There are many ERP systems for SMEs

ERP systems put to the test: which ERP software suits your startup | Overview 2021

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The most important ERP systems at a glance: the so-called Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") it is hard to imagine a modern work environment without it. Companies use the ERP solutions as a central instrument in the context of corporate management, to optimize task management, sales, finance, production planning and merchandise and materials management. But not every offer meets the requirements of a young start-up. In this list we introduce well-known and popular ERP systems. So you can see at a glance which of the ERP solutions could be of interest to you in 2021.

Sage 100cloud Plus - the modular ERP system

The Sage 100cloud Plus is a modular software program which, in its basic form, covers the relevant business processes. The components of the ERP suite can be used to add specific areas for which a smooth interface implementation is available. This ERP software is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that operate across industries and coordinate between 10 and 200 employees.

Typical key features of the Sage 100cloud Plus ERP system

The software can be optimized to the individual requirements of the company using the following modules:

  • Accounting
  • Merchandise management
  • production
  • Asset accounting
  • Industry modules

Integrated adjustment tools allow easy configuration without programming. The ERP software has a neutral structure.

Sage 100cloud Plus pricing

  • Entry-level package for inventory management - from 50 euros per month
  • Merchandise management + accounting - from 100 euros per month
  • Merchandise management + accounting + production - from 130 euros per month

Link: Try Sage 100cloud Plus for free

SAP Business One - The big ERP solution

SAP Business One has been on the market since 2004 and is currently available in version 9.2. This ERP system is designed for small and medium-sized companies with up to 100 employees. The software can currently only be used via the Microsoft Windows platform. The program can convince with a variety of add-ons that originate from in-house development as well as provided by partners.

Key features for SAP Business One

The ERP solution makes it possible to monitor sales and purchasing as well as production processes, financial accounting and the processing of incoming and outgoing payments. This makes the tool usable across industries.

Trial versions & prices for SAP Business One

  • Starter package full license from 1,400 euros - license for up to 5 users
  • Costs vary with the number of users and the scope of the license. Free trial (full version) available.

Link: SAP Business One

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - the ERP system for medium-sized companies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers industry-specific ERP solutions. The software is suitable for use in small and medium-sized companies. Licensed Microsoft partners adapt the basic software in the product-specific programming language C / AL. Accordingly, a large number of individual solutions are available to users. Ideal for companies that want to cover complex and atypical administrative channels.

Key features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The entry-level package ensures suitable applications for the following areas:

  • Financial accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • sale
  • Purchasing
  • warehouse
  • staff
  • CRM basic functions

In addition, expansions for the areas of logistics, storage, production and service are offered.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV pricing

  • Starter package - 3,750 euros including 3 user licenses
  • Extension - 7,500 euros
  • Full user license - 2,250 euros
  • Limited user license - 450 euros

Link: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Infor - an ERP system for global players

The Infor ERP software solution works with industry-specific and cross-industry programs. Companies can use a version that is ideally suited to their individual requirements. A number of extensions are specifically focused on the areas of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, paints / varnishes and food and beverages. The global customer base includes industrial giants such as Ferrari and Becker Stahl. The software is mainly used in international companies.

Infor key features

The industry-specific ERP solutions are developed by experts in the respective industries. The result is optimized management and monitoring processes that adapt to the specific requirements of the work environment. Infor also supplies software that is designed for use in the public sector. In addition to the locally installed software, customers can also use the company's cloud solution.

Prices from Infor

Infor sells customized licenses. The prices are made up of various individual components. The basic installation for a customized license falls in the range of 10,000 euros to 15,000 euros.

Link: Infor

Exact - the online ERP system

Exact is an online business software. The concept is designed to support larger companies and international medium-sized companies. The focus of the products is accordingly on the areas of trade, production, agency work, tax advice and accounting.

Key features of Exact

Customers can choose from the following product lines for company administration:

  • accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Project management
  • Project accounting
  • International business

The ERP solution always combines accounting with the relevant aspects of CRM (Customer Relations Management). Among other things, time recording systems, project management, order and inventory management and production are combined with one another.

Trials & pricing from Exact

Customized packages are offered with monthly licenses:

  • Retail package from 109 euros per month
  • Production package from 189 euros per month
  • Project billing from 68 euros per month
  • Project management from 139 euros per month
  • Bookkeeping from 19 euros a month

All packages are available in a free and non-binding test version.

Link: Exact

lexbizz - the 360 ​​degree business software

Finance and inventory management through project controlling and marketing to sales and production - the fully integrated company software lexbizz covers almost all functions that you need in your company. There are also industry-specific functionalities and interface-based extensions such as eCommerce. The ERP cloud software is geared towards the needs of German medium-sized companies and scores above all with its modular structure.

Key features for lexbizz

ERP core functions such as

  • accounting
  • Merchandise management
  • CRM
  • Project controlling
  • External sales
  • production

as well as industry-specific additional functions such as

  • logistics
  • E-commerce
  • Human Resources

and connection of any interface via API or SOAP API.

Trial version and prices for lexbizz

Lexbizz can be used free of charge for a period of 60 days and processes data from 20 to 200 employees.

The prices are based on the functionality required. Here are some examples:

  • "Retail" package: includes the additional modules financial accounting, inventory management and CRM: 770 euros.
  • "Service provider" package: includes financial accounting and project accounting: 580 euros.
  • “Production” package: includes financial accounting, inventory management, production and project accounting: 1,150 euros.

Link: Lexbizz

ERP solutions for your own company?

If you are still undecided whether an ERP system is needed for the administration in your company, then the article “5 reasons for an ERP system” might interest you. It can be found on the FWI Group website. The company is an official sales partner for ERP solutions from Microsoft and Sage. The company's in-depth experience is clearly reflected in the article and the advantages and possible areas of application of ERP systems are presented in detail. The information from the article, together with our list, offer you a knowledge base to find a suitable ERP system.

If you currently neither have the budget nor the need for a first-class all-round solution, then there is the option of purchasing specific software. For example, in our article “Payroll Tools Overview - The Best Payroll Programs | List 2020 "find out which program is best for the startup.