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Balanced beauty: Sophia Loren turns 85

It is not known whether Sophia Loren sees the award as a birthday present - the Italian actress has amassed several awards in her career. The European Culture Prize for Lifetime Achievement will be added on October 20, 2019. She is a "strong woman who has achieved extraordinary things with her irresistible charisma, her great talent and her incorruptible character", it says in the explanation. Before she accepts the award, Sophia Loren will celebrate her 85th birthday on September 20th.

The predicates that led Loren to world fame and have accompanied him to the present day are considered superficial by today's standards: sex symbol, sex appeal, beauty - a reduction to externals. "I was lucky enough to be successful in the 1950s when beauty had a different meaning than it does today," she said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

There was a different sense of glamor back then and the acting profession wasn't as commercialized as it is today. "These days, young actresses and models are getting famous so quickly that they don't have time to develop their own personalities and characters. They have run out of life, just their fame, and that's very dangerous."

Mamma Nazionale: Sophia Loren in 1963

Nose too long, mouth too big

The private life of the young actress was also in great demand in public. Sofia Scicolone was born on September 20, 1934 in Rome, she grew up in Pozzuoli near Naples, as an illegitimate child without a father, which at that time was a heavy burden in strictly Catholic Italy. Nevertheless, her mother had big plans for the daughter who would one day become a great actress. A photographer's first judgment, however, was devastating: the nose too long, the mouth too big.

At the age of 16, Sofia first met the film producer Carlo Ponti, who was 22 years her senior, at a beauty contest and finally fell in love with him at 19. Ponti helped her to her first smaller roles, made her Sophia Loren, became a mentor, husband and father of the two sons Carlo Junior and Edoardo. Their marriage lasted until Ponti's death in 2007.

Cary Grant made her advances

It almost turned out differently, as Sophia Loren admitted in her 2014 biography "Mein Leben". Cary Grant, leading actor in her international breakthrough "Houseboat" (1958) and a few years older than Ponti, fell for her while filming. She almost succumbed to his romantic advances and marriage proposal, but in the end she started a family with Ponti. A warning was her Ingrid Bergman, who had left her husband Petter Lindström a few years earlier for Roberto Rossellini, to which the tabloids were not exactly squeamish.

In 1982, the Loren went to jail for a few days - that didn't detract from her reputation

Divorce was not allowed in Italy

The relationship with Ponti was also good for anecdotes, not only because he had left his wife for Loren. The couple had married in September 1957, but Ponti's wife had been divorced abroad because divorce was not legally possible in Italy at the time. Therefore, the marriage between Loren and Ponti was annulled in 1962. It was only when they both took French citizenship in 1966 that they duly married.

Even a conviction for tax evasion, which in 1982 resulted in Loren spending a few days in the women's prison in Caserta near Naples, had nothing to do with the admiration of her compatriots. In Italy it had long been a national sanctuary, "Mamma Nazionale". In the rest of the world, the actress is honored as one describes great divas who wear this title not because of their bitchiness, but because of their grace: "la Loren" - "die Loren", without a first name, because there is only one one anyway .

Sophia Loren's key to beauty

Sophia Loren took her image as perfect beauty into retirement. At 72, she posed for the Pirelli calendar in a negligee. Today she rarely shoots, in summer she stood in front of the camera for her son, the director Edoardo Ponti, for the book adaptation "La vita davanti a sé" (Eng. Life in front of you).

When asked about her secret for looking good, Sophia Loren said: "The key to beauty is balance. It allows you to make peace with yourself."