Why is the internet nostalgic

View old websites with the Wayback Machine

Heinrich Puju, Sabrina Ammerl

Some websites have changed a lot over time. Would you like to take a look into the past on your favorite website or perhaps even on your own website?

Nothing could be easier than that: On the Wayback Machine website you can travel back in part to the mid-1990s and examine old versions of your favorite pages. The internet archive is figuratively speaking the memory of the internet and lets you look into the digital past. Simply enter the URL of your desired website and use a calendar to choose which date you are interested in. Sometimes there are even several times to choose from per day.

Not all old Internet pages always load completely, sometimes individual images or layouts are missing. On the other hand, links can sometimes also be clicked on, as the Wayback Machine shows the HTML version of the website at the relevant point in time. Snapshots of over 300 billion old websites are currently being saved and made accessible. Given the number of websites worldwide, it is not surprising that the size of the web archive is growing by around 20 terabytes of data per month. The Wayback Machine is now also available as an app for Android and iOS. There is also a suitable extension for Google's Chrome browser. If you come across a 404 page while surfing, you can use the extension to call up an image of the original page.

In our picture gallery we show you some screenshots from the Wayback Machine, which give an idea of ​​the beginnings of some well-known websites.