Can hackers track my IP address?

Can you find a hacker based on the IP address?

Dear advice seeker,

Thank you for your request, which I would like to answer as follows:

Spying on data, which comes under consideration here, is generally punished with a fine or a prison sentence of up to three years. Unfortunately, it does not also depend on whether the access data obtained is actually used.

A forgery of documents because of the forged email to the email provider, however, is out of the question, since an email does not ultimately constitute a certificate.

In fact, you must expect that the email that was sent to the email provider to request the access data can be used to draw conclusions about the IP address and thus the sending computer. The police or public prosecutor's office can submit a corresponding request to the e-mail provider. If your IP address turns up, you have to expect that the suspicion specifically falls on you. The public prosecutor or police can use your IP address to find out the identity of the sending computer. You would then have to expect that the police would mistake you for the perpetrator.

If your ex-girlfriend actually had access to your WiFi system, this can of course also lead to the suspicion that your girlfriend was only faking such an act by you. This is technically possible. Your ex-girlfriend could then have logged into your WLAN system and sent a seemingly false email to the provider - with your IP address. Naturally, this would be difficult to prove. Simply saying that you had been sick in bed would in any case not be sufficient in case of doubt, since you could have committed such an act from your sick bed.

Still, I advise you to stay calm now. It is also quite possible that the whole thing will dissolve in favor. Maybe there are difficulties in determining the IP address after all. In any case, when the police get in touch with you, you should not give any information about the matter and then get a lawyer to represent you.

I would like to expressly point out that there is currently no need to panic. Unless you have a criminal record, you can expect a fine if you are convicted.

Finally, I would like to point out that this platform can only be used to make an initial assessment of the facts based on your information. If relevant information has been added or omitted here, the legal assessment can also look completely different. This platform cannot and does not want to replace a visit to a professional colleague on site.

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Thomas Zimmlinghaus