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Cooking is a matter for the boss

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Feature film France 2011

Jacky Bonnot felt called to higher things as a cook from childhood: he mastered the recipes of famous masters in his sleep and even heard the vegetables in the pan speak. Unfortunately, he is at the stove in establishments where his art is not valued. Because Jacky messes with restaurant owners and trains guests when ordering, no employment lasts beyond the probationary period.

His girlfriend Béatrice no longer wants to accept the fact that he is thrown out in a high arc. She is pregnant and Jacky should finally bring home money on a regular basis. Therefore, Béatrice is looking for a temporary job as a painter in the retirement home for him. It is there, of all places, that he meets his role model: the famous Alexandre, namesake of a gourmet temple and star of his TV cooking show. The living legend is also in distress. His chefs were poached, he himself is on the hit list with the new boss Stanislas Matter and his third star is in danger.

For him, the super talent Jacky is his last straw, because the ultra-modern molecular cuisine is trendy and he hasn't come up with anything new for a long time. Alexandre feels that the fact that his new sous-chef changes his recipes on his own initiative is an insult to majesty. In order not to be dumped himself, he has to pull himself together with the stubborn Jacky.

More about the film

"Cooking is a matter for the boss" in French cinema: For the culinary comedy, superstar Jean Reno puts on the apron to defend French cuisine against molecular and artificial ingredients. His master class student is loyal to his idol, but does not allow himself to be suppressed when it comes to questions of taste. Director Daniel Cohen prepared his homage to the noble French cuisine with a lot of love - seasoned with a romantic side strand and spiced with plenty of puns. The cinema fairy tale whets the appetite for refined cooking, the finest ingredients, delicious food - and has hit the screen in more than 50 countries.

Cast and staff

Alexandre LagardeJean Reno
Jacky BonnotMichael Youn
BeatriceRaphaëlle Agogué
Stanislas MatterJulien Boisselier
AmandineSalome Stevenin
Paul MatterPierre Vernier
JuanSantiago Segura
TitiSerge Larivière
Mother of BéatriceGeneviève Casile
MoussaIssa Doumbia
ChangBun Hay Mean
Father of BèatriceAndré Penvern
CaroleRebecca Miquel
Cyril BossJames Gerard
ThibaultHenri Payet
Functional areaName of the staff member
Music:Nicola Piovani
Camera:Robert Fraisse
Book:Daniel Cohen
Director:Daniel Cohen

First broadcast: December 28, 2018