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MTP: For a career in marketing


If you are aiming for a career in the marketing department of a company, you should take advantage of the workshops, seminars and practical projects offered by the student initiative MTP - Marketing Between Theory and Practice.

For fast readers:

  • MTP is Germany's largest student marketing initiative with 3,600 members
  • During their studies, the members can work on marketing projects for well-known companies
  • MTP is represented at 17 university locations in Germany
  • The association is open to everyone who wants to get further training and get involved in marketing
  • The student members organize large marketing congresses on their own
  • In training you can improve key competencies such as rhetoric or time management or learn the basics of acquisition or project management
  • There is an admissions process with marketing training
  • Alumni are organized in their own network

Would you like to get fit for the job by gaining practical experience in addition to all the theory at the university? And ideally also make contacts in the marketing departments of large companies? Then membership with MTP is the right thing for you. MTP stands for "Marketing between theory and practice" and offers you workshops with companies from the field, business games in which you have to work out creative solutions with other students from all over Germany, as well as large marketing congresses with famous guests and training in soft skills such as rhetoric, presentation and Co. This is how you gain experience in marketing, finance, event organization, personnel, press work and media design.

MTP was founded in 1981 by Philipp Humm, known among other things as CEO of Telekom USA and Vodafone Europe. Under the motto “Live Marketing”, he wanted to create a practical relevance for students interested in marketing and to create a professional and private network. Today MTP has 3,600 members and is represented at 17 university locations in Germany, including Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Münster. "All students who want to get involved in marketing outside the university can take part," says Tyll von Mende, first chairman of MTP.

Orders from companies

For example, concrete marketing projects from well-known companies await the members. Design thinking or customer experience management, media design or naming for products and services - MTP offers companies young, creative and fresh ideas. For example, you can work on the design of advertising materials, the conception and implementation of promotional campaigns, market research, target group analyzes or even a complete brand development. "We currently have 12 national and 96 regional funding partners," says Tyll von Mende. "They contact us with specific inquiries - the students then work on the projects in virtual teams." For example, if the companies need help with a campaign or a strategy for marketing a product specifically to young people, the MTP Members have creative suggestions and can thus demonstrate their advisory skills. In addition, you show your ability to work in a team and can already prove experience in project work when applying.

Help organize the congress

You can also gain practical experience by helping to organize one of the large MTP congresses. “For example, we have around 250 participants at our“ Marketing Horizons ”congress,” says Tyll von Mende. “It's about future questions in marketing, and we have well-known speakers, for example from Microsoft, BBDO or Nestlé.” Whether inviting speakers and members, scheduling or looking after guests on the day of the event - there is a lot to do. At multi-day congresses, students can also expect career fairs and workshops with companies. In this way you can make contacts in practice at an early stage and also make one or the other internship clear.

On-site training

In the student groups on site, you also benefit from the training courses offered and can thus acquire further key competencies for a career in marketing. Whether acquisition, negotiations, project management, creative skills, self and time management or rhetoric and presentation - if you want to further educate yourself in these areas, you can take part in an MTP training. For this purpose, the initiative has the so-called TrainingDepartment, a kind of club's own training academy. The TrainingDepartment continuously offers various training courses at the 17 MTP locations - specially trained trainers come to your university for this. "Today the MTP TrainingDepartment is considered to be one of the most highly developed further education institutes of a student initiative in Germany," says Tyll von Mende. Also special: You can train yourself as an MTP trainer. “But then you have to go through a multi-stage application process,” explains von Mende. Those who have made it enjoy a twelve-day training course with topics such as seminar methodology, presentation techniques and group dynamics. As a trained trainer, you will then give around three trainings per semester at a wide variety of locations.

All inclusive

The trainings, MTP plenaries, the contacts to companies - none of them cost extra, you pay 40 euros a year for MTP membership. If you want to participate, you should be interested in marketing and want to get involved. Then you can first get a taste of things and take part in on-site events organized by the university group. "In order to become a real member, you have to complete a 90-minute marketing training course online," says the MTP chairman. And even a small marketing project has to be done in order to gain full membership.

Stay connected

By the way: Even after your student days you can remain loyal to MTP and maintain your contacts. The alumni network currently has 1,300 members who, in turn, are involved in projects and also in positions in the association. And last but not least, with your future company you may be able to offer practical projects for students again.

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