. Deana was lightly tanned all over and had no pale spots on her skin. She had a few freckles on her chest and shoulders. Even in this position, she showed firm breasts with no flattening.

Her navel was indented deeply. Her pubic hair was cut into a narrow strip that naturally drew a man's eyes to her swollen labia. Dustin's old man must have been crazy to divorce you. "" Maybe I kicked him out because he's a bad guy.

Do you think? She asked with a laugh. "Enough shit," the teenager growled. He pushed her legs apart with his strong hands. He dipped his face into her open pussy. Licked there. Used his fingers to open her and found her hooded clitoris, his tongue focused there.

He licked and sucked while his finger examined her cunt. He released his other hand to work on her breasts. "Um, yeah baby.

Right. So damn good, "Deana babbled. Then she said clearly," But I want a little snack too.

"He pulled his mouth away from her hand, got off his knees and lifted one leg over her head. His cock pointed straight at her face. Deana had to move under him, but quickly got his cock close enough to kiss him. He returned to his own oral endeavors as Deana sucked on his perch, feeling her tongue caress his cock as her lips massaged it as she slowly pushed it through her esophagus and pushed it lower down with no apparent effort, until his stomach hit her forehead.

Slowly, wondering if she could take it, she started to fuck in the mouth. When she didn't protest, he lengthened his thrusts. Has increased his pace. Gave her face a long hard fuck that she would never forget while eating her clam.

Deana shivered as she struggled to take him away. Then she shivered when she felt her orgasm. She grabbed his hips and tried to hold him still.

was insane in his pumping. Slowly he realized what she wanted and stopped. Deanna moved her injured lips up and down as she put her head between her thighs.

He noticed a thin, sharp sound as he licked and sucked. He redoubled his efforts. Their noises grew louder.

Her hips jerked under him. She let go of his hips. Pressed his head lower against her cunt.

Twisted her hips. Jerked her fingers as spastic contractions moved through her lower abdomen and cunt. Flooded his mouth when she came.

Deana's thighs slid open. She turned her head to the side and let his hard cock escape. Pushed up on his thighs to get air into her exhausted lungs. She felt her struggle and walked away from her. He sat down next to Deana and pushed the hair back from his eyes.

They slowly focused on his smiling face. She raised her hands and touched his cheek, which was smeared with her juices. Pulled his down for a kiss on the lips. "Darling, my bathroom is on the left in this hallway.

There are condoms in the medicine cabinet. "" I'm not wrapping this sausage. "Deana shook her head." There's no way I'm going to catch anything. Until you get tested for STDs, if you fuck me you're wearing a rubber band. "Wanted to argue. But he didn't. If she wanted him to wear a rubber band, so be it.

He got up and left the cave. Deana enjoyed the sight as he walked away. And the sight of him returning was even more stimulating when his tail strode him nearly a foot. Damn athletes had their joys, she decided as she sat up. "Let me do this," she said as he tore open the foil pack and pulled out the vagina.

Deana took the condom, put it in her mouth, and arched it with the tip of her tongue. She sucked on him quickly, turning the bulge into a depression. stepped forward. Deana pulled his hips closer and just pushed the head of his massive cock between her lips.

They worked skillfully and rolled an inch of latex around their heads. She took it a little deeper. Every time she picked up more of his cock, she covered it with the rubber. When it was fully rolled out, she released it from her mouth.

Although the gum was large, a few inches of its thick shaft remained uncovered. She lay down again, one foot on the floor and one on the back of the sofa. Spread for her newest lover. Ready. The teenager got into position.

He ran his cock with his hand as it tickled between her labia. Deana lifted her hips so that it canted inside her. She spread her lips with her fingers as he went deeper. Stretched it out. Filled her cunt with its length and its diameter until it reached the bottom.

Deana sighed. Although she wasn't a queen, she was a glutton for tails. Would rather have too much than not enough.

She smiled at him. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as he began a slow fuck. Like a locomotive leaving the train station. Slowly.

He showed almost no effort as he felt deeply in the direction of her body. The pace increased almost imperceptibly until it slammed against her thighs. Fuck her hard. Shook her body with his thrusts. Drove into her with relentless intent.

Grunting like an animal when he tried to split it in two. Her body trembled with every push. Deana rubbed her clit furiously as her other hand pulled on her tits. That wasn't enough, so she lifted her shoulders off the couch and pulled her face to her tits. He caught a nipple between his teeth and bit.

Deana wailed with painful pleasure. Her nails scratched his broad back. Drew blood.

Let him explain those scratches, her mind screamed as he removed his face from her tit and sucked on her knockers, leaving a reddening hickey. The fact that she didn't mind that he tagged her drove him harder in her cunt. Her body felt the second orgasm as his wand pushed her.

Cuming made her desperate for him to finish too. She tried to get a hand on his back to her ass. She felt for his asshole.

Found it and put a finger in the second knuckle. "Ah, you bitch!" moaned the swimmer when he came. Although his hips continued to pump, his upper body stiffened as he filled the condom with his semen. Then he collapsed like an ox with a pole. Deana kissed his ear and whispered feverish caresses.

She held him tight when his senses returned and he tried to pull away. The fat woman wanted to keep his weight on her, keep his hardness inside. Of course, his tail couldn't stay.

As she felt it shrink, her cunt contracted to keep in touch with his flesh. Eventually, however, she had to release him. got off her and suddenly found himself on the floor, landing with a thud. He had forgotten that they were more likely to be on a narrow couch than on a spacious bed. As he sat there, he looked Deana straight into the smiling eyes.

She kissed him. She ran her hand over his sweaty chest. Fluttered over his torn abdominal muscles until it reached his groin. Deana carefully slid out of the rubber. She raised the vagina to her mouth.

Tipped it, emptied it. Leaned over him and kissed his broken cock. "I'm going to take a shower," she said to her young lover as she stood up. She wasn't very calm. It stood over him like the Colossus of Rhodes, astride his body like the statue over the port entrance.

He ran his hand over her smooth calf as she added, "We're running out of time. You can cool off in the pool." "OK." Deana was happy to see that he was even shakier than she was. But why not? He had done most of the work.

She would have to make amends for that. She suddenly had an idea. "When my son and your cousin get back," she said, "I'll drop a few pointers.

Maybe Tyler can reciprocate Dustin for an overnight stay that afternoon. If I can drop the boy, you can come and see me tonight. "" Do you think I'll be back for seconds? "She asked with a clever grin." I know you will. “She bent down to pick up her discarded bath suit.“ You know you will, too.

It will be good practice when school starts and I have you as a student. “When she straightened up, he held his hand there. He kissed her mouth. Her lips lingered.

Then she played pushing him away, she took a shower, her newest lover found his speed-o and sprinted to the pool, he threw himself into the water and was already looking forward to the new school year.

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