Which is better mindfulness or abundance of soul

My vita


I am Yanula Eva – Maria Fox.

Yanula is my soul name and means "Divine Joy".
Everyone has a soul name that can be found in the palm leaf library in India. I got my soul name through my spiritual teacher Natara®

I work in my own practice.

My focus is on transaction analysis, trauma therapy, medial healing work and spiritual surgery. The individual focal points of my work developed over many years due to personal events and a wide variety of professional fields.

After graduating from high school, I studied social pedagogy and theology.

During this time my parents died within a few days. Her early departure raised many questions in me and also prompted a spiritual search. Already in my childhood and youth I experienced that there is a divine power in me. This divine power and power led and carried me through many questions and crises of meaning and accompanies me deeply to this day and beyond.

After graduating, I first worked in a home for the severely handicapped for the mentally and physically handicapped.

The various disabilities and degrees of disability of these people made me thankful for my health. At the same time, I was always surprised how sensitive the disabled are. They can perceive moods and interpersonal subtleties much more intensely than we do because their minds do not influence them as much. My mindfulness and my respect for life grew.

I lived as a religious in a monastery for 9 years.

Both my entry and my exit were preceded by deep internal processes. For years I faced my religious questions, hopes, expectations and disappointments. Today I know that I can live my spirituality anywhere. I live from the deep trust that I am in the right place at the right time.

As a complement to my studies, I decided to learn nursing in the monastery.

For years there was a deep longing in my heart to help sick people. After graduating as a nurse, I worked in a wide variety of clinical areas: general surgery, hand and neurosurgery, internal medicine and orthopedics. I was the station manager for 13 years and gained experience in leading a team.

During this time I also trained in transaction analysis and as a naturopath for psychotherapy and trauma therapy (EMDR).

During the long period of my work in the clinic, I accompanied a great number of people in their very personal dying processes. As a result, I honed my social, emotional, spiritual and professional skills. I understood more and more how nurseries, early experiences and trauma shape our lives.

Six years of clinical pastoral care (Clinic for Internal Medicine and Surgery) intensified my skills.

The six years were like mastery years, in which I was able to be very supportive to many people. At the same time, through my quiet listening and being there, I received an infinite amount of gifts. The focus of my work lies in the awareness and resolution of trauma and in terminal care.

Now I'm really looking forward to working in my own practice.

In addition, I trained as a media healer and finished "Spiritual Surgery" in August 2011.

In the spiritual trainings I refined my spiritual competence.