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This fast food chain now serves bacon and cheese fries

© Wendy's Wendy's now offers S'Awesome bacon fries with warm melted cheese, pieces of bacon and the chain's signature sweet, smoky, spicy sauce. If you think your Wendy order has been good before, just wait until you've added the chain's latest frying innovation to your baconator and Frosty chocolate combo.

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© Silverdust / Shutterstock The Real Reason Wendy's Burgers Are Squares-Shutterstock_1106479229-CROP If you haven't noticed, Wendy's burgers are square-shaped instead of the regular round circle. The story begins with their slogan "fresh, never frozen" because Wendy's founder Dave Thomas wanted to make sure that everyone could see the quality of the meat sticking out of the bun. Frank Vamos, the company's director of brand communications, told Thrillist that Dave wanted everyone to see "the juiciness" of the meat. Wendy's not afraid to show off the beef. It is also a symbol for a brand that does not like to “cut corners” with its products. Wendy's website claims that "is really why our burgers are square". From the very beginning, when Dave Thomas founded Wendy and hand-pounded the beef in the restaurant, the vision was to always serve customers fresh ingredients and to work with like-minded suppliers. Safety and quality are paramount in all Wendy products, and the burgers are no exception. The "Top Quality" mentality Wendy even has a Quality Assurance (QA) department to test the quality of the products. This department is staffed with food scientists, microbiologists and nutritionists. This team has a set of principles by which they operate, also known as the "Top Quality" mentality. These principles aim to provide the highest quality to customers through extensive data, food safety, audits and more. Have you ever wondered why Wendy's is the only chain selling baked potatoes? There is no more beef with the beef When customers started complaining about Wendy's square patties (some said the shape made the patties look overly processed), Wendy's made their patties look like it moved forward with a "natural square" shape. They take "fresh, never frozen" very seriously and want all of their customers not to have beef with their beef. Find a sneaky message hidden in the Wendy logo.

Fatburger debuts in Japan with a six-patty burger.
worth $ 23 © Provided by TIME Inc. On April 28, the Los Angeles-based burger chain opened its first Japanese location in Tokyo. Believing that being American wasn't enough to stand out from the crowd, Fatburger decided to add a small gift to the menu: a massive six-patty hamburger with a retail price of 2,560 yen - or over 23 Dollar. ???????? ???????? NHK NEWS WEB - fat