What is the man's average shoe size

Average shoe size for men

What is the average shoe size for men?

The shoe size, which is mostly used in Germany, is the French size. The average shoe size of men in Germany is 43.

Can you calculate your own shoe size?

Yes, it is very easy. The shoe size is calculated by multiplying the shoe length cm by 1.5. For example, if shoes are 30cm long, the shoe size is 45 (30cm x 1.5).

How big is the shoe ever made?

The largest shoe ever made and actually worn is size 69! That is an impressive 26 units larger than the average male measurement.

Does body size have an influence on shoe size?

Scientists disagree on this. It often happens that the body size does not match the shoe size. However, there are also studies that show that body size and shoe size do have a connection. Below is a table with body sizes and the corresponding shoe sizes.

Height - Average shoe size
165 cm - shoe size 39
168 cm - shoe size 42
170 cm - shoe size 41
173 cm - shoe size 43
175 cm - shoe size 44
180 cm - shoe size 45
186 cm - shoe size 45
193 cm - size 46

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