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Old - but does

For a record project, I need to know the total playing time of a collection of mp3 files. My naive idea: mark it, right-click and then it will somehow be displayed. Well Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Mac OS as well as Windows resist my outrageous plan. Only after I create a playlist in “Groove-Musik”, an on-board music player from Windows 10, is the total playing time displayed in whole minutes.

Then I remember rediscovering software on my old Sharp PC-1403 programmable calculator when I changed the batteries, which I named "Playing Time Calculation". After I found out how to start programs on the old computer, “PLAY TIME CALCULATION” lights up on the LCD display. Well fine!

At the time of writing, I can no longer remember exactly when I wrote the software for what. I assume that I have either added up the playing times of the individual pieces, which are often given on records or CDs, in order to add up mix tapes for the car radio in my first cars (from 1988) with a precision landing of 45 minutes per cassette side. CD players didn't arrive in my car until at least 10 years later.

After calling up the program, you enter the playing times one after the other, separated by a dot, and the total is displayed after each additional title.

Wouldn't have thought that after so many years the computer would be used again for more than nostalgic reasons!

(Markus Winninghoff)

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The 2 best pieces of advice - Sony sunrise alarm clocks Wow! -

Very often you see products with a low purchase price and higher postage costs on marketplaces. The practical storage area rounds off the versatility of the product. The usability, however, has not been improved: The extensive setting options are still difficult to use, just ending the wake-up process requires four operating steps. True to the company motto 'made for life', the WL-450 light alarm clock is also designed for daily use and is intended to help the user to respect their natural biorhythm and to switch from sleep to the waking phase more gently. To be able to sleep even deeper, I also set a traditional alarm clock to be on the safe side. He should wake me up 5 minutes later. The range of functions exceeds the actual wake-up function to a considerable extent and thus has positive effects on the human body. This is just the name of the manufacturer Philips for its daylight alarm clock.

Siemens Wake Up Light

Clock radio test 2016

Perhaps you are looking to get started with an inexpensive light alarm clock for children that you would like to test extensively in order to gain your first experience. The Philips Wake Up Light is one of the best-selling light alarm clocks worldwide, which is not least due to its excellent price-performance ratio and the continuous improvements in recent years, and therefore emerged as the winner of my light alarm clock test. Such an alarm clock can work wonders, because the cozy darkness in the bedroom often keeps us from getting up. Especially in autumn and winter, when it is dreary and dark outside in the morning, a brightly lit bedroom is an enormous motivation to get up. Sell ​​the official Braun watches, Braun wristwatches, Braun calculators and accessories. Alarm clock - PEARL-infactory LCD alarm clock with vibration alarm: Lunartec Sunrise alarm clock, warm white light, with natural sounds: the vibration function gently wakes you up ..- PC alarm clock (Latest Freeware Version) - Download - CHIP PC Alarm Clock (Latest Freeware Version) 4.00 German: The free PC alarm clock for Windows plays an audio file at the set time - an alarm sounds - German translation - Linguee Dictionary-Many translated example sentences with "an alarm sounds" - German-English dictionary and search engine for millions of German translations.-alarm sound sound - Make money from home - Speed ​​Wealthy-alarm sound sound - Start making your own internet bussines today! However, I have to say that I will save the money because I have now found an equally cheap and portable alternative. Light alarm clock without sound. It can even lead to health problems. These ratings for alarm clock with radio controlled clock bestseller come from verified customers who have ordered the reviewed alarm clock with radio clock product.

The light goes on slowly and prepares you for a new day. In my opinion, not a full replacement for a light alarm clock, but better than a switch socket on the bedside lamp ;-) The top model costs around 140 euros, the slimmed-down entry-level version around 60 euros. With LEDs this should be possible with the longest possible battery life. The same principle, just the other way around, is the alarm function via light alarm clock.

Vivess alarm clock instruction manual

Beurer light alarm clock Wl 32 test

The length of the sunrise can be chosen individually between 20 and 40 minutes. If you prefer a natural, gentle alarm function with slowly getting brighter daylight instead of a time projection, you will find it here. Light alarm clocks are supposed to help you sleep more restfully and improve your health. In this review we will show the opinions on the light alarm clock lumen together with your test. The manufacturer's product video ("alles easy") did not help either. This can also quickly lead to pathological symptoms. Medisana light alarm clock SAC 45100 with RDS radio for only 28.48 euros incl.

