Can Instagram developers see my private messages

Screenshot on Instagram: What do you see?

Of course, Instagram also supports the screenshot function of your mobile phone. If you save the current screen content, in some cases another user will be informed about the screenshot.

We show you when you can take a picture of the screen unnoticed and when there is a notification.

Can you see screenshots in an Instagram story?

Until mid-2019, Instagram caused unsettled users after a notification was sent via screenshots in stories. However, this function is currently deactivated. So you save individual images from stories without informing the Instagram contact. Note, however, that the developers of Instagram could reintroduce and expand the function in the future. We keep you up to date.

You can also see the screenshot notification for direct messages. However, the chat partner only sees information in screenshots of self-deleting direct messages. So you cannot secretly save a photo or video that is automatically deleted without informing the contact. In this case, the user will find a corresponding symbol next to the content in the chat history. A notification also appears on the Instagram user's home screen.

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Screenshots for chats, stories and normal pictures

Normal pictures, chat conversations, publicly posted stories and contact information, for example profile pictures, can be screenshots without notification. So if you see something interesting on Instagram that has been posted publicly, you take a screenshot of it without others knowing about it. At the same time, however, your Instagram content can be photographed without you being informed.

If you don't know how to take a screenshot with your mobile phone, we will help you:

Danger: In the App Store there are always applications that promise a notification as soon as a user saves your profile information or posts on Instagram via screenshot. These apps usually have no function. Often, such applications are rather disguised traps that, for example, tap your login data for Instagram or bring harmful content onto your mobile phone. You should also generally be careful with third-party apps that want to access your Instagram profile, as this can easily block you on Instagram.

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