What kind of science is archeology

Bachelor course "Archaeological Sciences"

Brief description

The study of archaeological sciences in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bamberg covers the entire breadth of the subject from the Stone Age to the present day. In close contact with the neighboring disciplines, your studies will give you a complete picture of the life of the epochs covered and an exciting new approach to the past of humanity. Seminars, lectures, exercises and colloquia provide insights into fundamental aspects of prehistoric and early historical archeology, the archeology of the Roman provinces, the archeology of the Middle Ages and modern times as well as information processing in geoarchaeology. This broad spectrum is unique in Germany and offers ideal conditions for further study or professional careers.

The Bamberg course combines the study of archeology with a pronounced practical component in view of the later professional activity. Archaeologists perform a wide range of tasks in various professions. In addition to the core area of ​​science and research, this includes cultural mediation in museums and publishing houses, monument preservation with the occupation of city or state archaeologists, and business with the areas of tourism, art trade, insurance and publishing.

Brief profile of the course

final examBachelor examination (accompanying the course)
titleBachelor of Arts (BA)
ETCS points180, 75, 45 or 30
Normal period6 semesters
Start of studiesPossible for the winter and summer semester
Type of studyFull-time and part-time possible

Detailed information on the bachelor's degree in Archaeological Sciences


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