Smart snooze function Simply touch the wake-up light and activate the snooze function. In a light alarm clock test, the various models are examined more closely and compared. You do not have to limit yourself to the general criteria that are the basis for the test today. Light alarm clock in the test Our list of the best gives an overview of the market https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lE2oV2I4IzryHCCIlg1kzkaDC4TYNDXqZiLPe2oQuUg/edit?usp=sharing the ☆ Top light alarm clock ☆ with all current test results of the trade press, etc. from »EcoTopTen« & »Stiftung Warentest« Start your purchase now! My bio-rhythm levels off perfectly and I start the day strengthened, full of energy and in a good mood.

Auriol light alarm test

In general, a closer look at an extended alarm clock for children test is a good option in order to make an appropriate decision. The maximum light intensity is 200 lux. The light alarm clock cannot change anything when you get up early, but it does make waking up much more pleasant and natural.

The light emitted by the alarm clock changes from a morning red to an orange to a bright yellow light. Due to the very bright flashes (similar to a camera), the light alarm clocks are also suitable for people who are very sound asleep. ★ 【Smart design】: Sunrise simulator alarm clock. Customers rated the WL 450 wake-up light from Medisana mainly as follows: It has the choice between fixing one of the 256 colors or the color change function, which creates a colorful change in the room with ten predefined mood lighting scenes. This stimulates the production of waking hormones in the body even before we get up.


Amazon light alarm clock Philips

Other functions of the alarm clock can be color changes, multiple alarm times, different sunrise times and usability as a bedside lamp. How exactly do light alarm clocks work? Find out more about this light alarm clock here. No power supply light alarm clock with FM radio follows you everywhere and is ideal as a decoration in the living room, bedroom, children's room or kitchen. Important light alarm functions. The most popular are the chirping of birds or the sound of the sea, where you can stretch out for a few minutes and dream away on vacation. A comparison between the different models is always worthwhile. Because there are many different brands here.

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have a long-haired sweater ralf and dapper florian on this fine calculator tuesday

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hey! i came across your doc & posts where you talk about your conlang not having gender / gendered pronouns, but classifies people based on 'jedi' and 'not jedi'. tbh, this is not a nongendered system but rather defining a completely new gender system along jedi / nonjedi lines. gender can be defined by anything that is used to classify people - it is not necessarily tied to sex and it does not have to be masculine / feminine. the removal of male / female classification does not automatically make (1/2)

something nongendered. something truly nongendered does not classify people in a different way, it * does not classify them at all *. there is nothing inherently wrong with having a gendered system, but i do think that it is a mistake to call it 'nongendered' when it isn't. perhaps removing the reference to not having gender or talking about how you chose to redefine gender would be a better way of going about it (2/2)

The ask referenced.

Heyo! Thank you for pointing that out to us, the post is probably a bit unclear in regards to gender theory / conception / realization and the grammatical definition of gender and how those two might blend!

So let's tackle that topic from the top: D (As always, we use English as our main reference point to make it understandable to the widest audience.)

Generally speaking we define gender in two ways when we speak about languages. The first way would be the grammatical gender. Languages ​​like French and German, for example, gender their nouns.

Let's take the noun “calculator”. English doesn't gender its nouns (roughly speaking). The words don’t have different endings or articles depending on their gender. It's just "the calculator". In German, it's “der Taschenrechner”, meaning that this noun’s gender is “male”. In French, it's “la calculatrice” and therefore female. The assignments of those genders to objects can be more or less arbitrary and don’t necessarily really tell you anything about the noun or a larger field. “Nature” is female in German, but “tree” is male and “leaf” is neutral. Some languages ​​have the grammatical categories “male / female / animal / inanimate”, but even then those aren’t necessarily strictly enforced.

Grammatical gender is, therefore, a way of distinguishing these words from one another. In some cases this means that if you combine a noun and an adjective, the adjective takes on the gender of the noun it inflicts with an affix. This can of course also be done for pronouns. Grammatical gender categorizes people. If you have a grammatically “male” pronoun, its adjective would also be grammatically “male”.

Now that we established that, let's tackle gender in its social function.

This is when you speak about your gender identity. You can identify as male (-leaning), female (-leaning), both, neither - gender identities are complex and even within the queer community we struggle to define them because “my perception of self does (n't) fit my body in this and this way ”is also not a valid category that can truly work for everyone. I (loosingletters) identity as “demiboy”, which on some days mean “yeah, I'm male” and sometimes is just “I'm definitely not a girl but I'm chill with everything else”. It's why we have broad categories such as nonbinary, which encapsulate a whole list of identities. And that's great!

