Would people survive the nuclear war

Do insects survive a nuclear war?

Is the myth that circulated during the Cold War that insects that are particularly resistant, adaptable or capable of organization - such as cockroaches or ants - would survive a nuclear war and then mutate into gigantic beings due to the radiation, which humans enslave right?

So part of that is actually realistic. Basically, the idea that has sprung up since the poorly made science fiction films of the 1950s that insects would change size due to nuclear wars is not realistic. If radiation had such a strong effect on tissue changes in insects, they would certainly not survive. So such a radiation-based change is not going to happen. It is also unlikely that the cockroaches or insects would enslave humans because humans, being relatively sensitive vertebrates, would definitely not survive such a nuclear war.

However, there are experiments that have shown that cockroaches, i.e. cockroaches, or whatever we call them - the common cockroach - are extremely resistant to biological radiation and have the greatest chance of surviving. In the case of ants, which are extremely complexly organized and have complex ways of life, they are smaller and also significantly less resistant due to their physique, I would rather assume that they would belong to the species that are becoming extinct.

So there have actually been experiments that have shown that if organisms have a chance, it is insects, especially cockroaches.