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Out of Ashes 2013

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TheNo. 1 PRE-SHOWin theWrestlingBusiness

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City that never sleeps. 35 million people live here in the metropolitan region. If you are here for the first time, you will

appear lost in the all-consuming Moloch with its brightly colored neon signs, skyscrapers up to

Hin themel and the omnipresent crowds. What is not available in Tokyo cannot be found anywhere else

this world and even Berlin, the Hein theat the PCWA, works in the Compared to this urban center like an insignificant one

Provincial village at the end of the world.

When the camera fades in, we see the night skyline. A short swing to the side catches the huge dome

the Tokyo Dome, another the amusement park right next to it. Our three interviewers can be found in the gondola

of the ferris wheel, which turns slowly through the night.

Luke Tyler: "Welcome to Japan, welcome to Tokyo! Greetings Luke Tyler ..."

Pan on Lisa, who is a little pale in the Face and clinging to a handrail with both hands as if threatening

Falling out of the gondola at any moment.

Lisa Sanders: "... your Lisa ..."

Another swing. The Red-haired Welsh woman next to her looks much more relaxed.

Anna Richmond: "... and of course your Anna Richmond too. Two hours are left until the show and thus until the

Hopefully a great end to our Japan tour. We have now traveled through the country for a month, we have a stop


Out of Ashes 2013

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made in Ozaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Yokohoma and many other cities and experienced a country that we experienced

could not have received more friendly. "

Luke Tyler: "It's a little sad that we're leaving Japan soon, but today's event

Hopefully it will make up for it. PCWA Out Of Ashes 2013 is just around the corner. "

Lisa Sanders: "Before we start, we still have a few tidbits in the form of videos that we have had over the past few days

recorded exclusively for you. "

Anna Richmond: "Maybe an incentive for one or the other to order the PPV after all."

Lisa Sanders: "In Germany it should be 10 o'clock in the morning. Breakfast and PCWA - two things that

get on absolutely well with each other. "

Luke Tyler: "On that note: Have fun with our pre-show!"

The The camera moves away from the three of them and fades into some excerpts from previous house shows, the

- a bit unusual for our ears - are underlaid with music from AKB48. 48 jumping and squeaking girls in

Schoolgirl uniforms, pure J-pop. Japan is different, but 13 number one hits in a row say a lot

about this country and its people.

---------------- K & G /PCWA ----------------

"Time to destroy something beautiful."

"I would only be happy if this wedding with the rage whore messes up your life, Alistair. I wanted nothing else

Patricia from me, but this gig had another reason, another catch. Do you think I have yours

Incest exchange not noticed? I really think I'll let myself be repressed for the footnote of a fat fan

stay who tells me with Pringle's stuffed mouth that I am a supporting actor in this performance? You should

know me better! I grab what I want to grab! "

"I will hunt you down and hold you accountable ..."

"ME is entitled to the Gerasy Shot and no one else! Which I work hard for myself with a Quest 4 The Best win 2010

had to, do you want to get a gift? Certainly not! Person B confirmed to me that our Triple Threat Match was out of

Ashes will automatically become the # 1 contender match for the Gerasy if I take care of it. No "yes, I do", no

Wedding, ... no gifts. My queen would have loved it like your blood on the floor. From the sinking

Morgenstern could have risen again in its newly lit face of the Phoenix, in its beauty and

Grace past, emphasizing her smile on this happy day. And so this day will end without a happy pervert

groaned "yes, I want" the rage whore, but unfortunately also without the renewed rise of the Phoenix. "

"Don't be fooled by the company's lies. My Queen ... Patricia ... Jessie ... she's dead. And here's what I'm doing

her the greatest parting gift a man can give his beloved. I destroy your happiness and sit down

even in the position that is my due. "

"My Queen ... Patricia ... Jessie ... she is dead. And with this I am giving her the greatest parting presentF"

"Patricia ... Jessie ... she is dead."

"Patricia ... is dead."

"I love to remember the future."

Vendetta 90. The final minutes. A review.

The entertaining pictures of the wedding between Alistair Brunswick and Cinderella Rage flin themern on a flat screen TV.

Gabriel Lucifer's know-it-all Stin theme vibrates in the Teufel sound system. Find old men in thealways heard a way

to become. No porridge in that PCWAwithout Gabriel not sticking the spoon in at least once.

