Career option for a b com student

The eight biggest career mistakes

5. The doctorate fuels the career

In any case, the doctorate will look good on your business card. Whoever bears the title is sometimes also addressed with it. But the "Dr." in front of the name is not automatically and certainly not a career turbo in all industries and jobs. It does quite well with natural scientists (it is expected from chemists, but physicists can also get ahead with a master's degree), with management consultants, business lawyers and executive assistants at banks and insurance companies. Engineers and computer scientists can do without him - unless they want to get into science. And there is also the MBA for careers.

6. Vitamin B does not matter

Yes, there are also first-class careers without vitamin B. But it is much easier when dad says: "Would you like to do an internship with us at the bank?" At the very beginning of your career, vitamin B doesn't play such a big role, but the higher it goes (where the air is known to get thinner and thinner), the more important contacts are. And there is nothing wrong with using "relationship assistance". In any case, it only comes if you have already provided relationship support yourself. If you do not ensure that there is a balance between give and take when networking, you will seldom experience that vitamin B helps - because it is not available at all.

7. Modesty is an ornament

It happens again and again that employees work well, successfully, effectively for years and never, but really never, are praised by their boss. There is often a simple reason for this: the boss does not know that the employee in question has worked well, successfully, and effectively for years - no one has ever told him. Not the colleagues - they don't want to praise anyone too much - and neither does the employee himself (“The boss can already see that”). Self-praise only smells a little if it is applied too frequently and too vigorously. Whoever finds the right measure (admittedly very difficult) will be heard at some point. Because according to the vernacular, the following still applies: modesty is an ornament, but you can get further without it.

8. What the boss says is true

Why do so many newcomers experience a bump and a bump in their first job, a back and forth, one way and another? Probably because it is very demanding to run a company, because in world 2.0 something changes every day and because there are no more irrefutable truths (or never have been). Strategy and leadership are among the most demanding tasks in business life. Most will only find out how demanding this is when they are responsible for it themselves. Otherwise you should be able to rely on what the boss said. When you have a good boss.