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Did you "live" at the airport for two days? The only cheaper option is the train station (more centrally located) or couch surfing. I did the latter for years and can report a lot of positive experiences. You can take a look at the site ( If I were to travel alone as a woman, then I would also look exclusively for female hosts. The rating system works very well, i.e. you can quickly see how reliable and friendly the hostess is and how clean, large and central the accommodation offered is.

About Airbnb I will tell you right away that it is illegal in NYC to rent your private apartment for a period of less than 4 weeks and to avoid a renewed discussion on this topic, I am holding back on advice in this regard. Suffice it to say, in general I think Airbnb is a great thing. I am less attracted by the inexpensive accommodations, but rather the unusual ones that you won't find on and Co (overnight stays in tree houses, airplanes or floating islands).