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Bad experiences with DeutschlandSIM Service (mobile communications)

Since nothing has been tested this week, my displeasure with the - in my eyes - poor service from DeutschlandSIM comes at just the right time to write an article about it. Because the “service” I experienced there defies any description. Before I describe the current event and my experiences with DeutschlandSIM to you, first the history:

The history of DeutschlandSIM

After many, many years, I decided to turn my back on my long-term mobile phone contract partner eplus because the network expansion unfortunately still leaves something to be desired. After a long and in-depth study of the tariffs, I decided on the provider DeutschlandSIM in March 2013 (my eplus contract expired in April). DeutschlandSIM is a brand of eteleon e-solutions AG, which in turn is a subsidiary of the mobile communications service provider Drillisch AG. The reason for the selection was that an offer was implemented in the vodafone network and at low prices.

The DeutschlandSIM ALL-IN 50 tariff should only cost EUR 4.95 per month - and for this I will receive 50 free minutes and 50 SMS. Sufficient for me, as I don't like making calls with my smartphone anyway. In addition, I ordered an Internet package as a precaution for a further EUR 4.95 with 500 MB data volume - also more than sufficient, since my data traffic is basically via a Mifi (mobile WLAN router; Amazon Link with reference) and a t-mobile contract with 3 GB data volume is processed.

A total of 10 EUR per month, a contract of only one month and sufficient additional data volume. What more do you want? You only notice that afterwards - including service. And what can go wrong with DeutschlandSIM service, you can read below:

The first bad experience with the service from DeutschlandSIM

My first problem, which arose with the DeutschlandSIM service, came right at the beginning. I signed the contract on March 14th, 2013 - with number porting and beginning on April 23rd, 2013, because then the eplus contract ended. My “problem” - at this point in time I should be in Scotland for a week according to plan and DeutschlandSIM stipulates in the general terms and conditions that international roaming should only be activated after four weeks.

No problem, I think, and send the provider a message via their “service world”, the Internet portal. In it, I asked for roaming to be activated from the start, in deviation from the provisions of the terms and conditions, as I will be abroad and this will also be my birthday vacation. There was no answer to my first request, so I repeated the request - with the result that I received an email:

WHAT? Hello? I just wanted to be available abroad from the start and to be able to make calls if something happened. There was never any talk of resignation.

So the e-mail was replied directly - and then the following happens without any notice in the previous e-mail:

Great, so again we took the detour via the website, sent a message and fortunately the error could be fixed quickly. I still hoped that all of this would stick to my bad experiences with DeutschlandSIM. Not even close,

The tragedy “Service DeutschlandSIM” - Part 2

should then come in May 2013. Again I had to use the DeutschlandSIM “service”. And again I experienced what I consider bad service. What happened?


I lost my smartphone. Own stupidity, of course. But what do you do at the moment when you realize that it is rather unlikely that you will get it again? Exactly - locks (and of course, if you have saved passwords, change all of them). And order a replacement card.

Block the SIM card from DeutschlandSIM

Logged into the DeutschlandSIM service portal and simply search for the corresponding menu item. Is easy to find - only that afterwards it was not clear to me whether a block had taken place or not. So after a while I also called the expensive service number to block it to be sure.

Order a replacement card from DeutschlandSIM

Then I ordered a replacement SIM card - Saturday, May 18th, 2013, on the weekend of Pentecost. Cost: 14.95 EUR! Pretty steep. Then the surprise - the shipment was confirmed to me: On Wednesday (!) May 22nd, 2013, 09:08 am. Yes, Sunday and Monday were public holidays - but why isn't something like that done at least the following day? Sorry, but that's a lousy service for me, DeutschlandSIM!

But there is more. DeutschlandSIM uses a strange model, unknown to me, when it comes to the replacement SIM. Because this is not activated when it is sent. Can you possibly be represented under security aspects, but since the PIN and PUK cannot be sent, but can only be viewed online, I cannot understand that, because that means further delay. Which happened then.

Activation of replacement SIM from DeutschlandSIM - experience report

New smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3; Referallink to Amazon) ordered, used via ebay and when I was able to free it from the post office (delivery to the packing station was not possible because I could not have received the SMS with the access code), I inserted the SIM card after loading and wanted to activate this online. I still thought, that can't be a problem. Far from it DeutschlandSIM surprisingly turns this into a problem: Online activation entered around 6 p.m. on Monday, May 27, 2013. The (analogous) notice was given that the card would shortly be activated by the service team. After half an hour the SIM card was still not activated, I tried the alternative to quick activation mentioned in the cover letter and dialed the “service number” 0188 - 09117215 (49 ct / min from the landline). And then?

First of all, as is proper, there is an announcement that the call will cost 49 cents / minute after a signal has sounded - and then, I must also say that it is really positive, there is a really long enough period of time in which to hang up before the chargeable portion of the call begins.

Unfortunately, the positive experiences with DeutschlandSIM ended there. Because then I heard the announcement that a service is only available from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Mind you - that was the chargeable part of the call ... Uff, the service times are worse than the opening times of a corner shop on the darkest land in a village of 3,000 people. Seriously - how should someone who works in a factory without shift work get a chance at all? Because there is nothing with just calling. And by using this special number, calling is not always possible - even my employer has simply blocked this number range!

And no, unfortunately that was still not the end of my bad experience with the DeutschlandSIM service. Calls for activation from the office did not go, as described, on the following day either. When I got home, about 22 hours after I applied for activation online and the service team wanted to do this “shortly”, the SIM was still not activated. So called again, this time reached an employee (by the way, he was very friendly, thank you!). When I pointed out that I entered this online about 22 hours ago, he said: "Online it takes longer and longer ..." When I pointed out that it couldn't / shouldn't be, I was able to shrug his shoulders Listen to the phone. At least the activation worked through him.

Now judge for yourself: good or bad service from DeutschlandSIM? What would you expect from a cellular provider? personally, I actually have a 24/7 service - or at least very long service times. The first mistake described above, in my opinion, where planing takes place, chips fall. I got excited about it and then forgot about it. But through the second contact with the “service” it came up again and here there seem to be fundamental problems with the DeutschlandSIM service, which cannot be brushed off the table with the argument of what I would expect, the service corresponds to the price .

But to top it all off, here is a little incidental incident on the subject of “Security at DeutschlandSIM”. Not only that you are forced to answer a security question that is relatively easy to guess via social engineering in the event that you have forgotten your password, no, the password criteria are also a tragedy:

And yes, punctuation marks are also special characters ... Strange, because special characters are also possible with eteleon itself ... At least the length is sufficient, because you can enter up to 32 characters.

Any questions left? Those were my subjective experiences with the service from DeutschlandSIM - I can only hope that others do not.

[Edit 10.09.2013:] So, if you are more of the opinion that he / she still prefers the very cheap offers from DeutschlandSIM (Affiliatelink) - I won't stop you, in the comments most of the people think my criticism is excessive - but it would be nice if one or the other would maintain an appropriate comment style ...

Otherwise, I recently set up a comparison page for mobile phone tariffs - the data does not come from me, but many providers do it. Who likes to watch: There’s this way.

[Update October 7th, 2014: I quit, here is the info where to go with the corresponding flat rate offer and a report on the change will follow soon] [Update February 9th, 2015: At Onlinekosten.de there is interesting news from satisfied customers;)]
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