Wayanad is good for a relaxing excursion

To be honest, we're not big fans of the months of May and June - because it's hot! It can even get unbearably hot, because the humidity creates an oppressive sultriness. This means that not only are fewer travelers coming to South India, but also that everything is a little more relaxed. But of course you can Travel to South India - ideally in higher areas where the temperatures are pleasantly cool.

And there are mountains not only in the far north with the Himalayas. The Western Ghats, a mountain range that is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stretch from Mumbai in the north to the southernmost tip of India. In the Western Ghats you will find a lot of national parks, nature reserves, forest reserves and charming hill stations.

Visiting South India is always a good idea (Credit: Arfan A - Unsplash)

South India travel time in May and June

In South India not only diverse flora and unique fauna await you, but also fruit, tea and coffee plantations. Here, in May and June, the air is often cooler and not as stuffy as in the cities and the plains of southern India.

As soon as the monsoon begins in mid-June, nature changes and the brown-yellow of the vegetation blooms in the richest green within a few days. Waterfalls break their course and rivers and lakes fill up noticeably. It is pure life! The cloudy sky and the refreshing rain let the temperatures drop again and wash the air clean.

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As soon as the monsoon begins, nature blooms in the most beautiful green and breathing is immediately easier


The most popular hill station in South India is Munnarwhich can be reached in 3 hours from Cochin and 5 hours from Madurai. Munnar is more of a region than a specific city and is definitely worth a visit! What could perhaps be called the center of Munnar is a place where shops line up selling locally harvested produce and offering cheap accommodation.

However, we recommend staying in the area where you have views of tea plantations, dense rainforest or green hills. There are a ton of homestays and boutique hotels around Munnar that cater to every traveler's needs.

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You can explore the impressive landscape of Munnar on excursions on mountain roads or on hikes. There are museums here and there or you can visit tea plantations. The Eravikulam National Park with luck you can even see the endangered arthropod Nilgiri Tahr. This national park is only 35 km away from the center of Munnar.

The green of the tea plantations in Munnar is soothing and fascinating at the same time


Thekkady, also in Kerala, can be reached from Munnar in 3.5 hours and the drive itself is a great experience. Because the streets are winding around the mountains in serpentines and the view of dense rainforest and tea plants from the window will make the journey very entertaining.

Thekkady is known for the famous Periyar National Park. This covers an enormous area of ​​777 square kilometers and is home to tigers, wild elephants, bison and deer, which often congregate at an artificial lake in the center of the park. Unfortunately you cannot see the tigers, they hide too well here - but you can marvel at the other animals on a boat tour or a safari with local guides.

The small village of Kummily is closest to the park entrance and has plenty of good accommodations and restaurants for travelers.

In addition, Thekkady is famous for the many all over South India Spice plantationswho you visit and where you can find out about the culinary secrets and the Ayurvedic diet can learn.

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The Periyar National Park is the heart of Thekkadys


Wayanad is a region in the Western Ghats in northern Kerala. Since Wayanad is a bit away from the much-visited backwaters and beaches of Kerala, it is less touristy. Despite the few tourists, you will find a lot of exciting activities here. The hiking trail to the Edakkal Caves with the prehistoric wall paintings that are 8000 years old is one of them. These fascinating paintings are not the only reward: from up here you can see the whole beauty of Wayanad. Climbing the Chembra Peak offers an equally breathtaking view over the green hills that stretch to the horizon.

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Don't miss that Banasura Sagar Dam in Kalpetta to visit. This is the largest dam in India and the second largest in all of Asia. in the Muthanga National Park you can observe wild animals and nature on half-day safaris. You can experience another adventure in the delta of the Kabini river. Here in Kuruva Dweep there are some uninhabited islands in the middle of the river, which you can approach with small bamboo rafts. 

Wayanad is a magical place in Kerala that is often overlooked by travelers

Other hill stations

South India has even more Hill Stations ready for you, all of which attract with pleasant temperatures during the hot summer in May and June.Ooty, Conoor and Kotagiri are in the state of Tamil Nadu and are all 50 km apart.

Ooty is called the Queen of Hill Stations and was used by the British as a retreat for the summer months during colonial rule. An absolute highlight here is a ride on the narrow-gauge railway (If you need help booking the tickets, please write to us!).

Conoor and Kotagiri are smaller, but you can also hike here and enjoy the impressive view of the small villages between tea plantations.

Coorg is a hill station in the state of Karnataka in southern India. It is located 120 km north of Wayanad and is famous for its coffee and spice plantations. At the weekend you have to expect many local tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangalore. During the week, however, you have Coorg almost entirely to yourself!

In Coorg you will find hiking trails over the green hills with your head in the clouds (Credit: pravin8)

If the perfect vacation for you has nothing to do with outdoor activities, then South India offers just as many options for relaxation in luxury resorts on the beaches of Goa and Kerala. There are also great resorts in the backwaters of Kerala where you can relax for four to five days. Even though many resorts close between April and October, those that are still open offer great discounts at. If you don't mind the extreme heat and you don't mind that some restaurants are closed, then the resorts on the beaches are perfect for you!

In general, South India is always a great travel destination. The relaxed atmosphere has a contagious effect on the state of mind and when the heat rises to your head, then just escape to the mountains, which pamper you with clear air and cool temperatures!

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