Cinderella Rage and Alistair Brunswick hold hands. Alistair's face is worried. All are waiting

on Azrael Rage!

But the expected does not happen.

A dismissive, offended-looking Azrael Rage drinks from his whiskey glass. But he does not intervene. Its more powerful

Out of Ashes 2013

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Skull with the terribly glittering eyes seems almost indifferent.

The devil of all people suddenly cowardly? Or reasonable? Or does he punish his disobedient daughter with contempt?

Men like Azrael Rage can share bread with you for a decade and call you family. Until he gives you one

Immediately announced that he no longer has a daughter. Is Azrael Rage excommunicating his daughter?

Suddenly the explanations become irrelevant. Enter Blaze. Destroy the wedding. All right. That's how it is done

of course also F.

Laughter and amused comment in front of the flat screen TV. You can see Parasite on an armchair, "Sushi" Mermaid den

Taking up space on the back of his chair. Honey Pot and Nera Angelina on a couch. Chester Grace standing alone in

significant distance to sushi. And at the end of the room, Smartin Phynix. In front of him a table with champagne and

Glasses and fresh fruit and small plastic cups with jelly pepped up with alcohol.

The Newlyweds in the Televisions, however, destroy good ones Wrestling-Tradition the wedding. Because weddings in the

Wrestling can't work at all. An entertaining skirmish that sparked the mortal animosity between Blaze and

Azrael Rage hyped, the Triple Threat Match bein the PPV builds up. But then F.

"Patricia ... Jessie ... she is dead."




The chat stops. The Present in the The room remains silent, irritated. They don't seem to approve of Blaze's claim

believe. The flin thechanging pictures are over. The logo of the PCWA appears on the plasma. Then comes the trailer

an Arabic SitCom. The real life of wrestlers is food for the worms again.

Sushi: "Fuck ?!"

The self-declared biggest fan of Patricia Selladore met insecure looks.

Sushi: "Fuck! A A A Fuck! A Fuck! A FUCK! A FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FA"

The girl bursts into tears before she can put her hands over her face. While the others are still with the

Fighting in surprise, she seems to have suspected something. Parasite next to her appears scared about the reaction

his caregiver. He touches Sushi on the shoulder with clumsy gentleness.

Chester Grace watches his dojo sister and archenemy closely. His lips form slowly

sarcastic smile. He opens his mouth, but a cutting look from his mentor tightens his throat.

Smartin's tone of voice is imperious and puts any doubt under civil court penalty.

Smartin Phynix: "Turn off the TV."

You'd almost think there was a tear in his blue eyes

Anna Richmond: "It was Smartin Phynix and his students, who have apparently been with the

last edition of Vendetta. "

Luke Tyler: "A lot has happened too: The Alistair and Cinderella's wedding was blown up by Blaze and first

this turned today's Triple Threat Match into a battle for the position of No. 1 contender. "

Lisa Sanders: "Cinderella wanted to give her future husband this spot as a wedding present, but it’s so easy

Alistair not on a titleshot. "

Anna Richmond: "We saw again Blaze's claim that Patricia was dead."

Short silence. The The company just has its guidelines, so it won't go into detail.

Luke Tyler: "It's just a rumor, of course."

Lisa Sanders: "Of course."

She speaks 'italics'.

Out of Ashes 2013

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Anna Richmond: "Chester Grace and Sushi are also in our opener and can fight a fight for them

Secure the Cryption Crown. What do you think if one of the two has a realistic chance? "

Luke Tyler: "We'll see. Sushi is very popular with internet fans in the Course even if they are in their matches

has not yet won a victory. And there are some candidates who are making life difficult for her today

want. Take Jamie Hudson or the Barbarian, two men with much greater experience. "

Lisa Sanders: "Experience is not everything. On paper there are certainly other favorites, but maybe we'll experience it

but a surprise. "

Anna Richmond: "In the PCWA everything is possible. "

---------------- K & G /PCWA ----------------

One last look in the mirror. It is two meters wide, three meters high, decorated with patterns of gold, like that

Tentacles of the octopus from the depths of the sea. No other mirror would be worthy of me. I run my fingers over it

the lips. My skin alone. So soft. Then I come across one of my scars. My fists clench. How could I

just be so stupid? I am better than that! If only I had understood sooner ... The The time of modeling is over. Large

I should come out. But I wanted too much too soon. I will never be this stupid again.

