Are the Smiths overrated

Willow (14) and Jaden (16) Smith: School is overrated

Two real showbiz bunnies revealed their pretty crazy view of things in an interview. Even though both are still in their teens.

Willow (14) and Jaden (16) Smith spoke to the "New York Post" about their rather bizarre worldview.

From an early age, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's children have been in the spotlight.

Jaden acted alongside Dad in “After Earth” (2013), for example, and before that, at the age of four, she was in front of the camera with him for “Men in Black II”. Willow, on the other hand, is drawn to the big music stages at the age of 14 and the singer has been rocking like her adult competition for years.

Is there any time left to go to school? Yes and no!

Will and his wife Jada are avowed Scientologists, so they also raise their children according to this worldview. This also includes a special school. So there are no normal school lessons for the kids.

Willow thinks school is overrated anyway: “School is not real because it ends. It's not true or real because our learning will never end. "

Her brother also sees it this way: “Children who go to normal school are so scared. You don't learn anything in school, ”said the 16-year-old. Willow adds, “I went to school for a year. It was the best and worst year. The best because I knew why the kids are so depressed. The worst, because I got depressed myself. "

The interview gives a good insight into the - not really normal - life of the power siblings.

Willow, for example, does not read novels, but prefers to write her own books. And Jaden is now trying his hand at being a singer, because “there is no cool music outside”.

For example, the 14-year-old says about time: “It doesn't exist. Because I can make it run faster or slower for me. ”Unusual words for a teenager.

And when Jaden has left teenage years behind, the toddler wants to become “the most remarkable person on the planet”.

Well then...

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