Could UFOs be interdimensional aliens or beings

Mason, Jason: My father was a MiB 3 (hardcover)

The Illuminati are in a panic - latest information from the space fleet

Now is the time to reveal some of the world's greatest mysteries. Insiders and whistleblowers reveal incredible and shocking information about hidden current world events. At the center of this millennia-old conspiracy, everything revolves around the struggle between good and evil and the future fate of humanity. Extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings are embroiled in a paradoxical battle over the timelines of planet earth, and the world has now reached a crucial point in human historical history where a great transformation is taking place and different timelines intersect. But what exactly does that mean and what is the path ahead of us?
"MiB - Volume 3" is all about the great meta-conspiracy and the plans of the forces of light and dark, and many questions that have remained open until now are finally being resolved. Ancient mysteries combine with quantum physics and enigmatic religious prophecies. If you put all the building blocks of this cosmic riddle together, an astonishing and completely new picture of our reality emerges, which is structured like a subtle control matrix.

• Vatican insiders talk about aliens, multidimensional beings, Satanism, transhumanism, end-time prophecies and the hidden plans of the Jesuits
• An ex-Illuminate reports on the goals of the New World Order, and courageous journalists are finally uncovering the greatest secrets of the Khazar mafia
• Everything about the secret nuclear research experiments at CERN, their connection to the quantum portals into other dimensions and the biblical fallen angels
• News about the topics Antarctica, Hohlwelt, Mitternachtsberg, Atlantis, Operation Highjump and the secret of the lost German submarines
• Experiences of UFO contacts with German-speaking UFO pilots and Nordics
• The connection of flying saucers to nuclear weapons and Roswell, released documents on Majestic-12 and the top-secret contracts with Grays and Reptilians
• The greatest mysteries of the planet Mars and the real background of the creation of the secret space program with the help of strange visitors from space
• Occult Bavarian secret societies, reptiloids of the inner earth, secret processes in the Dulce base and the lost ancient city of the lizard people
• New revelations from the "Book of Dzyan" from Shambhala, the riddles of the Count of St. Germain and the lost civilization of the Gobi desert
• Military insiders report on a black pyramid in Alaska, on ancient alien structures in the Antarctic, on the high technology used in the construction of the Giza pyramids and the discovery of a secret chamber under the Sphinx in Egypt
• New information from alien time travelers and their artifacts with the ancient holographic records of the true history of our world
• Military remote viewers and aliens talk about a great spiritual war in the universe, the near future of planet Earth, complex time loops in the multiverse and the true spiritual mission of Jesus Christ
• Information from the fifth WingMakers interview about the liberation of human souls from the control matrix of the fallen angels and the way into the Golden Age