Is anal prolapse good

Anal prolapse

Therapy for anal prolapse differs depending on its severity and severity. In very mild cases, the mucous membrane can usually be pushed back with a finger. Sometimes a doctor is not even necessary for this, but those affected can try to push back the protruding skin for themselves.

If pushing back is not possible, the most common therapy for partial anal prolapse is so-called sclerotherapy. In this procedure, a drug is injected directly into the protruding skin. This medicine causes the folds of skin to shrink so that they can pull back into the anus. Above all, when anal prolapse occurs in combination with hemorrhoids, the method of sclerotherapy is used.

An alternative to sclerotherapy is the so-called ligature treatment. In this case, the protruding skin fold is tied off - usually with small rubber rings. The tissue is no longer supplied with blood and subsequently dies. It usually falls off on its own after about three days. The resulting wound in the intestine then heals.

If there is a circular, total anal prolapse or very persistent cases of partial anal prolapse, an operation is necessary in most cases. In this case, the mucous membrane is pushed back into the anus and fixed there so that it can no longer protrude.

To protect themselves from further anal prolapse, people who are more prone to constipation should eat a diet that is high in fiber. It is also important to drink enough fluids to prevent constipation.

Incontinence aids and anal prolapse: Modern aids can play an important role in managing incontinence problems associated with anal prolapse. They often give those affected back control, security and freedom and thus enable a significantly higher quality of life.

There are various aids and an even wider range of specific products from various manufacturers to meet the needs of those affected as well as possible and in accordance with the situation. Often those affected do not even know about these possibilities.

From the point of view of the individual, it is crucial to obtain good information and then choose the supply solution from the options that optimally suits the individual medical situation and lifestyle. The basis for this is, on the one hand, the correct diagnosis and, on the other hand, advice from aids specialists who have a structured overview of the aids market and can advise on the individual case. On the “Understanding Products” pages you will find extensive information on the various incontinence aids, their areas of application and their advantages and disadvantages.

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