How does Jessica Jones get her super powers

"Jessica Jones": This is how it could go on in season 3 of the Marvel series

Attention: The following article contains SPOILERS at the end of "Jessica Jones"! Read on at your own risk!

At the end of the second season of the Marvel series "Jessica Jones", the eponymous heroine (Krysten Ritter) not only had to cope with some very personal setbacks, but is also more alone than ever before. Although she has found a new lover in caretaker / artist Oscar (J.R. Ramirez) and possibly also a new family with his son Vido (Kevin Chachon), she lost two families through the violent death of her mother (Janet McTeer). After all, her friend Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) was responsible for the murder. Also in relation to detective trainee, friend, colleague and neighbor Malcolm (Eka Darville) it is not for the best, in her opinion, Jessica stabbed Jessica in the back while he - disappointed by her - initially moved away from her and seeks his professional salvation with competitor Pryce Cheng (Terry Chen).

So what's next for the hard-drinking, notoriously bad-tempered detective, whose already manageable circle of friends has now dwindled in this way. What is it about the clues that there might soon be another superhero in "Jessica Jones"?

“Always Patsy” - heroine or villain?

Trish Walker in particular plays a role in this. Because her aborted treatment by the doctor Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie), which was supposed to give her powers comparable to Jessica's, but also almost killed her, seems to have been more successful than it initially appears. At least she proves not only astonishing responsiveness but also a remarkable tip-toe feeling when a cell phone falls. Her satisfied smile before closing the elevator door seems to be an indication that she may have reached her destination after all. So does Trish Walker have super powers too?

In fact, Trish Walker becomes the superhero Hellcat in the comics, who is not only trained there by the Avengers, but also has a number of other skills that go far beyond the purely physical. But apart from the fact that the Avengers are unlikely to appear in "Jessica Jones", it is also relatively unlikely that Trish would become a purely positive heroine as Hellcat in the series. In addition, their motivation to want to have superpowers was too ambivalent, too shaped by their addiction and a certain self-righteous desire for power. And of course her behavior towards Jessica and her fellow human beings was anything but heroic - very few superhero careers finally start with a murder ... A more ambivalent interpretation of the character Hellcat than in the comics is to be expected, she could clash with Jessica, but do perhaps ally with her against a new enemy.

Another interesting aspect of the character Hellcat is that at some point in the comics she is married to Damien Hellstorm - the son of incarnate Satan. He is by no means a villain, but like Doctor Strange, for example, a powerful magician who often defends the world against interdimensional threats. Could the fight against ghosts, demons and other supernatural gadgets perhaps steer Trish's lofty ambitions into - shall we say - regulated channels?

Damien Hellstorm would also be an interesting, maybe even charismatic new character and a magical orientation would be a welcome change from the previous Lone Wolf detective plot, but it is not that easy to translate these elements into the noir style and the certain down-to-earth nature of the To fit series. It therefore remains to be seen whether the makers, who have so far focused primarily on psychological coherence, will get involved with the magical or the occult.

Another question that arises is the fate of Dr. Karl Malus. Is he really dead or did he survive the massive self-inflicted explosion? No one saw his death, his body was not shown (always a telling sign of the return of a villain or superhero) and the identification of the apparently found remains seemed to have taken place via circumstantial evidence such as the picture of the fan on TV than via actual evidence . So could Malus come back again? After all, in the comics he's downright insane and obsessed with people with superpowers. With Trish he would now be one step closer to the success of his formula.

However, the previous characterization of the figure up to her presumed death speaks against this. There seems to be too little rogue material in Malus, the crazy-diabolical scientist could not be really recognized under the ruthless, unreflective, but still fundamentally human surface. Or is the facade deceptive?

So far, "Jessica Jones" has not yet been officially extended by another season, which is why there is still no information about the possible start period. After the first season of 2015, two years have passed until the second season, so it would be possible that it will be as long again until the third season. For the three Marvel series updates announced by Netflix per year, there is definitely still the third season of “Daredevil”, the already wacky second season of “Luke Cage”, as well as “Iron Fist” and “The Punisher” enough material for the meantime.