Can betadine be used by diabetics

Risks in healing wounds - avoid with the right first aid

What are the reasons for poor wound healing?

Infections and other factors can quickly turn a harmless, small, everyday wound into an unpleasant inflammation. The good news: Many infections can be avoided by acting early. The correct first aid treatment for wounds usually prevents germs carried into the wound from causing inflammation.

The location and type of the wound also play an important role. The wound healing process can be delayed, especially in areas of the body that are constantly in motion.

Diseases such as diabetes mellitus and vascular diseases can also be causes of reduced wound healing. They can impair wound healing because the body's own repair mechanisms do not work properly, e.g. due to nerve damage (often the case with diabetes) or general circulatory disorders. Certain medications, such as anticoagulants (blood thinners), also delay wound healing.

Other risk factors may also play a role: For example, diet with too little protein, minerals or vitamins. A reduced or increased calorie intake can also affect wound healing. The consumption of luxury foods such as cigarettes is also one of the risk factors, as there is not enough oxygen in the body for the necessary healing processes.