How do I become a home appraiser

Are there any prerequisites for becoming a reviewer?

Would you like to become an appraiser or expert? Congratulations on your decision, because the demand for qualified and serious experts is growing steadily - whether in the private sector or in court.

Why are you particularly popular as a qualified reviewer? Because the job title "appraiser" is not protected. Anyone can call themselves that who wants to work as such. As a result, there are correspondingly many unprofessional experts on the market.

So to state it again: There are no prerequisites for doing this job. Precisely for this reason, in order to guarantee quality, we recommend that you meet certain requirements for the general job description!

Requirements for the professional profile of the expert:

  • Above-average specialist knowledge should be available
  • The latest state of science must be observed
  • The expert must be able to produce a qualified and objective report
  • The expert must work economically and personally independently

In addition, there should be a professional way of working:

  • The analysis of a complicated issue should be recognizable
  • It should be possible to understand a systematic way of working
  • Complexes of facts should be presented in an understandable manner
  • The facts should be determined correctly
  • Third party services should be assessed critically and objectively

If you want to successfully establish yourself as an expert on the market, you are well advised to comply with our recommended requirements. Your customers will know the difference! Incidentally, also with the help of the DGuSV expert certificate, which members receive and are allowed to use.

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