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Island dreams: 15 practical tips for your Bahamas trip

The Bahamas are one of the most beautiful travel destinations that I have been able to visit in my life. Endless sandy beaches, crystal clear water and Caribbean vibes - travel dreams come true here. If you have also planned a dream trip for the new year, I can only recommend the islands to you. And so that you are guaranteed to be able to relax one hundred percent on site, I have written down my 15 best Bahamas travel tips for you today.

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Dream islands in Central America - some information about the Bahamas

The Bahamas are an island state in the Atlantic Ocean and belong to the West Indies - geographically they belong to Central America. The Bahamas has a total of over 700 islands, but only 30 of them are inhabited. The name “Bahamas” comes from the Spanish conquistadors who called the water around the islands Baja Mar - that is, the shallow sea. This gave rise to the name Bahamas a little later. The island state is still a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. However, since 1973 the Bahamas have been independent from the United Kingdom.

In addition to the islands, the Bahamas also has over 2,400 coral reefs, which the locals call Cays. Both islands and cays are often so close together that it has still not been possible to determine their exact number. Most of the people live on New Providence and Grand Bahama. The other islands are known as the Out Islands or Family Islands. At 63 meters, Mount Alvernia on Cat Island is the highest point in the island state. The two largest cities in the Bahamas are Freeport and the capital Nassau - over three quarters of the population lives in one of the two cities.

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Heavenly beaches and crystal clear water - the islands of the Bahamas are so beautiful

15 Bahamas Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

I found traveling in the Bahamas to be very straightforward. This was mainly due to the warm and helpful nature of the locals. Whenever we didn't know what to do next on our trip, we were approached by the locals and sent straight in the right direction. We never saw anyone in the Bahamas trying to rip off tourists. Domestic flights are also handled very professionally - however, delays or rebooking are relatively frequent. What you should know before your trip, I'll tell you here:

1. The Language of the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

The official language of the Bahamas is English. Although the islanders often have heavy accents, they are usually easy to understand. Many of the Haitian immigrants also speak Haitian Creole.

2. The currency in the Bahamas - Bahamas travel tips

The official currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar. However, it is pegged to the US dollar, so both currencies are accepted everywhere. There are ATMs on all of the main Bahamas islands. There you can withdraw both with credit card and EC card. If you do not have a credit card, you should find out about the foreign transaction fee beforehand and check whether your EC card has been activated for the Bahamas.

3. Find Cheap Flights to the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

From Germany there are only very few direct flights to Nassau. Instead, most connections go via the USA, Canada or London. If you want to avoid the annoying USA entry including ESTA, I recommend flying with British Airways via Great Britain. You can find the best offers in the comparison of Skyscanner *. If you are flexible, you can also have a weekly or monthly overview with the cheapest flight days displayed here. If you want to go to the smaller islands, you usually have to get on a plane again in the capital Nassau.

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With small propeller planes it goes from Nassau to the smaller islands of the Bahamas

4. Driving a car in the Bahamas - Bahamas travel tips

There is left-hand traffic in the Bahamas, so keep this in mind when turning and entering the roundabout. Otherwise, driving is very uncomplicated and the traffic is orderly, even in the larger cities. On the islands you often don't see another car for hours - the locals tend to drive slowly and very considerately. An international driver's license is recommended.

5. Rent a Car in the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

In larger cities like Nassau or New Providence you can rent a car without any problems - for example at the airport or in the city center. There are no official rental car locations on many of the smaller islands. However, you can usually arrange for a rental car for one or more days through your accommodation. I definitely recommend a four-wheel drive car and, ideally, even an off-road vehicle, as the roads are often unpaved and have deep potholes and ruts.

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The beautiful coastal roads and secluded beaches invite you to go on long road trips on the islands

6. Taking a Taxi in the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

Taking a taxi is very expensive in the Bahamas - a ten-minute drive from Nassau Airport costs around $ 20. You should therefore always inform yourself about the approximate price in advance. Many taxi drivers don't have change, so smaller notes are always recommended. For longer journeys or day trips, a rental car is often worthwhile due to the high prices.

7. The right clothes for the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

You don't have to worry too much about your clothes in the Bahamas. The population is very open and liberal - I've actually seen everything from ultra-short dresses to serious costumes. To protect against UV radiation, however, it is worth covering your head and shoulders.

8. Sun protection in the Bahamas - Bahamas travel tips

I found the solar radiation in the Bahamas to be significantly less than on other Caribbean islands. This is especially true if you are out and about in the late autumn and winter months. After three hours of kitesurfing in bright sunshine, my face wasn't even red, which is completely atypical for me. Of course, sun protection is still a must. In summer the sun shines much more strongly, so that an even higher sun protection factor is available.

