All MMA fighters train BJJ


If you are unable to do a tatami training session for a long time or if you do not have a facility nearby, these basic exercises can be done by MMA routine workoutby Conor McGregor be helpful. In this guide we have selected the exercises that are particularly feasible in small rooms and do not require any material. These are based on McGregor's preparations for a UFC fight.

MMA training at home, first steps

Apart from the fact that the optimal MMA training is led by an experienced trainer, as well as a training area with tatami, punching bag and other hard objects for punch training should be available. Even at home and without an assistant, it is possible to maintain an acceptable level of fitness until you can access the installations.


Exercises to improve performance in MMA

Let's take a look at the pros, Conor McGregor to be more precise, at how you can work specifically. McGregor and his fellow professionals don't just work on muscle, sparring, and jiu jitsu for a fight. In order to achieve an adequate level of concentration and skill, one needs adequate control over every part of your body and mind.


Conor McGregor has expressed that he tries as much as possible in his training routine to incorporate as many disciplines as possible into his exercises. “I want to be an expert on a lot of different things,” he said in the media a few years ago.

Some physical fitness experts also confirm that the body's mechanics of movement with certain movements and stretches lead to more power output.

This MMA training at home shows McGregor following a routine like the one he picked up from specialist Ido Portal. In his 15 years of practicing Capoeira, he has relied on training based on his own weight, as well as movements from circus, dance, yoga and body-related movements.


This sounds exotic and strange, but for McGregor it was clear that training other than conventional would help him become a better UFC fighter. “I learned a new footwork, and also the importance of positioning myself in lower focal points. So I could find more angles for the punches ”.


Conor McGregor's MMA training at home without a partner

With this series of exercises you can do a complete MMA training at home develop. Also in the Home workout, the exclusive drills from McGregor with Ido Portal, which was used for a counterpart at the UFC. Optionally, if you want to add striking techniques, you can do so with a cheap punching bag and brand-specific MMA gloves by alternating the exercises.

For the sake of simplicity, we have selected and sequenced the drill sessions from McGregor and Ido Portal in this guide, but recommend watching the video from the Israeli master about conditioning training. We posted it with a link at the end of the article.


In order to progressively increase the intensity, the exercises should be done in this order.

1. Stretching and warming up for MMA at home

At the beginning, do the basic stretching exercises for martial arts. Alternate these with joint movements to fill the muscles with more blood. Set a clock next to it to avoid distraction from working too fast. It should be used for about 5 to 10 minutes with these exercises.


2. Special squats for MMA

The mobility of the knees is essential for the frequent alternation of evasive action and attacks that take place in the octagon. At the beginning you should approach the exercises slowly and carefully, shifting your weight onto your arms so as not to put too much strain on your joints.

Put your left heel behind your right knee, as in the picture. This is followed by a soft, controlled movement by going down the hips (buttocks to the heel, which is on the floor). As a variant, you can also move your hips from side to side. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then switch legs.


3. Hold deep squats

Stand as in the picture and hold this position for 5 seconds. Do a hip extension (back up on your feet) and always make sure that your back stays straight. Repeat 3x 5 reps. If you want, you can also repeat 3x 10 squats. This exercise stretches the hamstrings and hips, while also strengthening the inner legs and abdomen in the isometric position.


4. Shoulder rotations in figure eight against the wall

This is the first MMA training exercise by Conor McGregor, the at home can be carried out without assistance. It comes from the sessions that Ido Portal gave The Notorious.

They are rotations as shown in the video below. Do the movement alternately with each arm 2x 30 repetitions.


5. Drunk stick

This exercise is a creative and more dynamic development of the Side To Side Lunge. The movement is not as precise and activates essential reflexes of a fight.

Take a stick or handle (broom style) and place it vertically upright on the ground. Since this now falls over by itself, the exercise is to catch the stick with your hand before it hits the ground. The movement is to bend your knee on the appropriate side and go down as low as possible, keeping your back straight. Repeat the movement in quick succession within 30 seconds and pause for 20 seconds until you have completed 5 series. In the following video we show the movement.


6. Side swinging pushups

The starting position is a wide-legged push-up with your face and chest down towards the mat without touching the floor. Arms are bent, feet are up. Now swing the body gently to the right, the hip rotates a little upwards and the opposite arm extends, the right arm supports the body. The feet help to maintain balance. In a transition movement it then goes to the other side, as in the excerpt from the video from Conor McGregor's training session. Do 3 repetitions with 15 vibrations each alternating on both sides.


7. Lateral swinging push-up jumps with the knees half-bent

Mini-jumps back and forth in 10 seconds duration, 10 seconds break and another 10 seconds jumps, repeat a total of 5 times. See video:



8. frog

Here the figure of the frog is shown, the exercise consists in keeping your arms raised and only moving your legs. Watch the whole thing in the video and repeat the exercise 10 times in 3 series.


9. Hip rotation "bridge"

Here it is necessary to create some space to be able to carry out the movement. Now turn the hips around as in the video, the arm goes over the head with you until you come back to the four-foot position. Turn 5 times in a row before taking a short break. The whole 4 times.


Benefits of Conor McGregor's Home MMA Training Plan

If you have not done these exercises before, try them out, because they are quite exhausting and therefore supportive. With this training that you can do alone at home, you get more control over your body during the movements and activate your deeper muscles, which give you stability and balance.

Conor McGregor has created a solid base with these techniques and thus learned to better control the center of gravity of the body during a fight.

Perhaps the exercises are a little more difficult to perform at the beginning because they are unfamiliar. If you start slowly, it will quickly become easier and more fluid. As soon as the exercises are “seated”, they can be performed as described. Good luck with it!


Conor Mcgregor and Ido Portal Drill Sessions and Fitness Training

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