I seduce you again ...

The moment of purification

Jacob Hamilton Clay

"Forgive me if you can."

My lifestyle back then, it took its toll. Soon the intoxicated state was no longer enough for me, the

I already enjoyed it sober. I was taking cocaine more and more often to feel even better, even bigger. Cocaine costs money.

Lot of money. More money than I made then.

... today it starts ...

And so I told them stories about who would threaten me, why I was afraid, how much I overran myself

would have, at the same time emphasizing that they would be among the few that I could really trust, of whom I could

feel like they like me for my own sake and not just because of my job and rising

Star on the horizon of glory. They would be such good people. Out of calculation and nothing else, I looked all the more for hers

Closeness, the more they ate out of my hand.

... you'll never hit me again ...

Soon I had no more financial worries. All in the On the contrary, I could even stop working since they were mine

financed my lavish lifestyle. All they in the Expecting return was some affection and part

in my time. But precisely because of my financial worries, which they could hardly completely resolve, I had in themer

less time. After all, I couldn't accept any more money from them, that would be simply unacceptable to me.

I want to get back on my feet on my own initiative. They just adored me all the more for it.

... I hit you ...

But of course it was only a matter of time before my lies had to be exposed, I know that today. Although

I supposedly worked so hard, no more photos of me were seen. Over corners they found out that I had no orders

accepted more. Supposedly I became bein the seen excessive partying. They began to have doubts about mine

Honesty. As a result, many turned away from me in harmless disappointment. Unfortunately, I also came to terms with some

admitted who did not want to put away their loss so easily.

... but first of all ...

It was summer Thenday ​​morning. I stood up straight, pulled the first line up my nose and

I was delighted in front of the shop window of a bakery at how fresh and beautiful I still was. Not even this one

destructive lifestyle could change something about my brilliant beauty. Any other of these hopeless figures

he would have already taken him to the grave, but I ... I was beautiful, divine and eternally beautiful. My narcissism was on that

Climax. I didn't care that people left me, after all, there were enough others who were also a part

wanted from me. Then two figures grabbed me from behind, threw me through the window pane, and hit me

with clubs green and blue.

Out of Ashes 2013

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...love me...

A few days later I woke up in the Hospital again. On the third morning I was finally allowed to get up. So far suspected

I am not the evil that makes me in the Mirror should expect. I'm thankfull. Because today I know I deserve it

I would have deserved much more of them. Thet is a story of purification. And that was the day she

happened. The day when I finally saw the world again, not just me. With the sight of her I felt what I never felt.


"I would understand very well if not."

...I was in themer better than you ...

For the first time the picture of Jacob Hamilton Clay appears. A young man in his late twenties. Bright blonde hair,

full and flawless. The youthful purity still sleeps in his sea-blue eyes. His gaze is on the floor

directed like he's too shy to look us in the eye. His Min theik exudes a serenity that resembles hard

Times remembered. A meeting with death who jumped off the cliff. He's Sunny Boy and

Dream son-in-law at the same time. But the scars remain ... Three in number.

... i prove it ...

"Like me to Wrestling came? That's another story, the next story. "

Dance, my puppets.

An uncertain smile settles on his lips and his gaze is directed forward. It's loving, it's disarming.

The Story of a demon who wakes up.

"Thank you for listening to me. I'll see you in the Ring. Today."

Luke Tyler: "That was Jacob Hamilton Clay. So far we only have a few videos of this very promising one

Seen debutants. "

Lisa Sanders: "That will change, because today we see him for the first time in the Ring if we own his

Believe words. "

Anna Richmond: "Let's just wait and see. Some have already announced themselves here who will not make it to

made the ring. ThePCWA is a hot place and not everyone can survive here. "

Luke Tyler: "TheThis Jacob Hamilton Clay seems to have an eventful past. But he is purified. "

Lisa Sanders: "Of course. His scars made him a good person. I wouldn't be surprised if we

would have pulled the next psychopath ashore. "

Anna Richmond: "What brings you to this point of view, Lisa?"

Luke Tyler: "Just the exorbitantly high proportion of psychopaths here. Since Barker's departure, there has been a gap that has been filled

must become. And those who look the most harmless are best suited for this. "

Lisa Sanders: "Like Blake Milton."

Anna Richmond: "Exactly. Like Blake Milton."

