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Copywriters 'and authors' fees

Copywriters and authors are not always freelance for themselves, but often on behalf of others. This means that they are given a topic on which they have to collect information and write a text. This must of course be unique and must not have been published in this way yet.

It may even be that the copywriter surrenders all rights to his text, which should ultimately be reflected in the fee. Copywriters work for publishers as well as for media companies, as freelancers for various clients from all areas of knowledge and science or as so-called ghostwriters. That means, you write a text and it appears under the name of another author. Private individuals can also be the clients. More information about the job and the activity as copywriter can also be found in this portal.

The hourly rate is common for copywriters' fees

The Copywriter's fee is made up of various points that must be taken into account when calculating the fee. The copywriter has to set an hourly rate for himself, which is calculated from the available working time and the costs that have to be generated - plus profit.

For an author, the hourly rate is usually between 50 and 120 euros. However, this can vary greatly depending on the requirements of the order. Because if the order is a specialist article to be created, the copywriter must be able to demonstrate a certain amount of specialist knowledge. This is also the area in which lateral entrants to the profession of copywriter are often in demand, for example with a scientific background.

A technical article is charged at up to four hundred euros per standard page, but the average is around three hundred euros. In addition, there are the costs for the research. The hourly rate is around 70 euros.

Note: Copywriting fees have decreased slightly in recent years.

Do not make a fee agreement below the minimum hourly rate

When determining the price, the copywriter must bear in mind that there will always be non-productive times that have to be cushioned with the fee. In addition, the fee must be calculated in such a way that at least a minimal fee is received. That is the pain threshold for the freelancer, at which there is still no profit. The money raised in the amount only covers the costs - there is practically nothing left to live on.

Jobs with minimal fees should therefore be rare and must also have a justification for the takeover. The order should result in further orders that are more lucrative, or the order brings references - or at least fun at work.

Author: Jürgen Busch

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Copywriters 'and authors' fees
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