Everything gets complicated when you start to mix grammatical gender with gender identity in the form of pronouns. Pronouns act as identifiers for objects / people in the real world. A lot of people, us included, see them as “presentation”. It is a word you're comfortable with being referred to, but it does not necessarily say anything about your gender identity. You can be cis female and use “he / him” because of the complex way that pronoun is perceived in our society suits you and is something you want. However, many people assume that "he = male sex AND gender identity" and since that is the overwhelmng majority of English speakers, the perception of what pronoun you use also reflects your gender identity even though it shouldn't.

But some languages, for example, don’t denote gender identity in their pronouns at all. The Indonesian “dia” is equivalent to the English “he” and “she”.

So to summarize:

Grammatical gender is a category that sorts objects / people according to (arbitrary) categories

Social gender refers to your gender identity and is not necessarily encoded in your pronoun, but your identity may be assumed based on your pronoun

Mixing grammatical and social gender leads to a lot of trouble and hurt

Now, if you tackle Dai Bendu pronouns from a grammatical point of view, then yes it has the grammatical genders “Jedi / Non-Jedi Sentient / Non-Sentient”, which are only enforced on pronouns and could also be read as “Family / Not-Family / Non-Sentient ”.

From a gender identity point of view ... well, honestly? That depends on how you want to define gender identity. Personally, we wouldn't call a faith something you identify yourself with in the same way you perceive your gender, but other people might disagree.

The point of the above ask was more to illuminate why we didn’t go with a pronoun system that mixes grammatical gender and gender identity: Logistically, that’s a nightmare in a society that has billion more cultures than we do on our one planet. Gender identity is such a complex category here on Earth already, keying that into a grammatical system for space is near-impossible. So instead, we chose to use a system based on what role you play in a community.

So, to summarize, we say that Dai Bendu is “non-gendered” because that’s how most people will see a language that doesn’t take your gender into consideration and we try to be as not-linguistically-rambly as possible. But you're right, some aspect of linguistic gender is expressed in our pronouns!

#dai bendu # grammar # meta # anon # ask

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The best tip for tumble dryers condenser dryers - What nobody else knows + 2020

Thanks to the self-cleaning condenser, the heat pump dryers can also provide consistently high performance and you don't have to worry about taking care of the tumble dryers. The foundation tested a total of six models. I would always use heat pump dryers - unless you need a high level of humidity or produce the electricity yourself. Therefore, the price of this type of machine with a high energy efficiency class can be from around 600 euros. In any case, you should consult the calculator before deciding between a condenser dryer and a heat pump dryer. Both in terms of its functions and programs, as well as in terms of the price-performance ratio, installation and handling, the heat pump dryer knows how to impress. The earlier disadvantage, that conventional units can usually offer a lower purchase price, no longer turns out to be so great. There are different types, heat pump dryers, condenser dryers and exhaust air dryers.


Tumble dryer heat pump or condenser dryer

Test reports from Stiftung Warentest for this product may also be available. Column-compatible, free-standing device; Heat pump dryers, clothes dryers; A +++; 8 kg; Width: 60 cm. Heat pump dryer test winner of the energy efficiency class A +++ at Amazon. It looks completely different when you buy the device from a specialist retailer. The "Empty container" indicator lights up even though the water container has only just been emptied. Current studies show that the additional financial expense pays for itself after a few months.

Tumble dryer 8 kg test

Very good heat pump dryer

Condenser dryer with heat pump

Best heat pump dryer

With the Miele TMB640WP D LW Eco heat pump dryer / A ++ / 8 kg / lotus white / precise drying for all textiles - Perfect Dry / Fragrant Laundry / Fragrance Dos Test, we paid attention to the most significant facts in order to be able to present a good test result. In the following calculation example I compare a heat pump dryer (energy class A), a conventional condenser dryer (class B) and an old device (worse than energy class C): People who were looking for the Aeg heat pump dryer test are also interested in: Is the value well below the fictitious value the heat pump dryer is particularly economical and therefore in a very good energy efficiency class. This Siemens heat pump dryer is indispensable in daily laundry care, and the predicate “recommendable is more than deserved, because interesting additional functions are part of the overall package. Incidentally, the condenser itself cannot be removed from a heat pump dryer; it can only be accessed and cleaned by removing one of the side panels.