Luke Tyler: "Speculations hardly get us any further. We will learn more about Jaconb Hamilton Clay in the Run this show

Experienced. Stay tuned! "

Lisa Sanders: "And don't forget: You can still order the PPV!"

---------------- K & G /PCWA ----------------

Japan, Tokyo, local time: 3:32 pm. Twelve days before the Out of Ashes.

Enjoy a Sencha Fuji. A tea that is considered a very special pleasure. It was brought to him by a geisha and

now he's waiting for someone. He sits on his knees at his table and smells the hot-smelling tea that is on him when

not Japanese, of course, exerts an exotic smell. A sip is taken carefully. The Eyes close

and it is enjoyed. If only everything in theWouldn't it be so peaceful and so simple? In the background you can hear someone softly

Bach flow and the walls are decorated with old Japanese calligraphy. Wonderfully peaceful. Theit would be a really great place

Out of Ashes 2013

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to finally speak properly to his daughter. But that's not why he's here, is it?

"Azrael, I haven't heard from you in a long time."

A nod from Rage that can be taken as a bow. He has known this man for many years ... his name

is Takeo, but he will always have a different name for Rage.

Azrael Rage: "I haven't been able to visit you for a long time, Sensei."

“We talk far too seldom, Cinderella. On the one hand, because I'm often not sure whether I've ever been a good father, or even a

Role model, on the other hand because it scares me damned to talk to you. "

A waving movement.

Takeo: “Even then, I didn't like it when you called me that. Maybe my twelve year olds will do that

Student, but from you it sounds rather very medieval. "

The man, obviously of Japanese descent, kneels down and sits down at the table with Azrael. He pours himself

also has a cup of tea and examines the man he has not seen for over six years. Thedear guest,

Azrael Rage in persona looks like a black spot in the peaceful idyll of this place. A sip of tea is also required

enjoyed and then it's time to talk.

Takeo: "Azrael, is this a visit to meet an old friend, or do you want something from me?"

The Schwarzbringer also lets some tea waft through his throat before answering.

Azrael Rage: "A good tea, Sensei."

“Yes, you scare me. Despite all the sometimes bizarre and bizarre influences in your youth, you are a strong,

become a beautiful woman. Sometimes you are even much stronger than me. You dare to fight for your love.

Something I almost never do in the Dare to live "

He is viewed with skepticism.

Azrael Rage: "The last time I came to you, you taught me a powerful weapon."

"Lariato." The Japanese man, who must be around 50 years old, quietly says.

Azrael Rage: “But today I don't want to learn a weapon or technique. I thirst for your knowledge, yours

Guided tourA and after this delicious tea maybe a little sake. "

“Suddenly you became the embodiment of my fears. Do you understand that? I look at you and have no idea what

going on in your head. I don't know what your heart looks like Is there any space left for your old one?

Men's? And what about other gentlemen? Isn't it my duty to protect you from them? I would ever have

Should have children? I do not think so. I don't understand this world, Cinderella. People are mostly strangers to me

their behavior and I always actA they call me a freakA and I'm happy with it. Then at least I have to

don't pretend I'm like them, because I'm not and don't know how to do that. "

A laugh.

Takeo: "Hot or cold?"

Also a laugh from Azrael.

“Hot,” he says and lets his gaze wander over the peaceful scenario again. He discovers a small one in the corner

Collection of traditional Japanese weapons. Somehow, looking at the guns makes him feel less than that

out of place but he's like her. Something dangerous in the middle of a peaceful paradise.

Another small drop of tea and while his old “sensei” instructs the geisha with a glance, the sake is hot

do, the living black continues to speak.

Azrael Rage: “You were once a great fighter in the modern arena battle. You have fought countless battles and

but it was a different time, wasn't it, Sensai? "

“In retrospect, a child should never have seen this place. It's a place forA freaks. You, however, are a

Out of Ashes 2013

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wonderful creature and I realized far too late that this was not a place for a child. The more I tried you from

Keeping away from the phoenix, the closer you wanted to be to it. Nobody knows better than me what this world in the world is for

can exert a fascination. It's an addiction, a drug, a constant high. The problem with that though is that it is

there is no good ending here. "

The man nods while he has some more teain themt.

