How many series does Teen Wolf have

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The teenager Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) lives with his single mother in the tranquil Beacon Hills. At school, he and best friend Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) are outsiders. But everything changes when Scott and Stiles go into the woods one night to find a missing body. During their project, Scott is attacked by a real werewolf. Although he survived the bite, his body went through some changes as a result. From now on he not only turns into a werewolf even when the moon is full, but also has exceptionally sharpened senses, lightning-fast reflexes and superhuman strength, with the help of which he can also increase his popularity. At the same time, he and his new classmate Allison (Crystal Reed) grow closer. However, Scott soon finds out that their family are werewolf hunters.

Loose series remake of the 80s film of the same name with Michael J. Fox.
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I LOVE THIS SERIES it is excitingly sweet and funny I just totally like it is my favorite series right now ❤ you have to see it ❤I hope so much that a 7th season comes out that would be amazing ❤ in love with this series XD IIIIII LOOVEEE IT SOOOO MUCH IT'S BEST 💙💙💙
Many series are getting more and more boring. But this one is getting more and more interesting ... Awesome
Teen Wolf is my absolute favorite show because it's not only exciting but also funny! The cast is great. I mean, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden ...;) The show is getting better and better in history in my opinion, but the special effects remain modest ... I don't mind.
Teen Wolf is the best series that I really liked because there are more actors coming and the more the better the series will be and hopefully the 3 season will also come out in Germany :)
I like it when there is a bit of fantasy in series / films. I love this show because something new happens in every episode and because I like the actors. Besides, it's something completely new and not something I've already seen.
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