Condenser dryer heat pump test

It offers the best values ​​for noise (grade very good) and handling: thanks to the maintenance-free SelfCleaning Condenser, the device received a grade of 1.8 in this discipline, leaving the competition far behind.Numbers and technical finesse speak a clear language for him too. The manufacturer AEG is a guarantee for high quality products, which is particularly clearly reflected in various tests. A slightly newer model: Bosch WTW875W0 Series 8 heat pump dryer. But that's the only thing that can really be said. 2. Advantages and disadvantages of heat pump dryers. My old condenser dryer from Siemens was very noisy, but it dried quickly. Numerous tests and explicitly the heat pump dryer test show that dryers that use heat pump technology have successfully gone their way in recent years.

Dryer comparison test

Heat pump dryer free shipping

The following is an overview of the Aeg heat pump dryers that are currently on offer. Incidentally, Siemens continues to manufacture household appliances under the sole direction of Bosch. The latter leads to a higher susceptibility and possibly that has a positive effect on the clothing and makes it more durable. The exact consumption values ​​can be found on the energy label or in the product description. Thanks to this program, you can get ideally dried clothes in a short time. MIELE TWF500WP EditionEco, 8 kg heat pump dryer, A +++, white A +++ heat pump dryer (10863040) This saves you from having to regularly empty the container.

Condensation and heat pump dryers, on the other hand, can be set up relatively easily anywhere, as the moisture remains in the device with these dryer types. This topic was also the subject of the numerous discussions at the current heat pump dryer test. TWE720 WP EcoT1 heat pump dryer. That can be answered clearly with yes. Basically, however, it makes sense to ensure that the heat pump dryer built-under A +++ is of good quality so that there is no disappointment.

Some models, including the DYC 71013 NBX, can even dry up to 10 kg of laundry at the same time. She not only sees large families where there are none, but also completely wrongly says to herself: Once an extended family, always an extended family. When fully filled, the value is 3.81 kWh. In terms of its technical design, a heat pump dryer is also somewhat more complicated and therefore sometimes more prone to failure than conventional dryers. Second place went to a Bosch dryer and a Siemens dryer in the current test. Why should it be? It is much easier to work without exhaust air. Bosch heat pump dryers - of the economical type. You get a lot of flexibility when drying different types of laundry with special programs such as mix, outdoor and blouses / shirts.

But Amazon stands for secure shopping with very different payment options. Electricity consumption is also a very important purchase criterion for heat pump dryers because it determines how high your electricity bill will be in the future. Good offer. The heat pump uses the residual heat in the exhaust air to heat the supply air. In addition to the additional programs for jeans, wool and shirts, the Express and the impregnation program are also interesting. In the tumble dryer / heat pump dryer test Buy Dryer Cheap, the differences are even clearer. Table of contents from www.Wärmepumpentrechner.de.

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No. Not in the Hanhart Museum. These are mine. Bought from a collector.

I particularly like 3. Quite the OLED. With the display like the old HP calculators.

Then in the middle the fastest stopwatch in the world. Definitely been for years, at 1/100 SEC. More is not possible mechanically.

And then down in the middle of the drag tiger in French ratrappante. An elaborate complication.

Everything works. All are clean and without any flaws, only signs of wear and patina. Exactly my thing.

I am very proud

# Hanhart # collection # museum # 1 / 100SEC # patek # fastest # fastest chronograph in the world

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NEW: Desk calculator with paper roll comparison 2021 ⭐ The 7 best printable pocket calculators including all advantages and disadvantages in comparison ✅ Read directly now!

# Desktop calculator

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Tonight I had a nightmare: Instead of my son, I had to keep the appointment for his check-up for the screwed up journeyman's exam. The task was as follows: "Calculate the number of lights required in a workshop with blah blah square meters and dirt class 'very dusty' with a green floor, beige walls, gray ceiling and a required illumination of 300 lux on the workbenches by fluorescent tubes of the type ..." . First I poured all of my coffee over the exam sheet, then my calculator went on strike and my nose ran up without being able to find a Tempo cloth! But then the happy turn came - because this was exactly the task I had worked out with him in real life last night (by the way - a comment from a dear friend was "Iiibääähh ... what a task ...") and could get it out of my head write down the solution - there were 13.7 (i.e. 14) lights ...

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