Azrael Rage: “I'm struggling to focus on my next fight, Sensei. There is so much in between that

my head almost wants to burst. There are thirst for revenge, distrust, worries, pressure to succeed and I can't even

differentiate which emotion I experience in which moment. I should just be ready for the big fight


“How many of us freaks do you know who went away happily one day and then had a good life

don't know anyone because it hasn't existed before. We all have our tragic end and one day it will end too

inevitably approaching your old man. I know that, but I decided to do it anyway, because that's the one

only place where IA canA be myself. But I wish for a better ending for you. "

The old man looks at him while he briefly runs his middle finger and thumb through his goatee.

Takeo: “Many years ago, Azrael, I visited Germany for two years. I ran into one just before I left

angry young man who wandered the streets of Hamburg drunk. I told him if he ever got help

all he had to do was find his way to Tokyo. Many years later this boy showed up with me. He was

meanwhile become a man. But not a good manA he looked like an Aku-MaA say what's the word in yours


Azrael looks away sadly. He knows the meaning of this word because he had heard it often enough back then.

Azrael Rage: "Demon."

“I really don't know anything about what it means to be a good father. But I am sure of one thing. A good father

wishes for an ending like this for his beloved daughter in the MärchenA She lived happily ever afterA

Instead, however, you push yourself in theMore and more into this world, I even want to marry one of us and I try to do it with

to prevent all might, but I am only learning that you are much stronger than I am sometimes. "

The old man sighs happily.

Takeo: "Ah yes, exactly, demon. That was it."

A little tea in between.

Takeo: "TheThis demon tried to impress and frighten me with physical violence. Its puns and

his rhetoric was very impressive and yet I was not impressed because despite all his muscles and his

Intelligence was the Aku-Ma, demon, in thestill only the angry boy and he hadn't understood why he went to Japan

should come. His thought was that he could find strength here, but strength cannot be found anywhere in the world. she is

in oneself. He had hoped to find knowledge here, but knowledge can also be found everywhere. Angrily, the demon dismantled

my whole house, hit my students and my employees. In the end he wanted to take his strength out on me and

as he approached me confidently, I tripped him on something he had never seen before.

Lariato. "

The sake is brought and poured in two bowls.

Takeo: “When the demon looked at me confused because a man of my size brought him to the ground with this force

I saw for the first time in his eyes how the anger subsided and the self-confidence flowed from his body.

He looked at me questioningly. How did I do that? How could I stop him? I sat down with him and explained

him that all he would look for is in him. But sometimes you need a guide even on your own paths.

Otherwise one is like a blind man. Caught in the dark. In fact, the Aku-Ma consented to become my disciple when

even for a short time. "

They both enjoy their last sip of tea.

Azrael Rage: “Why did you accept him as a student? He had done you a lot of injustice and was a bad one


“I will start the day after tomorrowin the Out of Ashes at. Against a psychopath whom I have to take away from because I know

Out of Ashes 2013

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that it's right and because he hurt you. But I have another opponent. Your future husband.

I can't deny it anymore. Hell would freeze over rather than allow yourself to be dissuaded. How

should I treat him? "

The old man looks over at him proudly.

Takeo: “Because there are no good or bad people. Is there just the wrong way? So should I keep him

take the wrong path, or should I show him an alternative route? "

Azrael Rage: "But he used your weapon often to harm people."

Shaking his head.

Takeo: “My gun? No, I never gave him a sword or a pistol. That’s fate

of teachers and students. Students acquire the teacher's knowledge. It was your weapon from the first moment.

Through her you had in theMore a relationship here and I knew one day when the demon became a man

he would return and question himself before starting a new path. "

A little impressed, Azrael replies: "And here I am now."

Takeo: “Yes, here you are now. With many questions for yourself. Maybe it will help you to tell me. "

The living begins to moan PCWA- enumerate the legend.

Azrael Rage: "Here in Tokyo, in the Tokyo Dome, I have a very important fight in less than two weeks. It's about

the chance for the highest of our titles. The Undisputed Gerasy. "

Awesome Rage leaves the name of the holy grail of the PCWA sweep through the room.

Takeo: "That's a good thing, Azrael."

An affirmative nod.

Azrael Rage: “Actually yes, but I can't find a focus for this fight. No concentration."

Azrael sniffs the hot sake for a moment. It smells wonderful.

Azrael Rage: “My daughter is getting married. I don't agree with that, but I don't want her happiness either in the Stand away.

Your future husband is one of my opponents. "

“It's about a chance for me to be happy. Actually, I wish I didn't have to hit him A.

