What is an own goal in football

Own goal in soccer game

Loss hit through own fault

If a goal is scored during a soccer game, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm - by the fans as well as by the team. Only the opposing team is not very enthusiastic and their fans also know funnier situations than a goal received. But there is a form of goal in which everything goes exactly the other way around.

What is an own goal in a soccer game?

The Own goal circumscribes one Hitthat is not scored by the opponent, but by the your own team shoots - but stupidly in your own goal. One can do that completely failed defense but sometimes it is like that brilliantly scored goalthat it even as beautiful own goal can be. It is still not solemn for the shooter and he has to be comforted, but the opposing team thanks for the help.

An own goal often happens when a defender wants to prevent the opposing striker from shooting the ball. You run in front of him, see the ball coming from the side and want to fend off the ball for a corner. But you hit the ball badly or inaccurately or you are just a step too late and you steer the ball exactly into the goal without the goalkeeper being able to do anything.

Another form of own goal is the circumscribed beautiful specimen. A defender sees the flank flying towards the goal area and wants to head the ball into the goal area. But he miscalculates and ingeniously heads the ball into the corner of the cross, so that the goalkeeper has no chance again. If that had been a goal for their own team, then the goal would have been celebrated, but it's a nice goal, but into the wrong goal.

Own goals happen again and again, but they are not as common as the normal goals you can score for your opponent. However, they are very uncomfortable for the shooter and these players are often particularly keen to make up for the mistake.