Why don't cats like water?

Why are cats afraid of water? Causes and helpful tips

Unlike dogs who love water or can be easily convinced of the benefits of water, most cats like to drink water, but avoid physical contact with it as best they can. Have you ever wondered why this is actually the case? We have dealt with this topic in more detail for you. Find out now the most important reasons why cats are afraid of water and how you as a cat lover can best deal with it!

3 most common reasons your cat is afraid of water

1. Impaired sense of smell

One of the most important senses in your velvet paw is the sense of smell. This not only helps her to stay away from potential dangers on her voyages of discovery. More importantly, it helps your cat's sense of direction.

The smell of their own body helps cats to find their way back home and to keep their bearings. When you come into contact with water, your own smell is lost and with it this important ability.

Because of this, cats that get wet begin to lick their entire bodies off. In this way it becomes your own Body odor restored.

2. Limited flexibility

The fur of the cats soaks up a lot of water and this limits their mobility and flexibility in the water. Long-haired cats are particularly confronted with this problem. So pit-soaked cats move more slowly, which can limit them in an emergency.

Anything that limits your kitty's mobility will be perceived as negative by her, as she usually travels with a feeling of lightness.

3. Fur serves as a protective function

In addition, the fur is considered a protective function for the cats, but only if it stays dry. It protects your velvet paw from external influences and also keeps them warm. Since cats learn very quickly that this protection is diminished by water, this can be another reason why cats are afraid of water.

Cats are afraid of water because they instinctively protect their health.

Evolutionary causes of water aversion in cats

Other theories suggest that cats originally came from arid areas originate in Africa, where water was not available in large quantities. That is why they are not used to the water and instinctively shy away from it. In general, cats' fur shouldn't stay wet too long because they quickly become one Prone to hypothermia.

Are all cats afraid of water?

Despite popular belief, there are breeds of cats that love water:

  • Cats from India like to go swimming
  • The Turkish Van Cat even catches fish in the water
  • Cat breeds with wild ancestors, such as the bengal cat, also love the water

Basically splash around younger domestic cats like to play or play with water, while older cats avoid water more and more. In general, many cats are afraid of water. In addition, as mentioned, there are also species that swim and hunt in the water, but these do not correspond to the typical domestic cat.

Bathing water-shy cats: a good idea?

It is important to watch your cat's behavior and her not to force contact with water.

A full bath in the bathtub should therefore rather be an exception and, if possible, only be carried out on the basis of a veterinarian's recommendation.

Furthermore, hosing down with water for entertainment should also be avoided. If your cat really needs to be washed because it got dirty, sticky, for example, or because you found a dirty cat, start with it small steps to get used to this procedure.

Be patient, take it slow, and watch for signs of panic or stress. Your cat starts

  • difficult to breathe
  • to cry or
  • meow

cancel the procedure and continue the next day. If you want to survive bathing your cat without scratching, there is still an option to have the cat become one Cat hairdresser and let the professionals bathe your cat.

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