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In the off-season I did not find the sun strong - sun protection is still a must

9. The best time to visit the Bahamas - Bahamas travel tips

The best time to travel to the Bahamas is from December to April. The temperatures here are between 25 and 27 degrees - at night the thermometer rarely drops below 17 degrees Celsius. The water temperature during these months is 23 to 24 degrees - perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You will also be spoiled with seven to nine hours of sunshine a day. The number of rainy days drops to five to nine - in the summer months it rains significantly more often.

The low season is also recommended. We were out in November, but you can also spend a great vacation in the Bahamas in May or June. The water is two to three degrees warmer in summer and the rainfall is also limited. We only had rain once at night in November and sunshine every day with occasional cloudy periods. From June to November, however, the hurricane season also prevails in the Bahamas.

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We had great weather and lots of sun even in the off-season. The best time to travel is from December to April

10. Tipping the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

The usual tip in the Bahamas in restaurants is around 15 percent. Often it is already added to the invoice as a service charge - in this case I only rounded the amount up. A dollar per bag is recommended for porters.

11. Spend Layover in Nassau - Bahamas Travel Tips

International flights often arrive so late in Nassau that you can no longer reach your destination island on the same day. For a cheap bridging night, I recommend the resort A Stone’s Throw Away * or the Compass Point Beach Resort *. Both hotels are only a five-minute drive from the airport.

If you have to spend a day in Nassau - for example because your international flight doesn't leave until late in the evening - I recommend a day pass at one of the resorts. For example, the day pass is offered cheaply by the Compass Point Beach Resort *. For $ 22 you can use the comfortable loungers by the pool and on the beach all day. There are also sanitary facilities including a hot shower. From the restaurant at Compass Point Beach Resort you have a wonderful view of the sea and the sunset.

The Compass Point Beach Resort is perfect for a night or a day to bridge the gap

12. Shopping in the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

While everything is readily available in Nassau or New Providence, things look very different on the small islands. Imported items (and almost everything is imported in the Bahamas) are extremely expensive and often difficult to get. There are no large supermarkets and the few convenience stores are not always well equipped. It is therefore essential to bring enough cosmetics, sun and mosquito repellent * from home and do not rely on being able to buy everything on site.

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13. Sandflies and Mosquitoes - Bahamas Travel Tips

Mosquitoes and sand flies are extremely annoying in the Bahamas - as almost everywhere in the Caribbean. Mosquitoes can be kept in check with long clothing and mosquito repellent (preferably with deet) after sunset. Much more annoying, on the other hand, are the tiny but nasty sand tiles that usually attack you on the beach, but also in the grass or at the pool. The locals swear by baby oil. The sand fleece cannot bite through a thick layer - you can then simply wipe it off your arms and legs.

Although I also took a few bites myself, the combination of Deet (for me the best anti-hum *) and baby oil got me through the vacation relatively unscathed. Incidentally, the sand tiles only appear when there is no wind. I would then rather advise you not to lie down directly on the sand - this is especially true in the late afternoon.

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In the Bahamas, you shouldn't be on the beach from the late afternoon without mosquito repellent and baby oil

14. Kitesurfing the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

According to our kitesurf instructor Antoine, the Bahamas are suitable for kitesurfing all year round. The months December to April are also particularly recommended here. But a trip is also worthwhile in the wetter months from May to June - the probability of wind even increases a little here. We went kite surfing on Cat Island in November and had perfect wind conditions for the first three days. After that the wind flattened out - but of course that can happen every month. In addition to Cat Island, San Salvador, Bimini, Andros, Exumas as well as Nassau and Paradise Island are among the best kite spots in the Bahamas.

15. Diving in the Bahamas - Bahamas Travel Tips

With a colorful mix of deep sea, shallow water, reefs and bays, the Bahamas are among the best diving spots in the world. The third largest barrier reef in the world, off Andros, Grand Bahama, Long Island and New Providence, is particularly famous. Among other things, reef diving, deep diving, wall diving, night diving and cave diving are offered. You can book diving courses and liveaboards for all skill levels on almost all islands.

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The islands of the Bahamas are a paradise for divers - but you can also discover a lot when snorkeling

Dream trip in sight - you will love the islands!

Dear ones, I hope that with this article I was able to answer a few open questions about your planned trip to the Bahamas. If you would like to know anything else, please leave me a comment. Otherwise I can only recommend the island paradise to you once more. In all of my travels, one place has seldom enchanted me so much and let me calm down. The Bahamas are definitely not the cheapest travel destination and the islands are not a stone's throw away either - but I promise you, it's worth it.

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