But I have to. You understand, don't you? After all, you choose your path and don't let yourself go through anything

dissuade. "

The The old man's eyebrows go up. He speaks briefly to his geisha again. Azrael's Japanese is bad and

therefore he can only understand the word "fetch" from the verb fetch. The Geisha, however, immediately goes

the way.

Takeo: "One of your opponents?"

Azrael Rage: “Yes, I have two opponents. The other has long felt the need to destroy him once and for all. "

A little worry on the other person's face.

Takeo: "Destroy, Azrael? Why do you want to destroy someone? "

You can briefly see the anger in the Azrael's face before the sake smell soothes him again.

Azrael Rage: “Because he's an upstart. They are almost all upstart. They always try my life

destroy, but I fight back. This is the path I chose. The way of a warrior. "

Shaking his head.

Takeo: “This is not the way of a warrior. Warriors fight only when they have to, when they are doing their duty

Perceive defense. You fight for satisfaction at the test of strength, for the enjoyment of victory. I know that,

Out of Ashes 2013

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knows that. I enjoyed it myself for a long time and today I am training a new generation. There is nothing in that either

Reprehensible, but there is nothing honorable about it either. It's not a warrior's way. Not the Bushido. It is

just your way. "

"My way." Whispers the veteran to himself.

Azrael Rage: "But Sensei, how can I go this way if I don't have the concentration?"

“I have no idea what a good father should be. You, on the other hand, know what you want to be. Let's just agree

that we don't stop each other, yeah? A promise between daughter and VatA Oh, I don't know how to right with you

can speak."

The "Sensei" lifts the bowl and nods. Azrael does the same. They both take a sip of sake.

Takeo: “Sometimes you have to remind yourself why you chose this path. Often a simple sign helps

something that you just have to see or want to show. What do you love about your path, Azrael. "

Rage quietly utters the magic words for him: "Den Undisputed Gerasy."

Again the skeptical shaking of the head.

Takeo: “No, no, he is only the goal of this path. Why did you choose this path. What do you love so much that you am

dearest in theWould you be a part of it? "

Rage bows his head briefly before he sips another sakein themt.

Azrael Rage: "My daughter."

Another shake of the head.

Takeo: “Your daughter is a result of the journey. She is getting married soon. That means she is an adult. But this is about you.

In addition, children are like Aku-Ma. You can show them the way, but they have to choose it themselves. "

A quick smile. Should be a joke

Takeo: “So Azrael, one more time. What do you love? What is everything in the world worth to you, apart from your daughter? "

He finally knows the answer. It came like a bolt of lightning to the blackbringer in the head and yet he speaks it

not from. On the contrary. He looks silently at the guns in the corner.

Takeo: "If you want, I will send you one to Berlin, Azrael, but now stick to the matter."

Quietly but carefully, he replies: “I'm in the business. I love the fight. Love the challenge. I love the arena

With all of their successes and glories, I love them PCWA.“

“I was probably never a good father, but you were in themer a good daughter and you probably will too in themer

be. I'm sure of that, because you're probably right if you don't listen to me. The only important thing is that anyway

You are happy. I think I'm only good at what I do. "

Satisfied nin themt the old Japanese sip sake and then another old Japanese walks into the room. He looks good 70

Years old and looks blankly around. The "Sensei" and also Azrael indicate a short bow and he does

same to you. At the tip of the old teacher from Rage, he kneels down at the table and directs his gaze

on rage.

Takeo: “You know, Azrael, once in Japan tattoos had a different meaning than just belonging to the Ya-ku-za.

Once they were thought of by people themselves as a reminder of their deeds, their mistakes and their love. "

The old man points to his right at the other old man who has just entered the room.

Takeo: "Thet is Isamu Katashi. He is a master in body art. One day he didn't want to go to the Ya-ku-za anymore

work and asked me for a place to stay. I granted it as I grant it to anyone in need. He also has his way

chosen and if you want, he will help you to remember your way, no matter where you are in the world. "

A smile and a nod F.

"I love you, Cinderella Rage."

Out of Ashes 2013

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Japan, Tokyo, local time: 22:57. Twelve days before the Out of Ashes.

