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City information of La Isabela

Latitude from town of La Isabela is 38.3333 and length from town of La Isabela is -3.7333. La Isabela has 1 Postal code (zip code), located autonomous community of Andalucia.
The Autonomous Community of La Isabela is Andalucia.
La Isabela in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic is considered the first European settlement in the New World. It was founded by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. This was after the discovery that the La Navidad fortress, where he had built during his first voyage, was completely destroyed by the native Taino people. The regulation was made by Precious Metals Research. La Isabela was hit by two hurricanes of 39; Atlantic formerly observed Europeensen 1494 and 1495. Hunger and sickness soon led to mutiny, punishment, disappointment, and more hunger and sickness. He reached the point oa group of settlers, led by Bernal Pisa, tried to capture and disappear with more ships to return to Spain. Isabella barely survived until 39 in 1496, when Christopher Columbus took the 39; give up in favor of 39, a new colony, TODAY 39; hui St. Domingue.

Postcode / zip code of La Isabela


Administrative division of La Isabela

Autonomous community: Andalucia AN

GPS coordinates of La Isabela

Latitude: 38.3333
Longitude: -3.7333

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