How did you develop your charisma

Self-Effect: How to Learn Charisma

Acting self-confident and making an impression - author of the book "I know who suits you" and body language expert Tatjana Strobel shows us how charisma can be learned very easily:

The charisma quotient

Riggio, an American psychologist, has devoted many studies to the subject of charisma. He asked himself the following questions: What exactly is charisma, how can you acquire it and how do you apply this ability? The knowledge from these studies is the so-called charisma quotient, which is based on six basic skills. Interestingly, there are no optical features included. So beauty alone does not make you charismatic. The six qualities are part of a person's social competence.

The ability to express feelings

Mimic your own emotions through facial expressions, body language, voice and language
to be transported outside in order to infect and inspire other people

Pronounced empathy

Put yourself in the shoes of others, to be able to look behind the facade. To be able to read and evaluate the secret messages of the people.

Self control

To be able to withdraw, to be able to give space to the other person. To be able to put on the right gestures and facial expressions, regardless of personal experience.

Linguistic expressiveness

Storytelling: To be able to present stories in a fluid, exciting and interesting way. To be able to talk to everyone regardless of status and level and to have common topics.


Active listening and observation. The sense of being in different
To be able to behave appropriately in situations.

Social self-control

To be able to take on roles convincingly and fill them in when the situation requires it.

Those who have or develop these skills have great charismatic potential and are perceived by their environment. So you don't have to go to a cosmetic surgeon, you can gradually acquire these skills in order to realize your charisma potential.