Slowly he leaves the beautiful house on the outskirts of Tokyo. Once again he looks deeply grateful

back. Here he found everything. A good conversation with Takeo ... and his daughter ... even if he's never loud

will pronounce. It was also wonderful to enjoy the idyll. He lifts his left hand at a street lamp and clenches it

into a fist and looks down at the knuckles that he is now covering in thealways show which way he has chosen. The way of his

Fight, his challenge. His great loveF


He looks at his tattoo with pride in his eyes. He will go his own way, his concentration in the

Find a challenge. Today he rose like a phoenix from the ashes, because he knows that this love will raise him

After Out of Ashes, F has even the Undisputed GerasyF to give much more to some path

Luke Tyler: "That was Azrael Rage with his old teacher Takeo."

Anna Richmond: "We had a really interesting conversation there. Of course Azrael is through what happened

distracted around the wedding of 'his' Cinderella.But he still seems determined to achieve his great goal. "

Lisa Sanders: "The Undisputed Gerasy?"

Anna Richmond: No. It's just a trophy. Azrael loves fighting and he loves them PCWA. That is exactly what his means

Tattoo. He's not just here to win titles. Azrael is here because he can't help it and because he's like no other

stands for this league. "

Lisa Sanders: "Of course. Anywhere else would a man with such eccentric behavior be anywhere else

to be looked at strangely. Only here, there he can be what he wants. "

Luke Tyler: "Well. We also offer people a chance who are ... 'different'. Azrael is certainly one of the most important

Pillars of PCWAnot just since his comeback. But also Blaze and Alistair will give everything today to be around

to get the win in this important match for them. "

Anna Richmond: "Maybe the two of them will change their minds when they see the four letters in the shape of a fist

see flying towards you. "

---------------- K & G /PCWA ----------------

It's a cold, wet day in the bay of the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun. And during a dyslexic

disposition hobby writer who likes to give his protagonists the initials of the English translation of a

Schin theThere are some words that you don't want to hear in any kindergarten, with this introduction already enormous difficulties

half a dozen sailors are fighting on a relatively large cutter with a wooden box that they have had

want to load this ship onto the firm ground of the port.

Standing in the pouring rain are two figures who are not tall themselves, but the Japanese without any

Nevertheless, just exceed prejudices. We hear foolish giggles and see thick smoke from each one

Raise hood-covered face. Both then turn towards each other and we recognize the faces of Aleks G. and

Bob Mile, grinning at each other and watching the box stretched onto a crane and then from the ship to the

Port is being maneuvered. The box swings back and forth, rattles properly and barely as it hits the wet stone floor

has been parked in Tokyo, it emits a loud roar.

An angry brown bear?

A moose in heat?

A hungry saltwater crocodile?

Another Japanese man approaches with a crowbar when A-Gizzle and Mr. Smoke snap off the 'cigarette' stubs

and turn on.

Bob Mile: "Not a good idea, kid!"

Aleks G .: "Haha ... 'little one' ..."

Without much discussion, the German-Jamaican ex-Yugoslav grabs the crowbar and clamps it between one

Wooden slat and throws itself against the metal. Nothing happens. The Smokemaster groans as if it had yesterday at minus 8 degrees

organized a move of four people almost alone and now the sore muscles of his life while the others

Out of Ashes 2013

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Participants lapse into embarrassing silence. Then Mr. Moe takes heart and pats his crazy friend on the


Aleks G .: "Stop the boss!"

The 'boss' pushes his buddy aside and pushes against the iron with full force. But here, too, is absolutely happening

Nothing. Not even when Aleks and Bob teamed up against a bandit's favorite tool from the last century

to press. The Japanese dock workers look at each other questioningly when one of them intervenes and only the

The Mad-X'ler catches the attention, then politely pushes it aside and instead of pushing against the crowbar with

pulls his skinny arm on it. And already the first wooden slat comes off. Bob and Aleks look foolish first, then

the Japanese who can even stammer a word in their language.

Japanese: "Hey ... lever!"

What. Just say. Bob Mile shakes his head in frustration, as suddenly a particularly hairy, broad arm comes out of the gap

shot comes. The mighty paw reaches forward, grabs the Japanese by the collar, pulls him towards him and lets go

crash it into the solid wood with full force. The Japanese collapses in a daze as the paw now

Company of another paw. Together they cling to another wooden board and tear it

from the captivity of the nails. An actually bare but hairy foot then loosens the third bar and then

it climbs out of the hole.

He is here.

