How do I identify a tree type

Identify trees: the 3 best free apps for Android and iOS

While walking you notice a tree, but you have absolutely no idea which botanical representative is in front of you? Then quickly pull out your mobile phone and install an app that can be used to identify trees.

You can leave the thick plant encyclopedia on your bookshelf in the future. A corresponding app gives you the name of a tree based on photos of the leaves, flowers and the trunk. But which of the apps for determining trees is good for something? We dived into the app stores and introduce you to three recommended and free tree apps for Android and iPhone. The apps presented can be used free of charge. The presented applications give you the name of a tree with lots of additional information as soon as you upload a photo of the plant you are looking for.

PictureThis Plants Determine - The Clear One

The app PictureThis helps you to identify plants using a mobile phone camera. Just tap the camera icon and take a photo of the tree leaf. You will then be forwarded to the plant lexicon and will receive several suggestions for your picture. Using a tree map, you can see finds from other users. So you can quickly find out which trees are growing in your area. In addition to trees, many other plants can be recognized with the app.

The app can be used free of charge to a limited extent. The number of daily plant determinations is limited. If you want to have an infinite number of plants determined, you need an annual subscription. The premium access provides a lot more information, including care instructions or individual care tips from botanists.

  • Quick and easy recognition of trees
  • Lots of additional information and care tips
  • Can only be used to a limited extent free of charge

Now recognize trees in your area:

PlantNet - the colorful one

PlantNet also helps you to recognize trees in your area via the smartphone camera of your iPhone or Android cell phone. The prerequisite is that the photographed tree is included in the database. Several French research centers are behind the app. The data therefore focus on the French area. With around 4,100 entries, all German trees should also be recorded. The database mainly focuses on plants in the wild and not on ornamental plants.

In addition to information about the trees you are looking for, you will find a library with photos and finds from other app users. If you are a plant expert, you can confirm the proposed genus and help expand the database.

  • Comprehensive database
  • Finds from the community
  • Only Latin name in the overview

Become a tree expert with your mobile phone:

Flora Incognita - The thorough one

Flora Incognita was funded together with the Federal Ministries for Education and Research, the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Nature Conservation and the Thuringia Nature Conservation Foundation. Almost 5,000 plants are stored in the plant library, including numerous trees. The focus is less on exotic house plants. Instead, you want to introduce the wild plants in the wild. So there is a good chance that you will quickly find the tree you are looking for in the app.

Also Flora Incognita the cell phone camera helps you identify the trees. Unlike other apps, you don't just take a photo of the leaf, you also take photos of the flowers and the stem. The aim is to output the most exact result possible. Your finds can be sorted into lists and shared with friends. In addition, the application convinces with a lot of additional information and notes on the local flora.

  • Completely free
  • Lightning-fast detection including a profile
  • Very easy to use

Get yourselfFlora Incognitaon your iPhone or Android phone:

Conclusion - with these apps you will become a tree expert

Every day you walk past dozens of trees without knowing their names. With the right app, that comes to an end. Pull out your cell phone, take a photo and you will see the name of the tree you are looking for on the cell phone display. There is also a lot of additional information with which you can learn something and get to know the trees better. The app did us best Flora Incognita like. The effort is a little higher here, as several photos have to be taken for each plant, but the result is usually a little more accurate. PlantNet is a good and free alternative. The only drawback here is that the German plant name is only displayed immediately after the first recognition. In the overview you can only find your collected plants under the Latin name.

Would you like to get to know nature even more? These apps help: