How much do philosophy professors earn

What professors really deserve : Berlin's W3 professors are at the top when it comes to gross

Professors at Berlin universities are better off with their real pay than their basic salaries suggest. With an average gross salary of 8,210 euros, a professor with W3 salary comes in third in the nationwide ranking published by the German Association of Universities (DHV).

The payment is only significantly better in Bavaria (8,750 euros gross), and somewhat better in Hesse (8,310 euros). The difference between Bavaria and the bottom tier Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where W3 professors have to get by on 7270 euros gross, is 1480 euros. The difference is also considerable between Berlin and Brandenburg, where the monthly gross is 7,440 euros.

Below-average basic salary in Berlin has been improved considerably

The information is based on average values ​​from the Federal Statistical Office for June 2016. The situation in Hesse must be put "downwards" compared to other federal states, according to the DHV magazine "Research and Teaching". Because there are five percent of a monthly salary as a proportional payment of the Christmas bonus included (the full tables can be found here).

For Berlin, the position in the top group means: The basic salary of currently 6,222 euros in the highest of three salary groups (as of August 2017), with which the capital lands in the lower middle field nationwide in 13th place, is made up of various performance payments, research and teaching allowances or the family allowance, for example, has been greatly improved. And this despite the fact that in Berlin, 50 percent of the individual performance bonuses have been offset against the then higher base salary since 2015.

In terms of W2 and W1, however, Berlin ranks at the bottom of the list

Berlin professors in the middle salary group W2 are quite different. The real average salary granted to teachers, especially at universities of applied sciences and temporary professorships at universities, was € 5,930 a year ago. This puts Berlin in last place nationwide, behind Thuringia (€ 6,080 gross) and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (€ 6,050). The front runners in terms of W2 salary are Baden-Württemberg (6530 euros) and again Bavaria (6450 euros), closely followed by Hesse and Saxony-Anhalt. In the fierce competition for the next generation of professors for universities of applied sciences, Berlin is not doing well.

It doesn't look much better with the junior professorships. With an average gross of 4,330 euros, Berliners come in 14th place nationwide. Only in North Rhine-Westphalia (4,290 euros) - and in Brandenburg (4,200 euros) are young people paid less. The gap to Baden-Württemberg in first place in the W1 table is not insignificant: the juniors there at least have an average gross salary of 4880 euros. At the top are Thuringia (4560 euros) and Rhineland-Palatinate (4540 euros) at some distance.

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