The beast.

The wild thing.

The barbarian.


And it will stir up Tokyo.

Mike Garland: "Until now it was thought that Japan had three main problems: The Earthquake hazard, the power of

Finance and Godzilla. Now another one was delivered in a box: The Barbarian. "

Vincent Craven: "A strange way of traveling, kind of."

Mike Garland: "Would you be next to this man in the Want to sit on the plane? "

Vincent Craven: "Um. Probably not."

Mike Garland: "Well. Aleks and Bob apparently neither."

---------------- K & G /PCWA ----------------

The Story of a ... boy.

Part V.

It's February 2010 and a young man is faced with the ruins of his life. Alistair looks at this again and again

printed sheet of paper in his hand. 'Summons' can be read on it and the sober letterhead reveals the sender

of this letter: The local district court. 'Statutory Rape' is there in bold letters as a charge,

Fornication with minors. Alistair briefly closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Could this really be? He is trying

Remembering that girl's face, trying to recall details of that one night, in

who she'd met and looked so damn cute in her cheerleading uniform. Could a man be there

really resist? Well, probably no judge in the world would take that as an excuse, but

what else should he refer to? Hopefully at least her friends didn't unpack too ...


He is torn from his thoughts. Alistair discreetly leaves the court summons back in his gym bag

disappear and look up. At the moment he is no longer in the world of judges and cheerleaders,

but in a small gym in Long Beach, California. Pete, one of his training partners, is in his

sweaty wrestling suit in front of him.

Alistair: "Is it my turn yet?"

He tries to get up, but Pete shakes his head.

Pete: "No, you still have time before your assignment. There's only one guy who wants to speak to you. Wait in the Foyer open


Out of Ashes 2013

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Something in Alistair's stomach spasms. The appointment is only in two weeks, if you wanted it in

Take remand? Pete seems to have noticed his restlessness because he raises his hands soothingly.

Pete: "Hey, why so panicked? Just says that he saw you at a competition and made you an offer

wool. Better hurry up, the guy didn't seem too eager to wait long. "

Alistair frowns. What could the stranger want from him?

What Alistair didn't know at that moment: Without meeting Adam Reynolds' negotiator, whom he did

would hit soon, his life would have been completely different.

Without this encounter, the proceedings against him would probably not have been closed.

He would not have owed his hitherto unknown patron the favor that eventually led him to the PCWA led.

And he would never have met his future wife.

Isn't it strange how chance plays out sometimes?

Honestly, I don't believe in coincidences.


Without such coincidences, Alistair would probably not be at the counter of a hotel bar today, on the eve of Out Of Ashes

in the Sitting on the 48th floor of a skyscraper. The well-trained Californian wears trousers and a white shirt,

the matching jacket hangs behind him on a hook on the wall. The large picture window offers one

breathtaking view over the night city, but now he has no eyes for that. Instead, he folds thoughtfully

a napkin and for a brief moment he means the seal of the district court in the logo of the hotel

from Long Beach, California.

"Hey, another sake, Alistair?"

The self-proclaimed superstar takes his eyes off the napkin and nods to the man who has just spoken to him.

Meanwhile, John Smith is sitting a few bar stools away. The American is wearing jeans, a plain black t-shirt and

over it a hoodie. The Myers family is now in the Bed, but there is still sleep for the New Yorker at the moment

not to think. It's the usual fluttering of nerves before big shows and matches that still doesn't leave him completely

Has. So have one or two drinks before Smith goes back to bed at some point.

"But that's the last one for today."

Stevie Van Crane, who sits on the other side next to Alistair, observes those present attentively, now and then

a smile crosses his face as well.

But somehow he's far, far away. He turns the glass with the coke in his right hand and in front of his eyes

people transform themselves here in theevery now and then to his family for seconds.

In Michael Thera drinking his MiXery and mumbling around.

In his wife, Serena Van Crane, Stevie's sister. And at some point his daughter Seraya also prances through it

in theaginary scenery.

Stevie Van Crane "wakes up" from his daydream.

SVC: "Be careful with the sake. There is a lot more to celebrate tomorrow than today."

There is brief silence.

You look at him like Stevie has said something totally inappropriate

Smith's gaze now falls on van Crane as well, whereas before he was more concerned with the glass of whiskey in front of him.

John Smith: "For some here, it was the last one at all. At least the last one in freedom."