Are you sexist against your own gender

Myths about gender

"Trans * people are not normal!"

That's not true! What is normal and what is not does not depend on how common it is. Rather, it is about social norms. They determine what we consider normal and what we consider different. This is also expressed in language, for example: deviations from what is considered normal are usually given a name, while the supposedly normal properties are not specifically named. By not only speaking of trans * people, but also of cis * people, it becomes clear that both are equally normal - both are variants of human life.

"Women and men have to be careful not to fall for trans * people!"

What does that mean? The accusation that trans * people falsely pretend to be man or woman is not true! They just don't feel connected to the sex they were assigned at birth and instead live a different sex. But this has nothing to do with deception or fraud - trans * people are rather honest, because they recognize their emotional world and accept their gender identity.

┬╗Sex with trans * people? That is not how it works!"

But! From flower sex to BDSM, everything is possible for trans * people too. We do what we like. And even if the bodies of trans * people (and all people in general) are diverse - sex is also diverse.