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Learn WordPress - what should you pay attention to?

who Learn WordPress would like to …

you are spoiled for choice: there are countless books, blogs and tutorials on the subject. Sure: When you are programming websites, sooner or later everyone stumbles across the term “WordPress”.

And for good reason. WordPress is ideal for creating a website or blog, setting up and managing shops or member sites - to present your company optimally on the web with just a few clicks. The best part, however, is that it is very convenient to create, maintain and modify content on your website.

The great thing about WordPress is also the ease of use, which ensures that in principle everyone can learn WordPress. Thus, it is also possible for beginners who have no special programming knowledge to build a website that looks professional and serious.

WordPress has many different functions that you can use to manage your website, from simple contact forms to professionally designed themes that you can implement in your website. The advantage for beginners is that these ready-made scripts, which are provided free of charge, can simply be inserted into your website.

My Free Guide: Learning WordPress Basics

WordPress is not that difficult at all. You just have to get a little familiar with the interface. Once you understand the principle, you will reach your goal very quickly.

I have put together a manual for you in which I explain the most important functions of WordPress. You get the manual as a PDF and it's completely free. You read that right! Why am I offering the book for free? Because I hope that the manual will help you get started with WordPress - and that sooner or later you will want to buy a nice, professional theme. And tataaa: You might think of me then ;-)

But now we come first to your manual ”WordPress Basics. You can download it here.

Download: WordPress Basics (PDF)

My guide for beginners who want to learn WordPress

... an online course is also a good idea. As a supplement to the manual, you will be shown step by step, directly on the monitor, how you can quickly get started with WordPress - and set up your first website.

I have put together an online video workshop for you that explains all the basic functions that every website operator should be able to use in an easy-to-understand way.

This course is a bestseller at Udemy, the largest workshop platform, and is also based on the CHIP workshop “WordPRess”.

Workshop: WordPress from A to Z

Here, too, my goal is to give you, in a nutshell, understandable access to WordPress. After all, WordPress is a tool. And it is always advisable to have the best possible mastery of a tool that you use every day, right?

So if you are considering how to best implement your idea for your own online project or website, attending an online course for WordPress is definitely a good choice!

And as luck would have it, I offer just such a course :-) I will explain WordPress to you from A to Z in six modules. Starting with a “safe” installation, the first ToDos that you should do with every new installation - up to all the functions of WordPress: insert images, videos and galleries, offer files for download, use pages and posts wisely, get the most out of the media library and much more.

Here is a compilation of the course content. I think that this is a very good mix, so that on the one hand you get a really comprehensive overview of WordPress and can really use the system without any problems.

On the other hand, I have always tried to keep the “big picture” in view so that you don't get lost too much in details that you will probably never need in practice.

WordPress course curriculum

  • Part 1: Install WordPress
    Why WordPress?
    Prepare hosting / installation
    Install WordPress & configure WordPress
  • Section 2: Get to know WordPress
    Quick menu & main menu systematics
    The control center: the dashboard
  • Section 3: Set up WordPRess
    Clean up WordPress & keep an eye on updates
    Important settings for every installation
    Settings permalinks, media, discussions
  • Section 4: Content & media
    Posts vs. Pages
    Post formats, categories, keyword clouds
    Post editor (WYSIWYG) & hidden functions
    Working with Links, Blogs & Tags
    HTML editor in WordPress
    Store and publish content
    Password protection, revisions and teamwork
    Plan posts (drip content)
    Media: insert. Link. Manage
    Create, edit and manage galleries
    Embed videos (YouTube & Co)
    Offer downloads (PDF, ZIP & Co)
    Media library, manage and edit media
  • Section 5: design
    Customize design, widgets, menu (s)
    Install new designs (themes)
    Free themes vs. premium themes
    Retrofitting functions: plugins
  • Section 6: Advanced features
    Create user. Manage. Assignment of rights.
    Data: import and export
    Advanced settings in tools
  • BONUS:
    WordPress security
    WordPress and SEO

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Free WordPress tutorials

And last but not least, a tip for all WordPress fans: As a Designer Inn customer, you will receive over a hundred free WordPress hacks in your digital manual. But even as a non (or soon to be) customer, you will get a lot of great tips about WordPress from me. Just browse my blog for the keyword “WordPress” or go directly to the blog category: WordPress Tutorials.

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